Accidental Soy

First, I know better and second, shame on me. GAPS is a pretty hard diet to stay on and I did a pretty good job of it until I worked the Ren Faire. I didn’t have the time to dedicate to food prep other than breakfast and lunch during the work week. 49 days straight is a long stretch of work days. That’s when I started buying gluten free crackers and such…all of which had ingredients that were a no no. I also got out of the habit of cooking dinner every day which led to more snacking rather than eating real food. I put back on six pounds….other than that the effects haven’t been horrible.

The Girl is always harping “try new foods” so I brought out my Eat For Your Blood Type book and decided to start there. Ezekiel bread- the original, is gluten free and is allowed for type O. The last two weeks I have enjoyed a piece of Ezekiel bread with my egg and piece of turkey bacon, Monday through Friday. My chin has had a cystic like pimple that has not gone away, then one on my forehead, and finally one on my eyebrow. I chose to still walk around all “la la la” chalking it up to my wacked out cycle….phantom period…no period…kind of period…and boom hello period, why wouldn’t you show up the day of Cleveland comic con thingy?

Saturday after we came home we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat. I figured I was safe with a burger and sweet potato fries. The bacon on said burger was apple smoked, the smoked should have given me a warning. On the ride home I could feel the gland under my chin swelling. It was a little swollen and sore on Sunday but by Monday I was back to normal.

Tuesday night the Girl asked me to stop and grab some pre made pizza crusts on my way home. I had purchased the pepperoni the day before but forgot the shells that trip. I decided to make my own little sad pizza on a rice cake…which I have had success with so far. The Girl made her pizza and then we sat down to watch Frozen 2. Mostly because of this article….  We were about half way through the movie when I noticed it….what the hell? I had hives under my eyes…are you kidding me? Was it the pizza sauce? Was it the can that held the pizza sauce? More than likely it was the pepperoni. When I know I am going to eat it, I try and buy Boar’s Head…this was just plain old pepperoni. Big K’s husband has celiac and can’t eat anything from the deli in this store, I have also had gland swelling from their Italian sausage. This is why I drive to a local farm to buy my meat. I have eaten random pepperoni in the last couple of months and have not had any issues. Could the real trigger be the accidental soy I was eating? Who knows…I can’t get a doctor to figure it out, so we still call it Lyme not Lyme at work.

Thankfully the swelling stayed at a minimum…to the average person, I just looked tired. Technically I am! I slept more than eight hours and still had to drag myself out of bed…this is very familiar. With everything going on in the world right now I don’t need my body to fight itself…there are other things it needs to fight. All I can do is keep my immune system up and thankfully I have a plethora of elderberry syrup and fire cider in my fridge. I don’t like hand sanitizer but I have been washing my hands more than normal.

I have vowed to not talk about work and the last two days have made that vow extra difficult. It did help to have someone from the outside who has known me for a long time get a glimpse into what I am dealing with…needless to say I am breaking my biggest rule and bringing work home with me. Not the patient stuff because of HIPPA but the lab/lens stuff. It’s gonna take me a second to get my level of expertise up to where it was five years ago. I can do this and not wring the Tiny Narcissist’s neck….I can do this and not wring the Tiny Narcissist’s neck….not going to talk about it.

I had a dentist appointment after work, this time for a filling. This too is up in the air? It has felt okay so far but I haven’t had anything hot or cold? I guess this is the real test…he didn’t see a nerve but there is still a chance? This was the tooth in the worst shape, luckily it’s on the side that I baby because of the tooth on the bottom that needs a crown. Slowly but surely I am getting this healed up. I have another appointment next Wednesday for the other side.

I stopped at Sam’s Club on the way home and holy wow the shelves are wiped out!  I needed Dawn dish soap…one of the few chemical cleaners that I purchase. There were empty sections of sanitizing wipes and the like in that aisle. Then I headed to the water. We buy bottled water because I had a dream that said “don’t drink the water.” Don’t have to tell us twice. There was a limit of two on water and it was very empty. I just grabbed the one pack like I always do. I can scoff at the sanitizing wipes that were wiped out but the vinegar section was pretty empty too. That to me means that there are people battling this virus in a natural way…not that you would ever hear that on the news. I also found a respectable 12pk of Scott’s toilet paper at the drug store. Not because I am in a panic but because we actually need toilet paper and I will only use Scott. Sam’s Club has a huge pack that I have no where to store? This is crazy!

The first three cases were in Cuyahoga County…that’s where ML and I were on Saturday…where we stood in line with a lot of people for an extended period of time. Fingers crossed…this means nothing. Is this the media or real? Who the hell knows? All I can do now is down some elderberry syrup and fire cider daily. Please stay safe out there….Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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