Old Things, New Things

It has been quite the weekend! Saturday morning was a mixed bag. I was up early and started checking things off my list as I went. I had some attention issues…”squirrel!”  I was outside watering the plants when I thought “oh, I should spray off that antique trunk while I’m out here.” Once I finished that I started pinning up the headliner on my car. It fell down this week and until I figure out a way to fix it, there will be push pins on the ceiling. (spray adhesive did not work) I did all of this while thinking about the missed call on my phone.

I wanted to get these outdoor chores done before it got too hot out so I opted to wait to return the call. Which is probably part of the reason I accidentally rolled over my seedlings and dragged my fern five feet. It was embarrassing and I hope no one saw me do it? The fern is okay but the seedlings are questionable.

After my outdoor chores I went inside and returned a call to Kentucky.  I spoke with a lovely man who is brother to the man who drew the map. We had a nice conversation and I was super stoked! We talked a bit about the different family names and the area. I didn’t learn anything new that was directly related to my line but I know I am on the right trail.

We talked for roughly forty minutes and he sounds like a great man, full of history surrounding that community. He even told me the right time of the year to visit to get the best view and to avoid the rattle snakes and copperheads. I didn’t know Kentucky had rattle snakes? It was a pretty exciting Saturday morning to me!

I did my running around and made it home in time to go to the neighbors for pool time. After pool time I started making a watermelon feta salad to take to Big K’s for a cookout. That was a nice time too. I am truly blessed.

We didn’t stay too long because of the beagle and the neighborhood fireworks. She was all wound up when we got home. I worked on the photo albums for the kids while we waited for the eclipse. The neighbors invited us to come over for a driveway pajama party at 11:08. Even though the eclipse was so subtle we really couldn’t see it, we had fun. We stayed out until 12:30am. That was a first for the neighbor girls who have never sat outside to watch a lunar eclipse before. I’m such a bad influence. 🙂

It was after one when I finally made it to bed. I was still up at a reasonable hour this morning and it was hot from the word go. I took my coffee outside with the dog and cat around 9:30 ish. I sat out there for about a little bit before I got the call. The other brother…the one who drew the map called me.

He started the conversation with “I have quick ten minutes”…..this was a three hour phone call!!! I learned so much! There was a time he went all biblical and that could count as one of the hours. I haven’t read Genesis and Revelations since high school and he had a lot to say about the Catholic church. You know how I feel but I never had the chance to share that information. I am always reminded that the bible belt is a different world. We were both “squirrels” on this call.

Both of these phone calls have proven that I need to get a better handle on my notes. I need to do a more accurate rewrite so I am not flipping pages and going back and forth between my notes and the computer. I also need to get down there in the fall. I can go see my cousin and kill two birds with one stone. Who is to say what it will be like in October and early November?  I would like to wait until after the election in case the world gets turned more upside down? I would have to drive and that scares the heck out of me!!!

That three hour conversation was thrilling and…it put me behind the rest of the day. Not that it stopped me from swimming at the neighbor’s pool for two hours this afternoon. It’s almost 8pm and I haven’t food prepped yet or made ML a birthday card for tomorrow. I just had to share the exciting news of talking to someone who has walked the land where my mother’s people come from….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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