Nervous Nellie

I really am a nervous Nellie! I slept like crap last night because I was nervous about today’s drive. I knew it wasn’t that bad but I was still a bundle of nerves. My EZ pass didn’t work and I did that on Wednesday…. I’ll have to call on Monday. Luckily I had some cash on me or that could have ended badly.

I got to the Faire around 9:30, it really only took an hour and forty minutes so I was glad about that fact. The worst part really was that bridge I don’t like. On the way back….when I get to that bridge, I will know that I am almost home. Hopefully I won’t have to drive in any weather? Fingers crossed…

Today was a good day! I learned a lot and met some great people. Luckily one of them is an old friend of the artist and will make sure I get the occasional bathroom break. That’s kind of important. The port a potty area wasn’t too bad. There is a flusher that you step on that shoots out blue stuff before you go and after you’re done. It wasn’t awful but it was still really cramped. I don’t know how those women in elaborate costumes do it? I took some pictures but I used my camera so I have to wait until I get home to transfer them. 

I found the greatest shop on my way to the privies….upcycled sweater coats and skirts and other cool things. If I had a serger….I think I could make those skirts. I grabbed her business card so hopefully I can still find inspiration on her Etsy page. There was another place…poets was in the name and they made the most beautiful leather handmade journals/books. I was really,really tempted and almost bought one but came to my senses in time and walked away. I only bought some herbs, mostly it’s to try and figure out all of the ingredients. I know there is rose and eucalyptus but other than that….will take more research. It’s for a nasal steam and it smells amazing! With cold and flu season coming up, it will be a good thing to have on hand.

Now I am at the hotel and while it’s in a good location….it smells funny. I’m sure it’s just my super sensitive sniffer but still…. plus, I have been smelling cigarettes all afternoon and in the hotel. I must have one of my peeps with me…I still think the cigarette smoking ghost is my Uncle Joe. So the question is….is he here because I am so out of my comfort zone that subconsciously I requested help or is he here because I need to be cautious and aware? I would like to think that I am always cautious and aware but I will keep my radar on extra alert for now.

I guess if I was a braver person I would explore the area. I’m not, so here I am with you and I am about to add to my story. That is part of what made this six week gig more appealing…a night away from my normal life. I packed food so I don’t have to worry about finding dinner. Now I know this room has a microwave so that gives me more options.

Last night was stamp club. They were super helpful and rushed me through the cards so I could come home and get ready for today. I liked all of the cards this time…


This week has been super hectic and now that I know what is expected of me, I think it will be better. Six weeks without a day off isn’t my favorite thing but it’s better than the drive. Maybe this side gig will finally cure me of that fear….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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