No Rest for the Wicked

I want chickens I said….It will be fun I said….All jokes aside, I love my girls but 6am on a Saturday AND a Sunday was a little much for me. There was no ignoring my Rhode Island Red and she wanted outside stat! So much for sleeping in…

Yesterday the Girl and I went to a housing development’s neighborhood garage sale. I have been garage saling a long time and I have never been to one in the middle of a golf course. I’m not sure why it’s a appealing to build a house/live in that kind of neighborhood but to each their own. There were so many…I can’t even tell you how many houses were participating but it was a lot. I found some good deals so I’m glad I went but there were just too many. We even stopped at a few in the center of our town afterwards but I really had to push myself.

I was never as glad as I was yesterday to have a neighbor with a pool! It was our first swim and it was perfect. I thought for sure I would end up taking a nap after pool time but I did not. Let’s just say…I never moved an inch last night.

This morning I was done with all of my food prep and cleaning by 10:30. It felt like forever before it turned 2pm. Yes, my neighbors are still very regimented for the most part. There is an occasional exception but for the most part it’s 2-4 everyday. I was in the pool for about an hour. I like to lay in the sun and dry off and somewhere in that half hour I did doze off for a bit. I guess that was a good thing.

I came home and saw I had a missed call from my aunt. She doesn’t like to talk on the phone during a storm so she called me early. Luckily I caught her between storms when I called her back. We had a nice talk, I even learned what a mulberry was. I have heard of them but have never come across one. We talked about mom and grandma which was inevitable after that dream I had last week. I would really like to figure out how to make an apple stack cake and how to ship it out of state and have it get there in one piece.

KB’s daughter called me while I was on the phone with my aunt only she used KB’s phone. I’m still not sure why? She wanted to come see me and I said sure. She showed up with her brother and girlfriend and they stayed for quite awhile. I was happy that she brought her girlfriend because she is super handy and helped me get the rest of the chicken coop up. Now I just have to predator proof the bottom.

I think KB’s daughter misses her psychic. I can’t say friend because there was a money exchange but she trusted her and liked to talk to her. I think she is looking to fill that void? I am not a psychic medium, nor have I ever claimed to be but I know how to listen. Plus I will call her out on her bullshit.

KB’s son is where my focus kept falling. He is trying very hard to be social again but still struggles. I noticed quite a bit there and even talked to KB about it. I do believe he is on the upswing and will do better from here on out. His sister needs to listen a little bit better but they are young…they will figure it out.

They left, I called KB for a minute or two and then I went out and cut grass, and here we are. Except for the swimming and food prep….nothing was planned today. It ended up being a good day. My favorite part other than my talk with my aunt was the unexpected visit with KB’s kids. KB is coming over for dinner on Wednesday (her birthday celebration one month later) and we will compare notes and catch up then.

I am going to have to turn on the air conditioner tonight…I have put it off for as long as I can but it’s going to be super humid this week. Plus there’s a new moon with a solar eclipse this week so who the heck knows what kind of week this will be…Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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