Throwing it Together…

The queen of procrastination is down to the finishing touches!  Last night I worked on my Medusa headpiece and I didn’t love it. This is where I started today….

It was before spray paint…using a headband that I found in the bathroom…I didn’t love it and it was uncomfortable. I decided to look for a grapevine wreath to use as a headpiece so I could start over. This was a harder task than anticipated. I finally found one at Joann’s that was comfortable and I had to add a grapevine garland to make it thicker.  This is what I have drying in the basement after spray paint….

It’s hard to see in the basement light and this is a side view but trust me….it looks so much better! I also found a velvet dress at Goodwill today for $3.00, it’s a lot bit big but somebody else already did the work of pinning the back for a better fit. The back doesn’t matter because I will wear my cape but it’s nice to not have to worry about it. I cut the bottom of the dress into strips and spray painted the tips and added green glitter. I like how the strips looked before the embellishments but I have to wait until it’s dry to know for sure. I will post a picture tomorrow of the finished costume. It may not be the best version of Medusa but it’s not bad for a less than $20.00 costume.

We are also having a potluck at work tomorrow where I am bringing the vegi tray. A vegi tray that features a hollowed out pumpkin that looks like he is throwing up the dip…It looked like fun on Pinterest? It’s all cut and ready to go, I will assemble when I get to work in the morning.

Hopefully it all comes together without a hitch!?!  Things have been so strange lately, so fingers crossed….

Last night the kids came home from their dads late….like 10:30 late. It turns out their dad had a surprise vacation. Translation? He is on a paid leave during an investigation.  WTF? A server accused him of slamming her against the cooler or freezer and sexually assaulting her. My ex husband may be an idiot and he does a lot of stupid things but he didn’t do this. It’s a good lesson for the kids in this sad but true world….you are guilty until proven innocent and you can destroy another person with your lies. If they said rubbing a servers shoulders or tapping/shoving her shoulder in a playful “I’m in third grade and have a crush on you” way…I would have believed it….hands down.   A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and while he may be a self centered idiot….he is not a predator.  I also told the kids “his parents need a ton of attention right now and maybe that’s the real reason this is happening because he would never have dealt with it on his own? What the heck do I know? Not my circus….not my monkeys!

There are lots of energies at play so I am just trying to lay low. My dreams have been off the charts strange and I find myself holding my breath a bit. I am a little nervous over who or what may come out of the woodwork…mostly who….Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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