Stopping Now….Mostly

I feel like I have been running nonstop all weekend. It’s not true…it’s just how I feel.  I started my Saturday by standing in line at a local greenhouse at the obscene hour of 6:45 am….I don’t even leave for work until 7:30am during the week. It was cold and it was damp but you know what? I really wanted two cherry tomato hanging baskets and they are super expensive.  $30.00 for two is much more reasonable than $30.00 for one.

My plan was to only plant edible plants this year and because of the sale I grabbed an ever bearing strawberry plant. I really didn’t want two strawberry plants….

So I decided one really spectacular flower would be okay…

I will have to buy a big shepherd’s hook for it since I only have two hooks on the porch. Or…I will put the strawberry on the hook and plant this big beauty in the large urn I have by the front door. It’s huge and will make a statement wherever I decide to put it.

I waited in line for more than thirty minutes on the way out…there really should have been someone directing traffic. When I finally got to the register the young girl was being replaced with a sweet little man who should be retired. The line I was in went all the way to the back of the store….I was so happy to be out of there. Like I told the lady behind us…”it’s worth it because we want to save the money.” The lady in front of me saved $231.00….that’s a lot of plants!!  I saved $55.00 and it was worth the wait for me.

I haven’t forgotten the dream I had that told me to plant a fig tree so looked while I was there. The fig trees were pretty big and $70.00. $70.00 is out of my price range and the size also posed a problem. I live in a temporary house so it needs to be movable…they were too big. It was hard to walk away from…I will look in other places because I still want one and the voice was pretty adamant about it.

I came home, unloaded the backseat and had my second cup of coffee. By the time I finished it was time to head to the farm where I but my fresh eggs and the other farm where I buy my meat. I even stopped at the eagle’s nest on the way back. I did not see either of the parents but it was super early so I am sure they were off finding breakfast.

I came home again and put away the food, emptied the dishwasher..etc. I was waiting for HB to finish up with her yoga event because we were going to check out a new shop downtown-ish.  This little shop reminded me some of a dream I had the other night….

I was in a house and it wasn’t my house. The girl who lived in the house was moving to an area full of houses that I love but don’t feel are safe. Houses awesome…neighborhood dangerous. I was walking up the stairs toward the attic when I noticed that there were shoes lined up out on the roof. There were men’s shoes and woman’s shoes all lined up and there were two people sitting on the roof in lawn chairs. Oh …and it was raining too. Nobody seemed to care that the shoes were getting wet and the people in the chairs didn’t mind that they were getting wet either. Strange….I know.

This little shop isn’t in what I would call the best side of town…I even passed the street my high school was on to get there. I haven’t been this way since 1989. This store was in an old house one block from my old high school and within walking distance to the university where the Girl goes to school. I love everything about it. I love the things she makes, the way it’s displayed, the way it’s packaged, the “feel” of the space….everything. I couldn’t help but look up the price of the house on Zillow and it said $20,000.00. I don’t know if she owns or rents and I don’t know much about business but that seems pretty reasonable. There were lots of college kids in and out of the shop while we were there.

While HB and I were shopping she was mixing up a new batch of incense powder. I have used sticks and cones with a charcoal disc but I have never used a light-able powder incense before. It is amazing! I think this may be her super power!! I have been looking on Pinterest on and off the last two days to try and find the technique. The Girl hates incense but she doesn’t mind this stuff. I wish you could smell it through the computer!!

The packaging was perfect until I found the assaulted feather on the floor this morning….damn cat.

HB and I left there and headed down to a monthly outdoor flea market/craft show type event. Two things happened….I found an amazing beef jerky that I can eat!!!

The second thing is….someone was sampling their roasted red pepper relish on gluten free crackers and I had one….and it was okay. Nothing happened….no reaction. Other than the chocolate bar I discovered a week or two ago….I haven’t had any processed food. Four months without processed food… so no reaction from a harmless cracker is a huge thing for me!

Actually…this has been a pretty big food weekend for me. Friday night was book club and I talked everyone into meeting at the new Core Life Eatery that recently opened. It was pretty busy but we managed to secure a table and get our food in a timely fashion. It was a little loud but I could eat. I did not have a reaction the next day which was huge! What would I do different?  I think I will still bring my own salad dressing like I do everywhere else. I only ate half of my food because I could feel some bloating coming on…I wasn’t sure if it was the canola oil or the spices…I am fairly certain it was the canola oil since spices seem to attack my glands more than my belly if they don’t like me. The important part was that I woke up with no reaction so we may have book club there for a while.

The Girl and I also stopped at JC Penney’s yesterday because I had a coupon and they had bathing suits on sale. Both of us went to the neighbor’s pool last summer ….all summer, in shorts and a tank top. This year we will have suits and at $20.00 per piece…it wasn’t horrible.

Clearly I am the black one with the shorts and the Girl is the colorful one, now all we need is for the weather to cooperate….the neighbors are ready!

This morning I woke up and after drinking two cups of coffee and stalking out social media, I decided to make breakfast. I made my new favorite, sausage with apples and sage. I woke the boy up and strongly suggested that he and his sister take brunch to his grandmother in the nursing home (she just got out of the hospital) and to their grandfather. They are good kids for the most part and did what I asked. Why did I do it?

I didn’t do it for the ex in laws….I did it for the kids. Their father taught them that it is acceptable to go see “End Game” even though the Boy drove his grandmother to the ER…where she was admitted earlier that day?!?! I am hoping that I taught them that even though…..their grandmother treated my mother like shit….and made the Girl cry on numerous occasions….we won’t even go into how she tried to treat me…that it is Mother’s Day and she is in a nursing home because of an illness and still deserves a visit. . She probably won’t even like the brunch I sent and will complain to her acquaintances about it….I don’t care….It’s not about her…it’s about them. I also had them drop some off to their grandfather. Nobody seems overly concerned about him and he falls all the time. Whatever….not my circus…not my monkeys. I did what I thought is right and I can sleep at night…well except for the crazy dreams…The morality part is in check.

When they came home the Girl and I ran to Sam’s Club and TJ Maxx.  We came home and I started to food prep for the next few days.  Sometimes it’s a pain but for the most part it doesn’t bother me and it’s crucial if I want to eat…..

Do you remember when the Girl was upset that I bought an old unicorn book at a church book sale? This is why….

She bought the one on the left from eBay for $9.00. It is in better shape than the one I bought but I think they came from the same place since they both say $.50 in the corner…and the handwriting looks the same.

She was right….it’s cool and unique and a rare find. I didn’t mean to find it before Mother’s Day….. So if I decide to do a project with the one I bought I will still have the nicer one intact. It’s the thought that counts and it was a damn good thought. The boy bought me a nice bottle of wine…they are getting better at this….Zia


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I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. Happy Mother’s Day. Hope you have a great week.

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