Dreaming of Vultures?

This morning’s dream was different. Anytime I think or reason in a dream, it turns out to be a doozie. The dream starts out with me at home. I “heard” or “knew” that they started to round people up and I didn’t have much time. I knew I couldn’t carry much more than a backpack so what should I put in there? The waking me had some extra ideas but the sleeping me was too busy trying to puzzle it out.

Do I grab some cash? Will cash even matter anymore? I should bring a blanket but that will fill up the whole backpack? Oh..wait…I have those wool throws in the basement, those will hold up better. Should I bring identification, passport, birth certificate? Or, should I just leave it all behind? I really start looking at everything around me and realize that I have to leave it all. I did think about taking my mom’s picture out of the frame and taking it so she will be remembered and then I reasoned out that I don’t “need” that picture to remember my mother.

I stand around and look at all the empty space in the basement. This basement was large, bright and white, not like the typical basement dream. There were quite a few doors down there as well. I had most of the stuff in one of the rooms packed neatly in a corner. I remember thinking maybe they won’t even bother with this stuff it doesn’t look very interesting?

Then I went upstairs to the first floor and started looking around. In this house there was a very large window on the side of one room. I looked out the window and there was the most uniquely stunning cat out there. She had such pretty markings and the green was very unusual, almost neon, the rest of her was black. She was trying to get in the window and I told her “aren’t you a stunner? If I was staying I would let you in and you could live with me forever, but I’m not staying.” I walked away from the window and when I looked back she was still there and now there were more cats.

I left the house with my backpack and I honestly don’t remember what I ended up putting in there other than a notebook and a couple of pens? I do remember trying to pick durable clothes that would easily roll up. By roll up I mean Marie Kondo fold until the last step of folding into three, at that point you roll them. I was hoping to fit more that way.

Then I was outside on the street and the town was busy as per usual. I wasn’t too far from the house when I noticed two vultures, a male and a female. One of them said “you can’t see what’s coming but you need to be prepared when it gets here.” Then they flew off, what the heck does that mean?

At this point I realize that someone is with me, I never see them so I don’t know who it is? We walk back towards the house only now it’s a storefront. It almost looks like a very small deli. We open the door and head to the back. In the back there are a man and woman stealing two liters of pop off of a pallet. I noticed others slipping out the back door and it sounded like someone was taking a shower back there too.

The next thing I know I’m standing by my truck (I wish) and yes it was dark blue. I had two bigger containers back there. I hope there was food and maybe some toilet paper in there? Although I was pretty sure I was going to have to do without toilet paper for a while. That’s when we started talking about where we could go. We had to go somewhere relatively close where we could disappear. Then it hit me…the park to the south. I hate driving through it, it’s massive, and there is rarely cell service. We could hide out there for a while.

Someone mentioned that it was supposed to rain all night and then I was in a kitchen I have never been in before. Big K was there as well as some other coworkers. The big doctor was there as well and he was grilling steaks. He had them all lined up and squeezed a lemon over top and said “there, now it’s perfect.”  I woke up and that is all I remember. I’m going to have to study this one for a while, it’s a lot to try and make sense of for sure.

Yesterday was a weird day, I knew it as soon as my feet hit the floor. It was a rough day but I got through it. I told my go to girl at the lab “I don’t know what’s happening in the stars or what planet just aligned with what but they don’t go together at all.” She said “I agree, I got to work this morning, the phone was ringing and I couldn’t remember how to pick it up…this is my job all day long, what is happening?” That made me feel a little better since it wasn’t just me struggling.

I had another big dream the other night but I won’t bore you with two long dreams in one post. I have to get moving anyway, I am meeting my wine steward friend for lunch today and I am hoping to find some time to play in the dirt a little. Hopefully the weather cooperates….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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