Almost Day 1

I was off today but I work tomorrow so I am not going to start counting my quarantine until Friday. Next week I don’t have to work until Wednesday. Those five days in a row will feel more like isolation than today.

Today I had to go to the bank. I had to make a cash deposit so off to the drive through I went. I was surprised at how many cars were on the road…most things are closed. I also stopped at my local Italian grocery store. I was going to stop after work tomorrow but since it looked like the parking lot wasn’t too busy, I decided to stop today.

Dinner the last two nights have been strange. Both kids have helped making and cleaning up dinner and we sat at the table….shocking! The Girl and I occasionally sit at the table, it’s the Boy that has been a struggle. He made his Sriracha chicken last night all by himself. I was only there to say “nope, the chicken is not done yet” and make the rice.  I ate artichokes while the kids ate their’s okay, I like artichokes.

The dreams have been intense lately…even the Girl is experiencing them. She not only had a dream but caught site of an apparition in her room. He was a male, wearing a vest like this….

She said she caught him in her peripheral vision but when she was brave enough to look he was gone. That didn’t stop him from tapping on her closet door? After he was gone she could still see sparkles of light in the same spot. Since I know the difference between an angel/spirit guide light sprinkle and an ocular migraine…I would say she has met her first spirit guide. The light sprinkles make me think this…but…when she was on her computer for class yesterday, she caught this image out the back door.

I have sat in the same chair she did and put myself in different angles and I cannot make the trees outside reflect like this in the window? I have lately thought I saw someone outside…out of the corner of my eye. Same entity? I don’t think so? Maybe? It’s been going on for a few weeks now. I am not an expert though. I think the light sprinkles are a good sign but the outside thing???? I am not so sure. I think the pandemic is rising a lot of fear and that is raising a lot of energy suckers. I think this weekend I may up my wards around the house and put up new protections. I need to level up stat!

My latest dream….I was in an old fashioned jeep. This dream had a WW2 feel to it. I was on the phone with my cousin, his birthday is in May and the only time we converse on the phone so it must be May. I was sitting in the jeep when I looked up and there was a mama eagle teaching her babies how to fly. I don’t think this is the true way that the eagles do it but in my dream the mama would grab the babies and lift them up only to let them go. When they soared too low she would grab them and raise them higher, only to drop them again. I remember trying to grab my purse so I could get my camera and I couldn’t quite get it. I was standing outside of the jeep when I told my cousin “I have to go, the eagles are landing.” I hung up and turned as the mama shapeshifted into the eagle Goddess that I have dreamed of before. The baby eagles turned into children who I knew were angels. There was a little boy dressed in gray, almost like a dress….I reached out my hand to him and he thought about it for a second and then grabbed my two fingers (pointer and middle) and we followed the Goddess.

There was another dream that night and I was with my friend and we went to a crafting event. A large blonde giant wouldn’t let me look at her oversize scrapbook which made my friend mad. Which is unlike her…I don’t think I have ever seen her mad? We went through empty room after room. There were tables with projects set up but no people. We finally settled in a room with a large table. There were skinny plates on the table with the words to “bless” or “charge” pumpkin seeds and large bowls of pumpkin seeds. We sat down and the Boy was sitting next to me. The two women at the head of the table had the same bend in their nose so I asked if they were sisters. They shared a glance but never really answered the question? One of the sisters talked about botox and had cheeks round like balls. One of the sisters said ” I have been here one day and have not walked all of the property.” I asked “Do you still get cats in the garden?” The sister with the cheeks replied ” Yes, but sometimes I have to lift it to find them”.

I have no idea what either of these dreams mean but they felt real while I was dreaming them. I hope all of of you are staying safe out there….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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