Every Single Time…..

Like I told the Girl yesterday….sometimes you just have to walk away. We all have that friend and in my case it’s PT.  I was in the library when she called “hey I need to run up to my sister’s house, do you want to ride with?” Those weren’t her exact words but you get the gist. The answer is almost always yes….if I have things that can wait…they will wait. Lucky for me this was a weekend where I could just walk away.

The sun was still shining and it was warm on the drive up….not so much on the way back, but we made it home.

In this picture you can see why I have started to refer to myself as the goth Rainbow Brite. Gray, white, silver, blue, black, and brown hair… appointment tomorrow and am hoping for some advice. I have even read up on stripping henna from the hair…I will wait until the expert weighs in tomorrow before I try anything on my own.

Once we got to where we needed to be…PT did what she had to do and I played around outside with my camera.

I crawled on my knees for this one because it was so close to the edge….Trying to be braver and getting there slowly…

When I crawled backwards and started to get up I heard a noise. I originally thought it  came from the water but now I know it came from this tree…

It was a landing that I heard and once I realized that…. this guy was in flight again it was almost too late. Not too late to get the shot but too late to concentrate on my focus. Check out this teenage eagle I captured. Blurry but still…I got the shot.

Originally I thought it was a hawk until I got home and really looked. That’s when I realized It was a teenage eagle. I was extra excited…blurry or not. That’s the one thing that I don’t love about my camera…you take a picture like a phone…I kind of miss looking through the view finder….

The only other pictures I took were of a tree and the bush out front…

Before we headed back home we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat. For me this was huge!  I tried a goat cheese stuffed date wrapped in bacon appetizer…yummm and a tossed salad with their balsamic vinaigrette. According to GAPS balsamic is a no no but we are entering the five month stretch here and I need to start trying foods again. I am happy to report that I had no reaction..aka bumps on my face or severe bloating after this dinner. I had a teeny tiny bit of bloating but it didn’t last long. Was it what I ordered or the topping off of the yummy flatbread PT ordered? I will never know…the wine was amazing and I am not usually a rose fan but this was pretty tasty!

Je ne sais quoi…that’s what the initials stand for and we enjoyed almost every ounce of this pretty bottle. We had a great meal…a superb server…and a stormy drive home. Before the rain really started we had an adult bald eagle fly over the car….that never gets old! PT is that one friend that no matter what I am doing…if I can get away…I will! Plus…we only have a month and a few weeks until our vacation to Salem Mass. I can’t wait for witch week!!!! I think I might even make a mix CD to commemorate the trip.

Today the Girl and I took the beagle to get her shots, etc. I was cranky with the Girl because she dragged her feet and we got there at 10:08 am and there were a ton of people. Sometimes an extra 8 minutes do make a difference. We still made it out in a half an hour which isn’t horrible. We did the rest of our running around which included me running into an old friend.

Most days I am okay with the gray until I run into an old friend and then I am super self conscious….go figure. I honestly know she wasn’t judging but I was judging myself.

Now I am in full food prep for the next couple of days. After many renewals at the library I broke down and bought Against All Grain off of Ebay for $7 and some change. The only other cook book that has changed my life was My Paleo Patisserie and that is no longer in print. I did order it on my Kindle but let’s be honest here….this is a cookbook…I want it in my hands. Jenni Hulet is a beautiful human being! She answered my email super quick and has a blog….it might be old but it’s there. I have gone through a lot of cookbooks and websites over the last five months and these two books are the keepers. Shame on the publishers for taking it away and extra shame on those people who are trying to get more than $100.00 for it on Ebay. I would copy every page on a copy machine before I returned it to the library if I had to, but luckily it’s on my Kindle now. It’s not the same but it will have to do.

Now I am off to finish my food prep and laundry. Hopefully I will be able to catch another episode of  Good Omens before the night is over…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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