First Things First

Well…maybe not quite first things first. Maybe I should say, first story first? Last week I was getting ready for work when I heard “talk to Big K about E”…what? Really? Where did that come from?  E is a nice boy, okay..not boy..the kid is married, so nice man. He is a manager who is friends and works with the boy. We aren’t even hiring right now but I listened to the voice and talked to Big K, she said “have him send me his resume.” Then I had to try and explain to E how all of this came up. I thought he was going to cry while I was talking to him. He brought  in his resume and had an interview Monday morning.

While I was getting ready for work on Monday I heard a very large swoosh of wings behind me. My first thought was “cat” until I looked at the cat laying across his toy in the living room. There went the only way I could talk myself out of acknowledging what just happened. So I held on to it for a bit, actually I didn’t tell another soul until today.

I went to work and because the Boy was excited for his friend he got up early and drove to my work. He even got there before I did.  That was way too much for me on a Monday morning. He did get his new sunglasses glasses adjusted while he was there so it wasn’t for nothing.  E did get hired and he is super excited and grateful. He is even more grateful than I was when I got hired and I thanked Big K every day for more than a year for hiring me. On Monday I contacted the woman who gave me my master teacher Reiki attunement and set up an angel therapy session for today. Can you see how my mind went there? I forgot to mention the random ringing in my ears the past couple of weeks. Things are happening…even if I am not full aware.

Yesterday the boy had friends over including E.  He brought me wine and flowers, neither of which were necessary and I am sure one of my friends will appreciate the sweeter wine.

I really only had to give him a heads up on the tiny little blonde narcissist that works with us. Big K was relieved when I mentioned I was going to fill him in. I think he is too smart to even fall for her nonsense but I wanted to be sure.

Yesterday seemed to be the day for plants. Do you remember in the dead of Winter when I received a message from Spirit in a dream, “plant a fig tree”? My fig tree came yesterday…

I am super excited but haven’t planted it yet. I have the soil and I have had the pot…I just want to do a little research before I plant it. Two messages from Spirit, heard and followed through….

I had my angel therapy session today and holy wow!! It is different than a Reiki session. I had no issues on the left side of my body except the normal issues around the throat chakra. When she got to my right side….whoa! Even though the room was only lit by candles, and I had a covering for my eyes…which was a unicorn as a side note… When she got to my right side from the heart chakra down to the sacral chakra I could sense a change….my breathing even changed. I could see light through the darkness and it felt different. I don’t know how else to describe it other than I could feel a change. At the end when she was doing a body sweep I could really feel it on my left toe. In my head I wondered “why is she still holding onto one toe?” Then I heard her behind me and I knew it wasn’t her. When she was at my feet I saw a buffalo….I couldn’t wait to get home and look that up in my Animal Speak book!

I paid for an hour….I was there at least an hour and forty minutes. She was thorough, we even compared notes. The presence of Spirit was heavy, she couldn’t tell if it was a group or one strong presence. At one point she did see a little girl walking up stone stairs with her arms down and her hands clasped. The girl had short dark hair and it was pulled back with a bandana type cloth…in my head I see it as red but she really didn’t state a color.  She also said she felt a blockage near the throat chakra (not new) and by my right knee and left ankle. She feels that everything was cleared out and I hope she is right.

She also picked up on the whole “I am only where I am because I need the steady income.” Which really isn’t a secret…you know that. I feel like I have broken a lot of patterns…mine and my ancestors…but I don’t know how to break this one..

I also stopped out to see the baby eagles. They aren’t babies anymore…I even think one was on a flight training while the other one was waiting its turn.

I also got a lucky shot of a dragonfly…it’s all about those wings….

On a side note….I found a processed food/snack I can eat….They aren’t too much different than the salt and pepper crackers that I make…it’s just nice to have an option.

Work has been a bucket of fun lately! BV is out for knee surgery….and I hope to see her soon. I am not sure if The Optician will make it another two weeks???? They are starting to train me over there and I am not sure how I feel about that?  Yesterday it was just me and Force of Nature Girl…we didn’t do so bad but Eyemed (aka the devil) has been down for three days. I was able to get in and bill three jobs today…this is what I still have to enter….

I told Big K that I wanted to go to Texas and fight Eyemed but she said it wasn’t feasible. Anything Essilor touches turns to crap….guaranteed!!!! 100% I wasn’t created to deal with the bureaucratic crap that comes with vision domination.

Which circles me back to the beginning….where am I supposed to be?….what am I supposed to be doing? Buffalo teaches to flow with the synchronicity of the situation and stop trying to force it….it’s so hard when I know this is not my destiny….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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