Working on that Fear

I did a little work on my fears this weekend….not that I had much of a choice. Our last meeting before the final with the volunteer naturalist program was a field trip… So I drove out to a place I have never been knowing there was a road closure that would make it a bit tricky.  I found the first stop without a hitch…unfortunately the correct spot was not where everyone else happened to be. I was rescued by a cutey patooty park ranger and his trusty sidekick. Side note….cutey patooty is the husband of one of my classmates who happens to be on a field trip with her students this weekend. I followed him to a lower parking lot where the rest of my classmates were.

As you know…I am not a fan of bridges or heights..yet I trekked up this hill to the top of the dam….I even looked down and took some pictures.

I was a little shaky and a lot uncomfortable but I did it…I worked on that fear a little bit. We left the dam and headed to the classroom. I even mentioned to a classmate “remember when they said the GPS would take up to the wrong place?”  I just followed everyone else as we kept turning around and finally I rolled my window down and talked to car in front. I read from the directions in the manual and we finally ended up in the right place….It was a group adventure. We will always have that to laugh about.

We were out in the elements at 9am and went out again in the rain around 10:30 and then we broke for lunch. It was a drizzly, chilly, dreary, Ohio day. Luckily we wrapped up a tad bit early and I followed a teacher who works with PT home. I don’t know if it was faster but it was certainly bumpier….I got home though. Boy was I drained.

I made the sausage stuffed acorn squash again and had the girl take it to her grandfather. Did I mention that the evil grandmother is in the hospital? Did I also mention that the ex husband still took the kids to see End Game instead of going to the hospital? Not my circus…not my monkeys…but still. The Girl didn’t even want to bring her grandfather the food??? I made it…I drove…all she had to do was deliver it??? She is convinced that he is fine and doesn’t need help. He can barely walk and emergency services are called at least twice a month because he falls and needs help and that’s when the grandmother is home. Maybe I shouldn’t care? I’m sure it will result in negative feedback but you know what???? I know I did the right thing…

I finally found a chocolate bar I can eat….

I have successfully nibbled on this bar all week and no acne….finally!!! I recommend you buy stock…because their sales are about to go up!

Today I was lucky enough to be a part of a upcoming documentary on sound therapy. Being a part of …meaning….I got to lay there and soak up some sound therapy. The girl who was leading the documentary was adorable and totally authentic. I seem to notice the people lately who shed the labels of society. She had pink curly hair and glitter on her nose. You know how I love glitter so when I asked about it she said “Coffee and glitter…two things I need to start my day.” I love it!!! I am hoping I wasn’t recorded too much…

I felt over committed this weekend… I mean, I had to do the volunteer naturalist thing and maybe if the weather wasn’t so dreary I would have accomplished more when I got home on Saturday. I chose to be a part of the documentary about sound therapy and even that left me feeling short on time.

I took my shower….I made my breakfast for the next three days and my lunch for tomorrow. I even cut some grass…I have to travel to our southern office tomorrow which I don’t like to do but I do like to stop at their Goodwill while I’m there. I still have a mess in the kitchen and seven minutes until the next Game of Thrones. I guess the dishes can wait…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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