On the Down-Low

I hate talking about work when I am not there….it’s taboo with me. Unfortunately, that has been where my energy has been focused. I also didn’t want to say anything because I was worried that it would put BV in an awkward position. She has been following my blog almost from the beginning and now that we work together…even though it’s in different offices…it does make a difference.

Not being able to write about what is happening has been driving me crazy! Tonight I called BV told her what was happening and made sure I answered all of her questions. She has eyes…she knows where the problem is, but saying it out loud is different. So here goes….

I will try and keep this simple so I don’t bore you with the details. Every month I reconcile the contact lens statement. I first make sure that every packing slip matches the lab bill. Then I add up each of the three OD’s total sales for the month. I separate these as I receive the invoices which helps so much! I run a report that shows every contact lens order for the month. Then I go line by line on every invoice for both offices to make sure the charges are correct and have been entered. This is where I find the mistakes. I have even mentioned these previously. Every month I audit the sales of contact lenses. Need a copy of an invoice? Give me ten minutes or less…I know exactly where they are and they are in order my date. What happens when you do a good job at work? You are assigned more work.

The Optician was told last week that I would handle all of her billing….that went over well. She is barely speaking to me. Why? It’s not like I volunteered to clean up her mess and mess is an understatement. When she reconciles her statements she matches up her invoices to the lab bills…that’s only half the job. So last Friday when she was off, I reconciled the October statement. Nothing was in order so first things first, I had to organize the invoices by date. I breezed through the initial part and then I started using the computer to make sure the charges were entered. I can’t even tell you how many things never made it to the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete pairs of glasses that were never billed or paid for??????

Then I started finding the Optician’s family member invoices…..I walked into Big K’s office and she looked at my face and said “Oh my God…what?” I replied with “my stomach physically hurts after this.” Then I handed her the invoices that were never entered or paid. I get it…mistakes happen. The family member invoices…and I stress the plural, really make this look bad.

For the most part I think that these are just mistakes but some of these don’t feel innocent. Then there is the part that Big K pointed out…I am only seeing the lab invoices that were never billed to the patient…what was the frame cost??? This is so much bigger than I anticipated! I honestly don’t think that the Optician will lose her job but a conversation will have to be had for sure. I guess they could fire her? I really hope they don’t. Now that all packages and invoices go through me first…things won’t get missed…I hope.

I also suggested that we get rid of all back stock of frames. The whole system is a hot mess. Why can’t we just keep the frames on the board and order/drop ship for every patient? The back stock is in a plastic tub that is full of frames that get jumbled and the finish on the frames get chipped off…did I mention the hot mess part? I just can’t..oh wait…I have to…

Since the Optician is barely speaking to me this week, she has been running her own VSP  jobs…. funny how she suddenly remembers how to do this? Not So New Girl and The New Girl always give things to me to double check…thankfully. The Optician never gives me all of the information but I know, so I fix it it before it makes it to the front desk. I called The New Girl over to my desk and showed her what was wrong with the order. The Optician gave this to them before we went to lunch and the two of them couldn’t figure it out?? They saw where the Optician had circled things but didn’t question why there weren’t prices? Not So New Girl has been there for a year now and she still doesn’t know the prices. There isn’t an emoji with a big enough eye roll to insert here!

Some of my regular tasks have been pushed to the side this week because of this new task. I have one more month of optical invoices to go through and I will have audited the year to date. I am not a stare at the computer all day kind of girl so this has been a struggle for me too.  Once I finish that last month, I get to try and figure out the frame invoices…I am not looking forward to that chore, but it has to be done. I guess I will learn as I go.

So this mess is why I have been silent. I feel like I went from audit to evidence in 5.9 seconds. I like the Optician…I really do. I think she would do anything for anybody. I also think her energy has been off the last six months…maybe longer. Either she is on medicine and it is wrong, or…I don’t know what the or could be? I know her mom committed suicide when she was a little girl and her dad drank a lot…I don’t want to talk about nature versus nurture because then I would be in over my head. I know she is a good person but something is off. I hope she doesn’t lose her job because of the things I have found.  Boy, it’s been a rough week….Zia

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I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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