Slowly but Surely

I am getting there…slowly but surely. I have much more to do to get ready for the holiday but I am getting there.  I still didn’t bust out the sewing machine…anyone surprised? I know I’m not. I did get most everything else done though…

The bath bombs were dry enough late yesterday afternoon but I didn’t package them until this morning. I put the baskets together later today, my little presents to the ODs and the head surgery nurse are complete.

Yesterday I decided to tackle the two canning recipes I wanted to make for the holiday. I have loved almost everything I found on this sight so I went for it….   That recipe came out great so I decided to try this one too….   Unfortunately I ran out of organic cane sugar so I grabbed some date sugar I had in the cabinet. Big mistake! I canned it anyway and then today I dumped it all out and started over once I bought more sugar. It was much better the second time. I forgot how date sugar overpowers anything you put it in. Hopefully I never forget again. I was in the kitchen and already had made a mess….and I had all of those blueberries in the freezer….so I made one more recipe.  I like how this sight has the ‘tweaks” section. I knew to cut the sugar and even then I added my own tweak. It came out okay and I am done canning for the year.

I usually make a basket with canned goods for the big doctor which is why I chose to do this…this week. I’m glad I did it and will make more baskets to give away. The Girl distracted me with a strange Christmas movie before I could put the labels on the jars. It had Joan Cusack in it and she was wearing tin foil and driving a tow truck…like I said, very strange.

I’m going to take that strange segway and roll with it…I have been having some dreams the last couple of nights. Is it related to reading this book…maybe?

One of the first exercises in the book was in part my last blog post, only I didn’t know it at the time. I am still trying to figure out a timeline? For the most part every twelve years but I think there is more to it. I have also had some interesting dreams since I started this book.

Thursday night I dreamed of Scotland. I was there with a group and I didn’t recognize any of them. We were getting to the hotel and they wanted to rest and I wanted to go. A man said to me “we don’t even know what is here yet?” I responded with “we passed an animal sanctuary on the way here and it’s just down the road.” Nobody listened to me and I turned to look at the landscape. The grass was not all green so I imagine it was a similar time of year in my dream. All I wanted to do was take my socks and shoes off and connect with the earth in Scotland. That is all I  remember from that dream.

This morning my dream had me waking up and heading right for my copy of Animal Speak. You know how I treat that book like a manual but I still found it strange that every part of me was screaming “look up lynx in Animal Speak” this morning. So of course that is what I did. Some of it makes sense and maybe the rest of it will at a later date? In this dream I was doing the dishes while thinking “this will look normal…she didn’t run away, look she did the dishes and left them here to dry.” That little thought was shot in the next scene where I tossed a bunch of dishes out the window and they landed in someone else’s house? In the middle of the dishes was a stuffed Piglet that the boy used to carry everywhere when he was little. How was I going to explain that one? Somehow I was able to get into this strange house and instead of cleaning up the mess I made I let the lynx out the door. Then the Girl was mad and was yelling “I can’t believe you let him out…people aren’t going to know what to do when they see him or what his needs are! How could you let him out!” In preparing for my leave I remembered to grab extra cords? Then I was at work when I realized that one of the ODs was leaving for good. I was also told that I got an extra break on the days I worked with the Optician because she is “so much” and I was to use this extra break for thrifting. That’s all I remember. I know I lost some of it upon waking but still…this dream is full of symbolism.

The sun was shining today and I enjoyed every second of my drive out to the farm to buy meat. There was a plethora of hawks out today…red tails, cooper, and a sharp shinned hawk. I even saw for the first time a pileated woodpecker! Why do I always see these things when it’s 55mph? It was the size of the wings combined with the flight pattern that caught my eye. It was flying like a woodpecker but it was too large for that and then he was very exciting!!!

We were on the interstate when I saw a pair of big hawks. One was facing me and the other was facing the other way on a big branch at the top of a tree. I said to the Girl “look at those two, they are sitting for a deep conversation.” The Girl responded “yep…cops in a parking lot.” I’m not going to lie….it took me a second to get that. I was still in the nature world but I guess that’s a good analogy? Regardless…..I have never seen two birds sit like that before.

Symbolism upon symbolism today… There were craft shows upon craft shows as well and I didn’t attend one of them. I came straight home and started finishing what I started this week. There is much more to do and I still have one more day….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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