A Few of My Favorite Things….

Once again my to do list went out the window today…..I didn’t have much on the list to begin with but there was some serious recalculating happening today. There was a patient this morning that when I looked at him, I remembered the rummage sale happening today. His wife usually reminds me and I found it odd that she wasn’t there. They said she had to leave…probably to pick him up when I asked about her at the sale. I think I did great for $8.00!!! This little table needs some work but for $3.00 it will be perfect for the front porch after I am done with it…

I found a sheet for the couch aka protection from the dog. I was just thinking yesterday that the blanket wouldn’t work for too much longer since it is slowly getting warm outside. $1.00 is the perfect price for a sheet to put on the couch.

I found a Pyramid Collection cardigan type thingy for $1.50…and my favorite deal of the day is this jacket for $1.50…it looks so good and hits all the right spots.

It doesn’t look like much on the hanger so I promise to post a picture while I’m wearing it. You know how I hate to have my picture taken….I also got a great skirt that’s already in the laundry so no picture of that one. Then I found some pans to make some birdseed wreaths and at 50 cents a piece I was sold!

There was a book in there somewhere too…I think I did great for 8 bucks! I stopped at the Dollar General for some spray paint to update some plastic chairs I bought last year. Unfortunately it was super windy today so I didn’t get to check that task off of my list. I did get all of the weeding done and that was huge. I tried to cut the grass but couldn’t get anything to start.

Sometimes things like that happen for a reason. I spent a good amount of time connecting with earth today.

I will be making a dandelion salve and a wild violet jelly when everything is ready. The violets should be ready tomorrow night and the dandelions by this weekend. The cat yelled at me the whole time I was outside…he is such a bully. He hates it when he is the only one in the house. He was yelling out the window at 2am this morning too so he is already on my list. I collected this many violets…

Almost 4 cups is a lot of time on the ground where I saw a few questionable spiders. I would rather not repeat the brown recluse experience again, twice is enough for me… My grandmother loved violets so I thought a violet jelly would make a nice Mother’s Day present for my aunt…in theory….if it turns out. The dandelions need to dry out for a few days before I can put them in olive oil, then I will make a salve.

My violets aren’t Missouri but I needed some extra validation before I made them into a jelly and gave them away. I like my little plant identifier app…I didn’t think about this until after I spent hours on the ground…luckily it all worked. out.

I didn’t get much done in the kitchen today since I was outside most of the afternoon. I did get my eggs made for the next two days. You can see here the difference between grass fed chickens and what you buy in the store. East and West are grass fed, North and South are free range brown eggs. The gouda cheese is shredded underneath..

There is a visual difference and a big taste difference. I love my two eggs with one slice of nitrate free turkey bacon everyday. Speaking of my food change…after the colonoscopy on Monday I weighed in on Tuesday and am now down to 133lbs which is 17 pounds since January 7th. I am not trying to lose any weight and three more pounds is the most I want to lose. In another month I will start introducing more foods. It definitely won’t take that long for me to give ice cream a try. It has dairy and sugar so I don’t know what might happen but I do know that I love ice cream, and I have no idea how to replace it in a tasty way.

While things didn’t turn out like I planned today I did get to do a few of my favorite things…I love a good rummage/garage sale full of possibilities and I did score some deals today. I also spent some time connecting with nature and plants and will get to do some mad concocting very soon. I would count to day as a win for sure….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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