What Would My Mother Say?

It’s been an interesting couple of days. That crazy dream I posted yesterday stayed with me all day and most of today too. You knew I was meeting my wine steward friend for lunch but what you didn’t know is that my brother text me and wanted to come over to start building the chicken tractor at the same time. He was okay with waiting until 1:30 so I went to lunch as planned.

I had a wonderful lunch with my friend and came home to find my brother and both nephews on the porch, ready to build. This in its self was an experience. My brother was using this simple project to teach the boys some basic building skills. My nephews were not into it at all. One of them was off in his own mental world, paying no attention to what was happening and the other one was talking smack. After a few hours I thought my brother was going to loose it….one wouldn’t stop talking and the other was constantly humming and neither was helping or paying attention.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this the Boy came home from work and helped. It was bitterly cold with the wind yesterday so once the Boy pitched in…I dipped out. I came outside periodically but the wind was brutal. I didn’t think it would take 4 plus hours to build this chicken tractor but it did and somehow my brother kept his cool for the most part. He did yell at his boys occasionally. All I can say is that he got all of the patience in the family because I would have lost it a long time ago.

The Boy said one of my nephews was talking about becoming the next Hitler and some kind of group that started with an a? I said like the Aryan race? The Boy said maybe? I didn’t have to explain because the Girl jumped right in with “does he even know what that means with his dark hair and eyes?” I didn’t hear any of this when I was out there but my brother had to have heard it? This could be why he kept telling him “shut up!” What are they teaching these kids in school over there? They are in a different state….my kids never came home talking this kind of nonsense?

It was more difficult then I thought it would be but it is for the most part finished. The roof needs some attention and the bottom where the door is (on the other side) could be a weak spot? It’s only for the daylight hours so hopefully it will be okay? I wasn’t able to test it out today because of the rain and snow we had all day…too cold for the girls to be out there yet.

My nephew said something yesterday that bothered me….”You could buy a years worth of eggs for the $150. it cost you to build this.” First of all….he didn’t have this thought on his own…he heard it. Second of all…I pay $4.00 a dozen for my free range eggs from the farm I trust so multiply that by 52 and get back to me. This bothers me so much!

Someone once quoted their father to me “This county went to hell in a hand basket the minute we stopped growing our own food.”  He wasn’t wrong. I was really struggling with this today. I remember when I was little and my grandmother opened the refrigerator to get me some milk. There was a bottle of raw milk with the cream on top. I crinkled my nose up at it because A. it was foreign to me and B. my face hides nothing. My grandmother said “don’t look down on what you don’t know, that milk you get from the grocery store isn’t milk.” I didn’t understand that statement until the last year or two.

We are separated from our food source! My mother knew every source of her food growing up. The only thing brought home from the store was flour, sugar, and coffee. They didn’t process their cows for meat so they did outsource that but hogs and chickens were done at home. Food and herbs were grown, harvested, and preserved.  This country as a whole is going to have to TAKE that back for themselves. If you think I am being overly dramatic then go ahead and look for yourself…who is buying up all of the farmland in this country? Control the food…control the population!

This is something I feel passionately about but try really hard to not impose my beliefs on others. I don’t mind being called crazy, I’m used to that. Being called a conspiracy theorist is new to me but I believe what I believe. I thank the Catholic church for all of their bullshit and twelve years of a Catholic education….it taught me to question everything! I take nothing at face value, I decide after I sit with it a while and see how it feels. I question everything that is happening now and am offended every time I see a commercial that tells me what “I should do”. The television is rarely on anymore but when it is and I see one of these commercials I yell right back “stop telling me what to do!” The Girl always rolls her eyes at me but hey…it works and it keeps the power button off.

I have seen so much this weekend between the sleeping and the waking worlds and it’s a lot to process. The twelve plus hours of rain/snow while depressingly cold for May can also be seen as a cleansing…if you look hard enough. Negative thinking will get you nowhere so find the positive where you can and please….never give up hope…Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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2 Responses to What Would My Mother Say?

  1. Happy Mother’s Day. Hope you have a great week.

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