Double Take

Yesterday was a strange day… I woke up after a restless sleep in a questionable hotel…I thought maybe it was because I was tired. When I say questionable, I am referring to someone else’s hair in the shower as well as evidence of where they wiped the steam off the mirror. The refrigerator had a broken seal and my non smoking room smelled like cigarettes. The morning was worse…the whole hotel smelled like cigarette was awful and I slept horribly. I haven’t figured out a way to approach this since I am not paying for the room. I do know that next weeks room has not been booked yet. I think some research might be in order.

I was on my own yesterday and my biggest worry was a bathroom break which was taken care of by a sweet girl. The only thing that wore on me was the stress of the drive home and the impending doom of the thunderstorms. I was lucky to have dodged the storms but the traffic was heavier on the way home.

I saw a lot of my people in the people at the faire yesterday. When a young girl walked in at the end of the day…I did a triple take. I knew the Girl was at home but this girl resembled her so much I did a triple take.  When I mentioned it to her she said “I get it…I keep seeing kids from school and when I get close enough to say hi, I realize I don’t know them.” That made me feel slightly better. I saw the Girl a couple of times, PT’s friend L, SB, the Boy, the Boy’s friend Thomas, a girl I used to work with at the lab, RD, Mon Cher…who is no longer with us, and many more. I even saw the Cockroach in a couple different costumes. I did a lot of double takes yesterday. Was something happening in the Universe yesterday or was it because I was so tired?

Here are a  few pictures I took this weekend….

This fairy was adorable..this picture does not do her justice…


According to my ren faire neighbor this woman is as beautiful on the inside as her costume. I have never met her other than to take her picture. It was a great costume! It was a also a very hot day to be in all of those feathers.



This sweet young girl stopped in front of my booth twice yesterday. Such beautiful music…she was my favorite part of yesterday.

I made it home around 8:30ish. Unloaded the car and started food prepping. I had to use store bought white eggs…a last resort. Once you go cage free, grain free….you can never go back. I made my usual taco salad and then forgot to take dressing…ugh! It was still good dry but the dressing does add something. Normally my container lasts for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I used the last of it this past Friday and in all of the chaos I forgot to bring it today. I need to make better lists to get me through the next 5 weeks.

I was told by my boss that I could work on the occasional craft while I was in the booth. I happened to bring some corks this weekend that I was planning to make ornaments out of….I got a lot done. Now I need to add the pretty beads…

Today was another shit show at work. The patients were crazy as well as some of my coworkers. Sometimes I think “how are we ever going to survive when it feels like we are teetering on self imploding?” and then something beautiful happens that makes me forget about the wacky world we are living in.

There is a patient who regularly orders contacts and almost a year ago he came walking in to pick up the contacts he had ordered. He really looked off…almost out of it. “Are you okay today, you seem awfully troubled?” I had asked. He proceeded to tell me that he and his wife just found out they were pregnant again. This guy was in definite shock. They have two in high school and one in junior high. They are both in their mid forties.  That was then.. and today the wife came in with the three boys and the new baby. What a sight to see! It’s not every day you see not one…but two teenage boys doting on an infant. I think we are so used to seeing the horrible images that the media throws at us, so when I see an image of pure love…it almost brings me to tears. On another, much lighter note….it’s a good thing that there is such an age difference or this little girl might never get a date when she is older. Love…pure and’s out there folks! Even on the bad days, you can still find  it if you are paying attention.

My old florist friend DB stopped in today. She was telling me of her struggles when I reminded her of who she was. I had never heard the word Reiki until she told me about it..that was so long ago. I think the Girl was only three and she is almost twenty two now, so it was a very long time ago. She asked to be added to my distant Reiki list but I think she will revisit her practice..she just needed a push. I will still send her Reiki because she asked but I hope she finds herself again along the way.

I had the best surprise after my lunch nap today….

PT sent me these beautiful flowers to say thank you. They are beautiful but not necessary…that’s what friend are for, right? It was a nice surprise and made me smile. The girls at work were disappointed…they thought I met some one at the Ren Faire…silly girls. If they really knew me, they would know that I would never give that kind of information to someone I just met.

My ren faire neighbor gave me some advice while licking her lips over some men in garb…”I do love a man in garb, but make sure you see them out of garb before you decide to start something.” Sage advice…but I’m not interested. I appreciate the view but I am really not interested.

Then this kid from the lab..after the merger has been messaging me a lot lately. He finally came out and asked me out for a drink. I have done nothing to encourage this…I even used the eye roll emoji when he said I wasn’t too old for him. We are talking like an 18 year difference. What I really wanted to say but didn’t…”if I was going to get back in the wouldn’t be for a boy…. I am holding out for a real man…if there are any left.” That’s not what I said and I didn’t even respond to his last comment and certainly didn’t tell him about the ren faire. I just don’t get it???

I have really enjoyed the people watching benefits of my new job and would post more but I think I have bored you enough for today…I have my notes and won’t forget. I will save them for another day…..Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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