One Thing…Then Another, and Another

It all started last week when my chair cushions came back. I was super excited at how perfect they turned out!!! I had not done my part though…. the chair was not painted. I came home and immediately got busy on that chair. It took all night and part of the next since I decided it needed some antiquing wax to get the right finish. I love how it came out and it makes me smile every time I walk into the room.

Friday night was book club and when I came home I started right away on things like laundry. Saturday morning I continued with the normal chores, trying to get the mundane done and out of the way. This meant that my running around started later than usual. I bought some figs and decided to can a batch of fig pear jam and pectin was the only thing I was missing.The Girl and I were at our last stop…thankfully this store had pectin, it was our third try. We were just getting in the car when I received a text from my former sister in law. She no longer wanted my mother’s jewelry armoire and asked if I wanted it, which of course I did. I wasn’t expecting this so it threw my to do list for a loop. This is how it came to me.

I stayed up until 2am painting this thing which was a mistake. When I woke up on Sunday there were more than one drip marks dried in the paint. I was not happy with myself. I sanded a the visible ones down and put on another coat. This was not the easiest upcycle. The handles on the bottom three doors did not come out and the other knobs came out but didn’t go back on as snug as they should. There were lots of setbacks but it still came out okay. The armoire smelled like my ex sister in laws perfume which just added to the trip down memory lane. This is what it looks like now.

Sunday I went to PT’s for breakfast and we made plans for Monday to Christmas craft. I went home and picked up the Girl and we did a tiny bit of running around. The Girl is not a big shopper until the Halloween stuff comes out. She is ready to decorate now! I pointed out that is was only August but that didn’t seem to matter much to her. She had mentioned that she would like to go into Pier 1 to check out the going out of business deals so we stopped to check it out. I was worried that I would be lured by some glittered or shiny thing that I really didn’t need but that was not the case. The Girl found a shelf with fabric swatches and was infatuated with a small piece of blue softness. I was more interested in the jute squares. I think they will be perfect under a house plant to protect the floor and still look good. Then we turned a corner and found a staple gun kit for $5!!! It even included some staples.

I bought nothing from the retail part of the store. I think $10.73 was a great price for this lot. When we were walking through the store the Girl said “I can’t believe no one bought that staple gun.” When we got to the register the manager was ringing us out and said “I just put that out.” Right place…right time.

Monday morning I went to PT’s to get busy making some Christmas presents. We ran to a couple of craft stores first and then we got busy. I had no idea how hard this project would be. My thumb still hurts today. The base is straw which we wrapped burlap (from a coffee bag) around and then we started pinning the loops. The floral pins look like giant staples and they were not easy to get into the wreaths. I am half way done and finished four. There were little pieces of burlap everywhere! This is definitely an outside project.

I came home and finished up these little teacup pin cushions. I have no more miscellaneous teacups in he basement and it used up some of the bag of stuffing I had in the basement. Use it or lose it…I have been working on this plan for quite some time.

Today I worked in my bedroom all day. I took everything out of the dressers and reorganized. I Marie Kondo folded all of the clothes and moved some things around. Sometimes little changes make a big difference. I do feel like I have been non stop since last Wednesday. I don’t think I will get my order from Bramble Berry to make soap this time so that plan is out. I haven’t given up on pajama pants yet…only time will tell….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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