The Nature of January

I did my best to try and capture the stunning sunrise this morning while I was at a stop sign….this picture doesn’t do it justice.

I don’t even know where to start today?  I was having one of those days…. I sometimes feel like a traitor to myself for trading my time for money. This isn’t new, I have mentioned it before…today I just felt it more.

Some things are happening that I don’t agree with and that is making it worse. There was a new patient who was checking out today and I double checked the new girl by looking at the insurance. This patient did have vision insurance and it wasn’t even attached to the chart. I asked the new girl why she didn’t check and she said that Force of Nature Girl told her not to add it unless the patient wanted to look at glasses because we get paid more for medical exams. This has come up before and I refused to do it. I cannot in good conscience charge an elderly or any person for that matter a specialist copay plus the cost of the vision part of the exam, when they should only be paying $10 or $15 for a copay. The elderly patients almost always have a zero copay.

This bothers me so much…you have no idea. Then I found out at lunch that they are looking for another person up front so I can get moved to billing. I am always up for learning something new but staring at a computer screen full of numbers all day….probably not. I decided half way through the day that hiring another person is a good thing because it will lesson my guilt when I leave.

I had lots of my favorite birds visit me today…..maybe they knew I needed it?  First a red tailed hawk flew across the window in the morning. Then later this afternoon an eagle flew over.  I almost jumped out of my seat I was so excited and ready to bolt out the door and then a patient came to my window. In my head I actually had to think about it “human…bird…human” I was at work so I had to pick the human.

Then Crude Girl buzzed the phone from the back saying that I better hurry because the eagle was in the back. I ran down the hallway and out the back door. It was not an eagle, I could tell as soon as I saw it…way too small for an eagle. It was a shoulder maybe? He was awfully noisy as he devoured whatever he caught.. a field mouse possible? The branch was all bloody….I could see that from across the parking lot as well. I am always up for witnessing nature happening and I am glad I got to see it but still a little disappointed that it wasn’t the eagle again. This is where I bird watch at work….

We had a patient with dementia came in today and she had an aid with her. The first thing I noticed was that he was a ginger….okay, maybe I have read Outlander too many times….nah. He was young, maybe mid twenties….I swear he was part fairy. I noticed the color of his hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, his beard seemed kind of scruffy, not quite full. He didn’t go with her in the back, he stayed in the waiting room. I wasn’t aware of this until I opened the door to go in the back and he whipped his head around and in slow motion his almost shoulder length auburn hair tossed in the air like a cheesy romance novel and his eyes were the greenest I have ever seen and I am pretty sure his beard was gone. I think I may have taken a step back because…. whoa. Then it gets weirder….. The sweet little lady is done with her exam and he comes up to stand with her….his hair is longer, his beard is thicker and he looked a little older…..fairy…I tell you! I looked at this kid three different times and he looked different each time. Most people complain about being dilated but when he asked her how it went she said, “It’s much better because now I can see you better” and she gave him “the eyes”, it was so sweet. If it wasn’t for that eagle I would say this was my favorite part of the day.

After work I headed down to the university to pick up the girl. I was happily driving along as the roads were 98% clear. I was at the red light that divides the suburb from the city and I could see the roads on the other side. It had to be a bad patch…today is Tuesday….the snow stopped Sunday morning…this is a state route?????? I took this photo at a red light down the road….

There were a lot of parts where it was still so deep that the tire tracks pulled at your car. The university wasn’t much better, the girl had to walk around snow in the street because the walkways weren’t plowed.  This is unacceptable….while everyone else might just say “it’s the norm” in this town, it makes me angry. Back in the day way before I was born, this city was on top now it’s like the bottom feeder of the state. We went from a mayor who was a criminal to a mayor who is clueless. Hell in a hand basket…

Last night was the first class in my naturalist class. I met some new people, learned some new things, and froze. I have to remember to bring a sweater next time…and I am rarely cold. I didn’t get home until after 9:30 last night and not all of the main roads were clear. I was grateful that my car started at 0 and at -3. This was the Monday morning moon off my back porch …

The camera on my phone couldn’t capture it accurately, it was huge on my drive in.

My Monday morning weigh in was not as exciting as it was last week. I only lost one pound last week, ten total. I think it was mainly because of the nut butter…I was so happy to eat something new. My scrubs seem to be hanging on me, at least my pink ones that I wore today. Everyone seemed to notice that this morning. I am going to keep going even though it seems to be getting harder instead of easier….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. Excessive & Composed says:

    Oh man, look at that snow!

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