Back in the Groove

It’s hard getting back in the groove after a vacation. Lucky for me I went back Friday and then had the weekend to regroup. Before I start going on about other things let me give you an update on PT.

She was able to get into the doctors on Thursday. (they must have viewed the x-ray from Salem) I picked her up and brought her to her appointment and stayed long enough to help her fill out her paperwork and then I was off to my doctor’s appointment. Another friend met her there and then brought her home. That same friend brought her to the hospital the next day where she had surgery. They put in a plate and some pins and now she is on the mend. Her surgery was at 9am and I stopped after work around 5:15 and by then she had some mobility in her fingers. She was very excited about that. I stayed for a bit and then headed home.

It’s a tax free weekend this weekend so I grabbed the Girl and headed out to look at school supplies. I have been buying stuff here and there the last month or so but I thought it was worth it to check it out. There really wasn’t all that much on sale. The fun folders weren’t on sale only the boring ones. Some of the boring ones happened to be 5 Star which are extra durable and they were on sale so I grabbed some for the Boy. They are both in college so I really only have to buy folders and notebooks, maybe some mechanical pencils from time to time and when the Girl has a math class she requires graph paper.  We went to Target and Office Max and between the two stores I barely spent $10.00.

The Girl and I stopped at PT’s on the way home and L was there which made me happy. She didn’t really need anything so we watered her outdoor plants and then headed home. This morning I brought her some brunch and the Girl brushed her cat. She had another friend over who was cleaning for her when we stopped. I hadn’t seen this friend in a couple of years and when she saw me she said “I love your hair, that color is great on you.” PT just looked at me and almost rolled her eyes.

PT does not understand why I want to go gray and that’s okay. She did however…get to witness first hand, the compliments I get on my hair. The accidental blue from the indigo mixed in the henna was probably the best mistake I ever made. I can barely even see the blue anymore but I guess when the light hits it…you can tell it’s there. I need to stop calling it accidental blue and just say thank you when people comment on it. It is helping with the grow out process so I guess I’ll take it.

When I went to my appointment on Thursday the doctor was a different person? Maybe I should rephrase that…. he was the same person but his behavior was drastically different. He was pleasant, shared stories, seemed genuinely interested in my lyme not lyme. My blood work came back and I am not allergic to milk, eggs, gluten, or wheat. He ordered more blood work and is even running the ANA test again. I already passed that one? He is testing for things like Hashimoto, etc. I am not interested in taking medicine…I would just like to know why I am having the issues I am having.

The Girl and I did some running around after we left PT’s. I ran out to that cute shop where I buy my incense and the Girl was looking for some bulk tea. I had the opportunity to really talk to the owner today. She was so helpful and full of good energy, I felt uplifted when I left.

Later this evening the Girl and I headed out to JC Penney’s for the tax free weekend because I had a coupon. We did much better at this store. The Girl is looking to expand her wardrobe beyond joggers and t-shirts which is a good thing.

I still have a lot of things to catch up on, including writing 6000 words this weekend. It’s strange to have a deadline…even if it’s a loose one….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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