The Rat Race

Ugh….I hate running around! Lately it seems that I run around as fast as I can so I can get home as quickly as possible. For example today I had to go back out to get a prescription for my explosive Sunday this weekend. I hate having to go back out after I am home. I am not looking forward to my colonoscopy on Monday and am going in begrudgingly!

Maybe it won’t be so bad in the next couple of months because the days are getting longer?  I hope!!

I feel like half day Wednesdays and Saturdays are my running around days and Sunday is for my food prep and whatever I forgot the day before day. I am tired of the running around. I know I will never get to be one of those people who sit and binge an entire show on the weekend because I am always doing something. Unless you are Marie Kondo….then I can binge your 30 minute shows in one night. I’m still not giving up my books but I did learn a lot watching her show. Plus I read her book The Magical Art of Tidying Up last year.

Speaking of books….one of the local churches had their big book sale start today. I kept telling myself no….and yet I ended up there anyway. While I was there I limited myself to old books only. I could have been there for hours if I didn’t limit myself. I found some winners today.

My favorite is pretty old but will make two wreaths and two different projects with it’s stunning cover. It’s from 1885 and while the cover is pretty bad…the pages are usable and it was only 30cents!

I also picked up some Italian novels in Italian…I can’t read them now but maybe someday? They were 30cents a piece too. My big splurge was this $5.00 book from 1936…

From 1938 I found a museum book on the unicorn tapestries….I love the tapestries!!! This little booklet was 50cents.

I found a children’s book from 1948…

I picked up this book as well from 1899 for $2.00…

I think I got some great finds for less than $10.00 total. I will probably go back after work on Friday and see what’s left for $1.00 a bag. Like I said….I only looked at the old books today.

Another thing I can’t help but notice is all of the pear trees in the area. Believe it or not…I am retaining information from the volunteer naturalist program. This particular pear tree is not native and while it’s not on the non native invasive species list in Ohio…it is in other states. I have noticed in empty fields near these trees and on the side of the road on the freeways…there are baby trees popping up. I think I am only noticing because they are blooming? I have noticed and started pointing them out to the Girl who asked “is this a new game?” Smarty pants….I’m sure these things will come up in future classes since she is a geology major…my little earth girl…

These trees are everywhere locally! When I stopped at the little Italian grocery store today I started counting and stopped counting at thirty in this little area….across the street and down the road. I will make the Girl count next time but it’s a lot. I had one at the old house and I purchased it from a nursery..aren’t they supposed to know about these things? It doesn’t matter now because I am sure that  tree is gone just like my weeping willow that I planted and loved. It’s not mine anymore so it doesn’t matter…

Yesterday at work a company came and sprayed the lawn. Why is that still legal? We need bees….they are endangered….why is it legal to spray poison? I was really upset about this yesterday. It makes me want to find a little piece of land where I can plant dandelion after dandelion until the bees come back. Who cares if I become the arch nemesis of every neighbor I have? This is about the bees and plus I can make herbal remedies with dandelions… Too bad I am not staying in this god forsaken town where the sun never shines…

I made my breakfast for the next two days and just have to put my salad together for lunch. Then I am off to organize my beads in my new container. Thank you Michael’s for your 40% off organizing containers plus an extra 20% off coupon in my email. I think I will watch The Mists of Avalon tonight while I am working. I have a friend who has never watched or read it so I told her she could borrow it and with Beltane next week…it seems like the perfect time…Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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2 Responses to The Rat Race

  1. Corky Morrissey says:

    as I have said soooooooo many times – you are AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING – LOVE YOU

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