Sorry Phil….Sorry Chuck

February 2nd is always a big day for me. I wait on pins and needles to hear what Punxsutawney Phil will predict on this day. Regardless, there is still technically 6 more weeks of Winter. I watch Phil and look up Chuck to see if they agree on the forecast.

My Grandmother always said “it’s not Spring until the rain crow coos.” Normally I have to wait until late March before I hear this glorious sound. I have noticed a few birds making some noise in the morning this week when I was walking through the parking lot on my way into work.Which is always an encouraging sign.

This morning…sometime between 7:30 and 8am I was aware of the birds outside calling to each other. It’s been quiet for so long it’s hard to miss the noise even if it’s slight. I was laying there, refusing to get up because it’s too early to get out of bed on a Saturday when I heard it. Honestly…I didn’t think it was possible so I reached over and cracked the window so I could hear better. I can’t even believe it!!! Not one…but numerous coos from the mourning dove (rain crow). Yes it has been warmer than average, this was the 7th warmest January on record . It may be snowing pretty good outside right now but none of that matters …I have heard the coo.

So it doesn’t matter what the fancy scroll reads tomorrow morning…the bird beat you too it. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch it anyway…it’s tradition, the outcome just isn’t as important this year. On my travels today I saw a robin, a blue bird, many different woodpeckers, a Carolina wren, crows and numerous Cooper’s hawks. I also saw a poor opossum dead in the road, I even saw my second dead coyote on the interstate this morning. Things are definitely waking up.

My first stop was to my favorite apothecary. I planned on a quick trip because there are always people in there but today there was only one other person and she left shortly after I got there. I actually sat down and we talked for almost an hour, that was a nice surprise. I stopped in to get the new incense for Imbolc, and her new candle. I also ended up getting more sage….because of work, I have been burning more than normal. I also bought some Brigid tea….are you sensing a theme here? Tomorrow is a fire festival so it will be candles and incense all day long.

Now that my ex husband has started training with his new job the kids having been going over on the weekend. I still think it’s weird that at 22 and 24 they still go to his house once a week. Weird or not…I am loving it! The only noise is what I make and when I clean something it stays that way for at least 12 hours. When they go during the week I don’t enjoy it as much because I’m at work for most of it. Whatever the reason…I am loving every minute of it!

I left the apothecary and headed to the busy side of town.  I was on the interstate driving along when there was a big flash in my car…kind of like a camera? This was different then the ocular migraine flashes but I have had these before…it makes me curious to see what tomorrow brings? I will keep you posted…

I picked up a gift certificate for my nephew for his birthday and headed to one of the craft stores to drop off my new Waterhouse mermaid print. I already have his Ophelia in my bathroom and I have a matching frame.  I have been waiting for the right price on the mermaid print. They are just dry mounting it and cutting it to fit the frame. I am hoping they have the canvas texture finish for the top, if not I will use gel medium and give it some texture that way. I tend to keep things I love around a while so I am not interested in glass on a print for the bathroom…eventually moisture gets in there.  I have had the Ophelia print for at least 17 or 18 years and it has always hung in the bathroom.  Waterhouse is one of my favorite artists and there are a few more prints on my wish list….someday…when I have more wall space.

My other nephew had a hockey game on this side of town so I headed there next. It’s rare that he plays on my side of town so I made sure I was there. My aunt and uncle were there too and my cousin’s wife and daughter also showed up for a bit. It was fun, but cold. I used to love hockey back in the day but it’s different watching kids. Then there was this mom….I have experienced loud obnoxious parents at a sporting event before but none have compared to this woman. She was probably 30 feet away from me and I had a headache  after the game and for most of the evening. My nephew, the one not on the ice said “yes, we all cringe when she walks in the door.” It was very distracting. My uncle was appalled and when he would give me that silent look, I would give him the yikes…I know face. It was fun to watch my nephew and while my opinion means nothing…they need to work on communicating more. There were too many sloppy passes. I mentioned that maybe they should practice with some eggs and my non playing nephew said “life isn’t a Disney movie Aunt Zia.” I still think they should watch The Mighty Ducks as homework anyway.

I ran to the library after the game and then to my last stop, Sam’s Club. I ran into my brother, sister in law and both nephews there. I think there were lots of hockey families there at that time. My sister in law preaches a lot about food and choices and I saw what was in her buggy…some of it can be excused because of the super bowl tomorrow, and some it…well..who am I to judge?  Let me tell you…today was not the day to go to Sam’s Club but we needed water and garbage bags. I also grabbed some cheese and tomatoes. The last batch of grapes I bought had a weird taste so I wasn’t going to buy more. I noticed the price went up a dollar so it’s a good thing I went in knowing I wasn’t going to buy them because the new price tag would have turned me off from buying them.

I only had four items so I was in line at the self check out when the couple in front of me had a sick child who started throwing up. I don’t know what kind of sugar they gave her but her vomit had a sugary smell mixed with the putrid smell of vomit. I heard the little girl say she had to poo as she was throwing up. I think it was her grandmother who was with her and she started walking towards the bathroom while the little girl vomited along the trail. It took a long time before the grandmother noticed there was puke everywhere. I am hoping her germ radius was close to the floor and didn’t make it to the air that I walked through… I used my On Guard sanitizer as soon as I made it to the car.

My goal for tomorrow is to not leave the house. I have to food prep but I am mostly sure I have everything I need. I didn’t make it to the recycling center but I drive right by one everyday on my way to work. It’s rarely full and right by the police station. Maybe I will load my trunk tomorrow? The chances of me getting up early on a Monday are slim, but Tuesday looks good. I finished all of my laundry, etc. I just need to run the vacuum and wash the kitchen floor. I can still get that done tonight so tomorrow is free of the mundane, minus food prep.

After work yesterday I met my wine steward friend for dinner and a drink at a local restaurant. She brought the wine, I paid for the outrageous corking fee. She offered but she bought a bottle last time we went out so it only seems fair. It was so nice to catch up! It wasn’t too busy so I didn’t feel so bad siting in a table for more than two hours. Our server was just starting to get busy as we were leaving. We need to do this more often…we don’t see each other nearly enough…

I was hoping all of these things would distract me form the happenings at work yesterday but alas…they have not. I  had more than one meeting with the big doctor and one of them was a one on one. I am stunned on some things and mind blown on others. The web of lies that the Optician has been telling go back more than a year. No wonder BV feels the way she does…she has been lied to from the person she sees as her immediate supervisor. I never thought that the Optician would stoop so low…I was there,  I know what happened and she is blaming Big K, which is not right. There are other things she has said but I feel like I should wait to post the lies…. Sadly what the Optician says….she honestly believes to be the truth. I can’t even, right now…..Zia


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I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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