Beautiful Weekend

We have been having a stretch of above normal temperatures coupled with sunny skies here in North Eastern Ohio. I will take it!! It gave us (the Girl and I) a chance to tackle the leaves and put up the Christmas lights.

I mulched up most of the leaves with the mower. I will never be that person who bags their leaves. (inset eye roll emoji) It benefits the habitat to leave some leaves and I think mulching the leaves is a nice compromise. The Girl raked the little bit I couldn’t get with the lawnmower into our big pile of sticks and stuff. I mowed the back grass as well and it amazes me how fast you can get out out of shape. It was a struggle, plus how strange is it that I am still cutting grass and it’s November? With these record breaking temperatures I am guessing that I will need to mow one more time.

We also worked on the lights on the front porch. We won’t be turning them on yet but they are ready to go when we decide it’s time. There is one section of lights that went out but the Girl has a plan to fix it. She wasn’t about to undo all that she had done for one one section of bum lights. These lights are her things so whatever she decides to do is fine with me.

Today I went over ML’s to help her frame some Richard Rankin prints she had purchased. It was fun to be framing again. She bought her frames online and the mats were tiny but it all came together nicely. If I had access to mats and frames, I could have made them amazing! I don’t have access and they weren’t my prints so I just showed up and used my old skills to help out a friend. Now….if he ever finds a staircase of stone…in the forest…I may have to purchases a print.

I am obsessed with stone staircases embedded in the earth. It’s not too surprising that a past life meditation I found involves an ancient staircase that leads into a mist. I went back to my memory of being a druid. This time I had a partner and we had a daughter. I “felt” like he was Merlin but that’s not what I called him. I am guessing that since Merlin was a druid that’s why I made the association. Monkey brain getting in the middle of my meditation. I picture Merlin with a long white beard and a tall hat. This man had auburn hair with a short beard but the dude had some power….

I also had some dreams this weekend. I dreamed of an eagle that flew up when a bunch of us were eating dinner on a long table on a front porch. I excused myself so I could go grab my camera. When I opened the door to the house it led to a muddy courtyard. I made it through the courtyard and started up the stairs which were covered in a super sticky mud. I remember looking down at my feet and saying “there goes my work shoes.” I did get my camera but I don’t think I made it back in time to get the shot.

There was another dream where I had a baby boy. He wasn’t “mine” but I was going to adopt him. He was drinking water from a “ramen noodle” porcelain spoon which was amazing to me since he was just a baby. I remember calling my cousin’s wife to talk about adopting the baby, especially since I was so old. I think this dream is related to my peri menopause situations aka two full periods last month plus the three days of spotting as well as the one day I had last week. Every day is a surprise these days…

I decided to work on my fabric hoard this weekend. I had some fabric and yarn stored in the cubby on the landing(staircase) and some in the basement. How could I possibly apply the “use it or lose it” if I didn’t know what I have? I brought all fabric into one spot and this is my hoard…

Scary…right? I had a trunk full to drop off at Goodwill today. I kept a tote of fabric, a tote of potential upcycles, a tote of sheets (I’m thinking pajama shorts), the blue tote has curtains, and the pink tote is full of wool. I let a lot go but still have plenty to work with.

I put everything in the basement with the exception of the yarn. I was going to make Kahlua for everyone at work to use up my excess of olive oil bottles but now I am determined to use up all of that yarn. I currently have a third of a scarf on the loom….many more to follow. The gray bag on the top of one of the totes is fabric I bought to make pajama bottoms. I’m not sure why I have such a block here but I will eventually figure it out.

The Girl has been itching to watch Christmas movies even though it’s not time yet. We have compromised and have been watching “Christmas Cookie Challenge” and “The Great Holiday Bake Off”. The Girl likes to bake so I am hoping this is inspiration to her. One of the shows even had a man who baked Gluten free, unfortunately he was voted off before I could learn anything from him. 

This weekend was a productive one and I still managed to find some fun. I am looking forward to the next two days of sun and warmth….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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3 Responses to Beautiful Weekend

  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Eagle = USA. Mud refers to the “dirt” that we must go through first in order for all to be as it should. Our weather has been warmer then normal too and I’ve been outside a lot. Just enjoying some time from blogging. And good for you for cleaning out. You inspire me!! xoxoxo

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