Guess Not…

I had things I had to do today and only one thing I wanted to do…I guess what I wanted wasn’t in the cards for today.  I stopped at the library to return a book and to look through some cookbooks for some weekend food options. I have yet to even glance at those books… I also stopped at my favorite little Italian specialty shop to grab some Boar’s Head meat and cheese and some regular stuff for the kids.

I went home to grab the Girl. She wanted me to take her to the University bookstore to return a book. When we got in the car to leave my car didn’t start on the first try…what was that about? It started on the second try and then we were off.  When we arrived at the bookstore I thought about waiting in the car and keeping it running but decided against it…wrong choice. When we came back out, the car wouldn’t start. My brain said “how can it be the battery if the radio still works?” I of course ignored that logic. The windows worked too and I put them down and looked at the Girl and said “at least there’s a nice breeze today.”

I have the University police saved in my contacts so I called and asked to be pointed in the right direction. The University has people who help and for the life of me, I can’t remember what the truck said? Something about parking and or parking lots. So this sweet man pulls up. He totally reminded me of my grandpa. He hooked up a portable charger to my battery and after many….many finally started. He also told me that he was not a mechanic but he doesn’t believe that the battery is the problem.

The Girl and I headed straight to the Honda Store. I walked in and told the nice guy that always helps me the problem and they brought my car right in. He came in and talked to me a bit later letting me know how much the battery would cost. Wouldn’t it be nice if this is where the story ended? They did replace the battery and it still wouldn’t start…it was the starter. Ugh….

This is the whole reason I have a savings account…right? For emergencies like this one.  I told my service guy that I needed a ride to the bank and he said he would get me the shuttle right away. That’s when I looked at my watch…my bank closes at four, that gave me less than twenty minutes. He sprang into action, tossed me keys, had me sign a paper and walked me to the car. I went to the bank, moved some money and was back to the dealership by four. He let me keep the courtesy car so I would have a car and hopefully it will be done in the early AM tomorrow.

So I guess my first three weekends of working at the Renaissance Faire will go towards replenishing what I had to spend on my car. I was hoping to get a new laptop…oh well..this one still gets the job done, I guess.

I am hoping the Girl learned a thing or two today. 1. There is no need to panic, especially when you are in a safe place and it is early afternoon. 2.It doesn’t hurt to try. Yes I called the university PD and my words were “I have a non emergent situation and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction?” 3. She should know that there are people on call to help students in situations like this. 4. When you find a good place to service your car, treat them well and they will treat you well. She even told the Boy “I have been to a lot of dealerships with you and dad and this was the best….it makes me want to buy a Honda.”  She would need to get a license first but you get the point.  I can’t eat brownies but that won’t stop me for making them for my favorite people in the service department tonight.

One thing I kept saying all afternoon was “thank goodness this happened here and not when I was in the middle of nowhere on the weekend.” Nobody wants to replace their starter but I would rather replace it with people I trust versus who knows what… in an area where I know no one. Better now than to be stranded in a strange land.

I was able to run to Sam’s Club and Big Lots (my new favorite source for coconut sugar) and then we were home. It was now 5 o’clock and I had asked the Boy earlier (before the car mess) if he wanted to go to Yankee Candle. His birthday is in October and I know he really likes their candles but I didn’t know what Fall candle scents he might like. He picked Autumn leaves…which still kind of smells like a pine tree. I always get him a fir tree candle for Christmas but since I had the coupon…. I figured I would buy him one…and then put one in the gift box for a random Christmas present.

What I wanted to do most of all today???? I wanted to take a nap in my lounge recliner thingy that the kids got for me for mother’s day a few years ago. The sun was shining…it wasn’t hot…there was a beautiful breeze….perfect nap weather. Instead I spent the day fiddling with my car. Well I didn’t fiddle….I am paying great people to fiddle with it….you know what I mean.

It has been quite the day and I hope this is it for a while with my car woes….Now I am off to food prep and hopefully will make it back to my story after my shower….Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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