Halfway There…

Three weeks down and three to go….I think this weekend was the worst because I had to stay down there for two nights. The hotel is still crappy and their wifi is even crappier…how am I supposed to get any writing done when I can’t connect? It is so frustrating! Hopefully I can stay somewhere on the same road? I’m going to call Fairfield Inn tomorrow and get a quote….fingers crossed that it’s comparable in price.

Saturday was crazy busy and that’s a good thing! Sunday had a pretty good threat for rain and I think that kept a lot of people away. Today was kind of in the middle of the two.

Yesterday there was another wedding. I was prepared and captured the photo at the right time…

I never saw them again until the end of the day when they were leaving. I also tried a new food. I was lured in by the gluten free and it didn’t disappoint. I didn’t have a reaction other than the feeling of being bloated. I didn’t ask for the ingredients…desperate times call for desperate measures.

I stopped at Bob Evan’s Sunday night and got some take out. A burger with no bun which tasted amazing at the time….I was so hungry. It wasn’t as nice at 4am but whatever…this was my only two night trip for this side gig.

Today was this sweet girl’s last day….

I will miss her. She was sweet and so was her mama. She goes back to school tomorrow so she is done with the faire.

Because I was in town and I knew it had rained, I got there extra early today. I parked on a hill with about six cars below me next to the road. I asked the guy when I got out “This is a stuck free zone, right?” He just laughed and laughed and said “we don’t have those here.” Luckily I made it out okay. Because I was there so early…I had a chance to walk around and look. Thankfully the handmade book place wasn’t open….too much temptation. I looked at the dragons that everyone had been wearing on their shoulder and some of the outfits. I just spent beaucoup money on my car so I didn’t need to be shopping anyway. I did stop and visit a sweet older couple who did the coat of arms. This is where I bought something.

McCullough….McCully…Scottish? Irish? Beats the heck out of me! I am leaning towards Scottish because of First Footing. That is a tradition that was part of my Grandmother’s life as a child. I know I am reaching but I have little to go on. I had a 50/50 shot so I picked Scottish.

This…of course…had my brain going 0n genealogy again. That is a Winter activity…I will look for a sale from Ancestry either Christmas or New Year. My brain didn’t let it go right away…Yes I still want to go to Scotland. I have an itinerary already planned…https://onceuponthewingsofadragonfly.wordpress.com/2019/01/13/fairy-disappointed/  

My brother wanted to go…or did he? I think he prefers a warm beach, where I prefer history and meaning. He has a boyfriend now so I think our trip to Scotland is out of the picture. So I started thinking….I still really want to go, is this something I can do alone?? Then I started thinking…if I didn’t go alone…who would I go with? The best I could come up with was KB and her mom. KB has children that need supervision so I can’t see how that would work.  My next unrealistic thought was….maybe I will meet someone from Scotland? I chuckled a bit and then said to myself “If I waited for a man to give me what I needed….I would die wanting.” How is that for a …what would you call that? I don’t consider myself a feminist so maybe…bitter and disappointed?  Well hello subconscious…tell me how you really feel…

I got busy and distracted so I went back to my Christmas list…it was much easier to deal with….Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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