Ping Ping

Things didn’t get too interesting around here until I talked to my aunt today. I really need to start writing down my questions as they come up, I tend to forget them when we are talking. I get an hour and a half to two hours every other weekend and I am grateful for every minute but I need to organize my notes and information so I am better prepared.

I started off the conversation with my new information about my GG grandfather and the shooting. She posed the question “wasn’t he married to a Wilson?” I didn’t even put that together?! He married two women name Nancy, the second of which was a Wilson and my GG grandmother. I still don’t have the scoop on the first marriage but it wasn’t because she died…more questions? The plot thickens but I don’t have any answers as of yet.

That’s when my aunt said “Mom and dad didn’t talk a lot about their past, we only knew what they wanted us to know.” I said “Mom was the same way, she never talked about her childhood.” I know one story from when she was a kid and that’s because grandma told me. Grandma said that after they got a television that mom would stay up and watch it late. So late that she always had dark circles in the morning and that’s when grandma started calling her “ole coon eyes’.”  My aunt said “I remember that! Your mom loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! I remember laying there, trying to sleep and all night long I would hear ‘ping-ping’ from that submarine.” I responded with “my mom always did like her sci-fi, we grew up watching Captain Kirk on Star Trek and then Star Wars….anything that was science fiction.” I never knew that she loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, it’s these little things that I want to know.

One of the questions I asked was because of the GG grandfather story I told you last time. “Did Grandpa or Grandma ever drink?”  The answer was Grandma never drank and Grandpa used to drink when he had the still in Kentucky. Although there was one time he was up in the woods with my uncle cutting up wood…I didn’t get the whole story just that there was drinking involved while using a chainsaw. No one was hurt and my grandmother as well as my aunt were pretty darn mad over it. The only other time my aunt remembers him drinking was when he got the “blind headaches” It used to make Grandma mad because she thought he was making it up and using it as an excuse to take a shot of whiskey. My aunt went on to say that she got them too and then described it. I recognized the symptoms all too well…an ocular migraine. As far as we know, it was only my grandpa, my aunt, me and one of my cousins who have a history of it. I’ll have to question the big doctor tomorrow about the heredity factor.

We talked about other things for a while and then I posed the question “did your aunts or uncles ever come to visit? I learned who visited and who was nice and who was not so nice. I certainly wasn’t expecting this bombshell….”Mom’s sister Bertie on her deathbed confessed to mom that she slept with dad and had a baby from him.” What?? This could be why grandma didn’t really mention her as much as the other sisters. My aunt said she came to help grandma after one of my uncles were born…I am guessing this much since my mom was the first girl and she had four older brothers. I will have to do some more digging before I speculate too much. ( my aunt said babies, it has to be uncles I am guessing?)

This is a lot to process and I am so far removed from all of this that I really do think a trip to Kentucky is inevitable. All of the key players are gone, I just need to tell the tale..

I still haven’t signed up for the ancestry 14 day free trial and since the next time I will talk to my aunt will be on March 14th…smack in the middle of grandma’s birthday and mom’s birthday….I really need to consider this asap. I have said it out loud to my ancestors as well as to the Universe…”as long as you keep giving me information…I will keep going.” I just need to be more disciplined….maybe if I pretend I was at work? I’m crazy OCD at work, I just need to bring a little of that home and apply it to my research…Zia


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I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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