How Am I Still Awake?

As I sit here, looking at a blank screen, listening to Front Range radio, I keep asking myself “how am I still awake?” Remember how the beagle woke me up yesterday at 6:30 on a Saturday? This morning at 5:30 the paper shredder starting running all by itself, it stopped for a bit and then started again. I had to physically get up and mess with the buttons before it would stop. The beagle left and went back upstairs to the Girl’s room. It was even too early for her or she was freaked out? I crawled back in bed because it’s a sleep in day. The cat decided to go window to window yelling, there was a noisy crow outside cawing away…it’s almost like the Universe was demanding that I get up? I finally got up somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00.

I had some things I was working on so I finished them while sitting on the back porch drinking my coffee with the cat and the dog. Then I spent some time on Pinterest looking for things to eat this week. I feel like I need a reboot? So no wine, no coffee, and only raw food for the next five days. I guess I will see Friday how I feel and what the scale says. I do know I have to get up extra early so I have time to make my spinach banana smoothie before work. For the next week I will be drinking my breakfast.

Then I went outside to weed around the house. I was out there for almost two hours. Between the spiders, the poison ivy, and the poison oak…it was tricky. I normally don’t wear gloves and I’m not sure why I grabbed them this morning but I’m glad I did.  The neighbor across the street started a conversation with me when I was almost finished with the front. We met once before when the beagle escaped her harness. It was odd but he was friendly so we had a little chat and then I went back to weeding.

I cleaned the front porch today and cleared away all spider webs and eggs. There weren’t as many on the front porch as there were on the back porch yesterday. I sprayed off all the chairs just in case we decide to sit out there. It’s highly unlikely since I like the back porch better. It needed to be done regardless.

After that it was small projects, mostly because I was waiting for the neighbors to get into the pool. They invited me when I was out weeding on the side of the house earlier that morning. I forgot about how much it sucks to put on a bathing suit the first time after a long Winter. The water was nice so it was worth it.

I had to run the Girl to the store for a few things and then it was time for food prep or so I thought. I talked to KB for an hour then my brother called, and then I returned a call to my cousin. I feel like I was on the phone forever. I know I pissed my brother off but he should know by now that I will always call him out when it’s necessary. Ever since he hooked up with his now husband…the calls are less and they feel censored? Maybe it’s my imagination? He called when I was on the phone with KB so I had to call him back. I told him I was on the phone and he said “Oh, I guess I see where I fall in your line of importance.” My response “I talk to KB at least once a week, when’s the last time you made time for a call with me?” Then he proceeds to tell me that his ex wife found some of his stuff in storage and he wanted to know if I would meet up with her. I said yes but no VHS tapes or books and followed that with “and here we have the real reason for the call.” Does that make me a bitch? Maybe? I don’t really care. He knew I was right.

I finally did get around to that food prepping which basically translates into cutting a bunch of fruits and vegetables into a bowl of red leaf lettuce with some walnuts. Fingers crossed this goes well and I don’t get “hangry” this week.

The other part of the chandelier upcycle is complete. Here are my solar mushrooms….

They are fun and whimsical, I thought they came out pretty cute. Hopefully Force of Nature Girl likes them because she is getting three of them for her birthday. That is it for today….I have hit a wall and my bed is calling…Zia

PS: Happy anniversary Front Range Radio! Has it been six years already? It feels like yesterday and a life time ago…how is that possible? I am happy to be a fan and watch you follow your dreams! Oh…and Happy Birthday too!

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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4 Responses to How Am I Still Awake?

  1. Thank you, you are too kind. It’s only because of great individuals like yourself that it has survived. Have a great week.

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