Persephone Season

Yes, as of Tuesday…our decent into darkness has begun. One of my favorite audio books is Traveling With Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd. As a mother of a daughter and a daughter myself, this book hit home on many levels. As much as we would all like life to be all puppies and rainbows…you can’t have the light without the dark. This time between the equinox and the Winter Solstice is a good time to push up our sleeves and dig deep….face the darkness and bring it into the light. I even bought some pomegranates from the grocery store…tis the season, and I like a little symbology in my life.

Work is work, until I realized that I am on vacation next week. It’s another staycation and while I would love to go to Kentucky…it’s not the right time. When I go I want access to records and people…preferably none who are wearing masks. I will just go….whenever? Since I haven’t made soap or pajamas as of yet, I am going to navigate this staycation with no preconceived notions of how I will spend my time. I have a big to do list but I am choosing not to stress about it. The most important part is not having an alarm set…I can sleep in or get up at 4am…it doesn’t matter…I have nothing I “have” to do and no where I “have” to go. I do have a doctors appointment on Wednesday, hopefully she will have my blood work since I went last Friday.

I was feeling “off” on Saturday…I had drainage, a headache, a mild sore throat. Was it the change of seasons or something more? I was supposed to meet with PT but I canceled because I didn’t feel right. It did pass by Sunday and I felt better thank goodness but still…it was unnerving. The new new girl at work has been sick for a couple of weeks and she is always coughing and blowing her nose…come to think of it…she is always sick. She was tested and no covid but still…it sounds gross and I don’t want her germs.

Sunday…on a whim, I took the Girl to Torrid. She has been asking for a new bralette which always turns into the “you need more than a bralette” argument. The $12.00 contraption she was wearing from Target was not working.  We found two bras at Torrid, one that works great with no underwire and one that is a compromise, both were nude.  At least she will have the proper bra if she ever needs to dress up, the compromise bra will work for everything else. I went back today because I had 50% off points and bought her a black “compromise” bra so now she has two everyday and one for dress. Of course what I bought today goes towards Christmas. The ladies who work at this store are super helpful, I’m glad I took the chance and stopped in.

It has been quite the week!  Luckily I have sightings like yesterday that make it all seem worthwhile. I have looked up almost every link for Northeast Ohio hawks and nothing seems to match this big boy. I showed it to one of the doctors who happens to be a fellow bird lover and her thought was young eagle. I did some research and the markings are spot on with 1 year bald eagle!!! Mind blown over here!!! I walked out of work and said to New Girl ” what is with the squirrels today?”  Then this big boy swooped down and all was understood.  He was pretty far away and when I tried to get close he flew away. This was that picture and I was on the wrong side of the light…


It makes sense….I couldn’t find a single hawk photo that matched but a photo of a 1yr eagle does match. I am extra excited!!! I was even gifted with a goldfinch feather on the same day!! These are the things that make me happy!!

I had a funny surprise visitor yesterday… I came home from work and was talking to the Girl. I had just slid my bracelets off when she said “somebody just knocked on the door.” She was ready to hit the floor and hide but I was not. I opened the side door and met the lady in the driveway. She was here for the census. I pointed out that I sent my information in this year during the month of February. Turns out she wasn’t interested in my house. Hindsight really is 2020… She was interested in the druggie house next store.

She repeatedly knocked and while it was visible that people were home….no one was answering the door. I “should” have said “no one is opening that door without a search warrant.” What I actually said was ” Have you ever seen a clown car?” She looked at me blankly and said “no, what’s a clown car?”  It’s that tiny car at the circus that when the door opens multiple clowns exit the vehicle…lots of clowns….out of the teeny tiny car.

I also added “they should be awake since they didn’t wake me up at 4:30 with the bass and the partying.  The boom ba boom…is getting extra annoying. It’s extra annoying to me since a retired police officer lives directly across the street. It turns out…he is old and can’t hear them. I just don’t understand?

Funny thing about the retired cop…he is all about Trump. He has an American flag, a confederate flag and a Trump flag. I volunteered my yard to a patient who is running for office. He has a beautiful wife, and a beautiful family…I know them all. Why wouldn’t I support them? They brought a large yard sign yesterday….today the retired cop has three small signs of the opposing candidate.  I’m sure they knew each other back in the day and maybe that’s why he is supporting him? It goes against every other sign he has in his yard but hey…it’s mostly a free county.  It did make me chuckle.

I finally got my part of the grass cut today and even scheduled my appointment with the periodontist.  The doctor right down the road was only open for 2.9 seconds a week but the other option had real hours. She was a girl as well and the customer service girl who made my appointment was a hoot and a half. If feels good…fingers crossed.

That has been my life the past couple of days. I wish it was more exciting but…covid. Have a great night…Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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