Me Time….

I went to a self care fair with my friend and holy fire reiki master this morning. She picked me up at 9am and I think we were both surprised to be making the trek home after 12:30pm. It surely didn’t feel like 3 1/2 hours of catching up while it was happening. When the 12 o’clock siren went off I said “is it noon already?” and she responded “noon or the apocalypse?” Thankfully….it was just noon.

I get her….and she gets me and that is not always so easy to find in this world. She talked about her struggles with the yoga teacher training and I filled her in on work and the renaissance faire. She made me feel better about looking up cute kilt guy on facebook…she would have done the same thing. I haven’t looked him up since and I did not look him up today for show and tell.

I did get to connect with my reiki master teacher at this event and scheduled an IET angel therapy session. Except for my car trouble and the mug I bought today at the self care fair…I haven’t really spent the little bit of extra money that I made from the renaissance faire. I have had a decent amount of energy work in the past but nothing was as powerful as the IET angel therapy session. I also talked to her about blocking out other people’s energy and was given some good advice…something tangible that I can work with for now. My end goal… a shield that energy bounces off of and lands back on the sender. I am so tired of feeling other people’s garbage!

I had great conversation…found some great buys…and then spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. I can check elderberry syrup off of my least the first batch.

I also turned my lavender/sage/rosemary into smudging wands…in theory? They have to dry first…I have never tried to make these before today….

I played and experimented in the kitchen in a way I haven’t done for quite some time and it felt really good!!  I made sausage stuffed acorn squash….I even made enough to share with the neighbors who are recently on a carb free diet. I roasted a chicken and now its bones are in the crock pot for the next eighteen hours or so for a good chicken broth for next week. Soup season is definitely upon us…I made chicken salad for the Girl and used the dark meat for kennel chicken for the dog.

This isn’t even my breakfast/ lunch food prep for next week. That gets done tomorrow afternoon/evening. I have extra sausage/apple stuffing and I think I might try that in my salad Monday/Tuesday instead of taco meat which has become my norm.  I may have over food prepped a bit but it was necessary because I haven’t been eating the way I should that last couple of weeks. People are getting sick left and right and I can only depend on my probiotic so much…even with the help of extra vitamin C.

The elderberry syrup will help…as will the fire cider when it’s done. I can’t afford to get sick…the head surgery nurse and I disagree about the flu shot. I have never believed in the flu shot and now with my mystery illness….no way am I having that poison injected into me. I will stick with my bone broth/probiotics/ elderberry syrup/ and new fire cider as my line of defense. If I let myself get sick….who knows how long the recovery will take?? I really don’t want to find out…fingers crossed that it’s not an issue!

RD has been on my mind the last couple of days…I even talked to VS about it today. Her advice was to leave it alone….I never listen. I still reached out to her. I figure there has to be a reason that she is popping up in my mind? I still argue that it felt like she really didn’t want to be my friend? It felt forced? I don’t randomly think of people for no reason so I figure it was important and I acted on it this afternoon. I don’t dislike her…I just don’t understand her motives?

VS put a different spin on this….” Sometimes you meet someone and they fit into so many grooves of your life. Rarely someone fits into all of them. You are both single, and you have similar interests to an extent. You feel things on a much deeper level that most, which can explain why you held back some? ” Here’s the thing…I don’t think I held back so much? It’s true that I felt like our friendship was forced but that didn’t stop me from being me to an extent?? Whatever…I guess? I reached out against advice and I’m not sure why? I guess we will see where this will lead?

I put on a nice Bon Jovi mix when I started this blog post and now it has turned into a Simon and Garfunkel karaoke show which just took a Celtic Woman twist….I can’t even pretend to hit those notes… Simon and Garfunkel is my mom? I kind of feel like the Universe is stirring the pot right now….I’m not sure what is means or where it is going…all I can do is buckle up and hold on…..Zia




About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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9 Responses to Me Time….

  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Good for you listening to YOU about the flu shot! I’m of the same exact mind. I take care of this body as well as knowing that when I put the proper nutrients and supplements in it, I stay healthy. Good job on the smudging sticks …. they look awesome! And it is really nice to know someone else follows her instincts …. sometimes that is so not easy to do. As for the Universe stirring up the pot …. oh my gosh me too! At times my mind is whirring so fast due to the huge circumstances that I seem for the moment not able to respond to that have flying my way. What’s that saying? Shocked into silence? Yeah, that’s right. All I can do is hang on, have Faith that finally my mouth will work and I’ll speak my truth, and all things will work out eventually. It’s been rough lately. You hang on, Zia! And I will too!! xo

  2. AmyRose🌹 says:

    PS What brand of elderberry to you use?

    • dragonflyzia says:

      I buy my elderberry from a local apothecary where she has large jars full of herbs. I guessed on the ounces when she filled my bag and I had exactly 2/3 cup which is what my recipe called for…whew! I am not sure of her source though? I am sure that any reputable herb company would have the good stuff dried. Good luck and keep me posted on how yours turns out. ❤

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