Mini Adventure

Yesterday at work was a little easier to bear. The first day back from vacation truly is the most difficult. Our optician once again misplaced her phone and didn’t remind anyone about the frame event last night. I never heard a thing about it because I was on vacation last week. She asked me before lunch and I said sure! Thirty odd years left….I keep saying that more and more. I stopped at Subway and grabbed the kids subs for dinner and went home and grabbed a change of clothes.

We left work and headed to the event. The forty five minute drive felt like nothing because we were chatting. We found it with no problems….I was a little worried about that. 🙂  My only disappointment was that I didn’t run into any of the old lab accounts while I was there. I miss talking to some of them and I was hoping to say hi. I still had fun and won some prizes.

I spun the wheel and won a pair of Flexon aviator sunglasses.  I was hoping the girl would like them. She might like them better after I get them straightened and tightened. Of course she would have to wear her contacts and she rarely wears them. I won a nine west crossover bag. It’s cute and will work for special occasions. I also won a pair of  much bolder two toned sunglasses. I will take a picture of them when they get to work.

There was wine and cheese to keep me company when optician girl was in full buying mode.

I got home around 9:30 ish which wasn’t too bad. There was one time during the drive when I became a turnpike hero…..You guys know how I get my crazy lead foot going in the morning? Well there was a point on our drive home when we talking and she was in the passing lane next to a truck. We were driving next to the truck for a while and I happened to glance in the rear view mirror outside of my window. So I said “Um K, are you going to pass this truck?” “Why” she said? “Oh I was just wondering because there is quite a line of traffic behind you.” She passed the truck and as all of the cars zoomed passed with angered intensity, in my head I said “your welcome” to every car that blew past us. Less than five minutes later the semi truck passed us too. She’s not a bad driver, she’s just not in any hurry. It was still a good night!

My cousin’s daughter took a picture of me on Sunday that I didn’t even know she took. I could point out all of my flaws like the weight and how the melting in the sun was dissolving my hairspray and my whirl was starting to show but I will try not to focus on these things.

The most exciting part of my day today was my little package in the mail. I follow a group called “all souls discussion group” on Facebook. It’s where you follow along the the real time read of A Discovery of Witches. I loved this book and have read it a few times. Somebody posted a picture of a bracelet and let me tell you…that girl’s Etsy shop was busy. So busy that she said when she was making these she was listening to the audio book out of curiosity.  My bracelet came today…..

I wore it tonight when the girl and I did our running around. It slides around a little but only because this aluminum is crazy heavy duty and my wrist is so small. I love it! I’m going to have to go check out her Etsy store for Outlander products. Christmas will be here before you know it!

I met my brother for lunch at the vault restaurant today. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. He works less than five minutes away and I work until noon on Wednesday. We won’t be able top do it every week but we can meet a couple of times a month. I sort of cut him off a little when he was telling my dad everything that was going on in my world.  My words were for my brother’s ears not my dads. That’s when I started censoring my words and it has impacted out relationship. I’m trying to make it better. …Zia

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A Wonderfully Beautiful Day!

Yesterday was a long one but it was the best day of my vacation. The girl and I started our day at a baby shower at 11:30am. We didn’t get home from our adventures until after 9pm. By the time I watched Outlander and showered, it was well after 11pm.

My cousin and her daughter were in from out of state and we hung out all day. We went traipsing through the family cemetery looking for a baby’s grave from 1928. We never did find that one and it was hot as heck out there. September 24th in Ohio and above 90…that’s plain crazy!

Is it morbid that we all enjoyed looking at the old headstones?  I needed some birthday/death day info for a project that I want to do for the family history Christmas present so this trip was timely.

Then we headed down to the park where I saw my first woolly bear of the season. I hope he doesn’t change too much because the forecast isn’t horrible the way he looks now. The blacker the caterpillar the harsher the winter. This little guy has a fair amount of rust/orange on him in the middle….I will take another mild winter.

My cousin’s daughter who is three years older than the girl was fun to watch. It was an adventure to watch her experience the park for the first time. She went wherever her artist eye took her. I have posted a picture of this bridge before but I never would have thought to look for a trail under it. Thanks to her I got lucky with this shot….

We spent a fair amount of time driving around and hiking in the park.

Then we drove around looking at some old houses. I never was sure about where my great grandparents house was but I had a good idea. The back yard is where my memories are, which makes sense. I was correct on the road but wasn’t too sure of the house. Then we drove by my grandparents old house. Sadly I didn’t even recognize it. The shrubbery was so overgrown you could barely see the house. There was a shady looking dude in the driveway…it’s probably a crack house now. I watched him watch us drive by and it didn’t occur to me until we were up the street that we must have looked like drug lords or something. Out of state SUV with tinted windows, yep that’s what I think we looked like. I tend to be a little overly dramatic so maybe not?

We went and grabbed something to eat and headed back to the hotel. We had a glass of wine and my aunt and uncle met up with us there. We stayed until a little after nine and then left. I was off all week, why did this day fall on my last day? It would have been nice to hang out longer but duty calls.

The first day after vacation is always the worst and today was no exception. The day dragged and we left at almost 6. Thank goodness for leftovers. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better work day…..Zia



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Best Ever!

Today was a good day! This was my third craft event of all time and hands down it was my best!!! The manager even offered a return event or two. This makes me so happy. 🙂

I, of course made too much. I have a craft show coming up with RD in October and I will only need to make some book page flowers and maybe a few more pumpkins. The pumpkins were a big hit as well as the Mason tissue jars. I only brought two book page flowers and sold them for $10.00. I was going to charge a little more but I followed some advice from Victo Dolore over at People snatched them right up at the lower price.

The girl gave up her Saturday to help and she really was a help. I think she might even try her hand a making some things?  I told her that next time we are at the coffee shop she might as well earn some of her own money. It’s not a job but I think she liked the idea. I planted the seed, that’s all I can do.

Tomorrow we have a baby shower and I have a few things I need to finish off for the present. My cousin is coming in from out of town and I need to get together the Christmas presents for her girls. I was going to clean….and then I sat down. Yeah, I’m not doing much the rest of tonight…..Zia

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Ready or Not…..

I promise to post pictures tomorrow after I am all set up. It’s too hard now that everything is separated and packed up. I will make another wreath or two and some pumpkins today but that is it.  I had a little moment of terror yesterday when the owner of the coffee shop informed me that there will also be live music tomorrow. That place is going to be packed! I had to reign myself down from the ceiling with a little rationalizing after I found that out. I have more than I ever have had in the past for a show. Granted this is technically only my third event. This isn’t like another craft show…it’s just me….no other competition. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Honestly….I have no idea what to expect.

I went into this vacation week knowing that I would spend most of time getting ready for tomorrow’s event. When I woke up this morning it hit me that today is my last day of vacation. I really haven’t “vacationed” all that much. There was a Yin class I wanted to check out yesterday but with the thirty minute drive time each way on top of the class time, I couldn’t do it. I was still in panic mode.

Tonight there is a sound bath and I think I might go. This could change at any moment but I am leaning that way right now. I love a good sound bath….I get out of my head, out of my body, and raise my vibrations. The acoustics are better in the new place and I would love to give it a try.

I have treated myself to a stop at the ReStore every day this week except Monday and Tuesday, they are closed those days. Wednesday I didn’t find anything crazy good but yesterday I scored on a coffee table. I love this table! The only thing it has in common with my current living room is that it doesn’t match.  It’s super unique for only $30.00.

I am slowly replacing things that aren’t me with things that are me. My couch has served it’s purpose for a very long time but it needs to go. I can’t seem to find a couch that I like. I am drawn to this couch but it was cost a ton of money to reupholster this bad boy.

They had this nice neutral gently worn couch in there yesterday. It’s just so boring….

I can’t decide if I would be settling or not? That’s not true, I know I  would be settling. I don’t want to settle anymore in any area of my life. It is nicer than mine and only $85.00 but it’s not me. It’s okay that I haven’t found a couch, it will come to me just like the coffee table and the Beauty and the Beast chair did.

I took the girl to school this morning and now I am off the the laundromat to dry some towels. I should be able to fold enough book pages for one wreath while they dry….Zia

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Time….Slow Down

There is part of me that says “it’s only Tuesday”, the other part of me is screaming “It’s Tuesday already!” I think I have been able so far to have a happy medium between work and play. I also think not having a strict schedule is bringing my dingy out. I almost forgot my keys three different times today.

Yesterday I drove the girl to school and since we have a temporary parking pass now, I was looking for a place to park. I pulled into one of the lots with no attendant. I needed a swipe card which we didn’t have and now there were people behind me and on the street waiting to get in. Crap! Thankfully the boy in the car behind up swiped his card so we could get in. The actual pass with swipe card came in today’s mail.  I went with the girl to my favorite coffee shop’s campus branch and got us a coffee. I walked her to the library where she meets her friend and off I went to take the placement tests. Reading I passed, I read on a college level…..good Goddess I hope so! The writing I have to wait to hear back on. The prompt was about professional sports…ugh! Who knows how that went? Only time will tell….

I met my brother for lunch and it was nice to catch up with him. We were going to go to the vault restaurant but they are closed on Monday so we went to the place across the street. It was okay. I brought the ancestry stuff with me and now he wants to do the DNA thing. They say siblings can vary in who gets what and how much, it will be interesting to see the difference.

I did a few other things and then came home and started working. I worked on things while re watching Outlander season 1 episode 1 and 2, my favorites. That finally got the depressing episode from Sunday out of my head. This is what my kitchen table looked like this morning.

Today I met my Holy Fire Reiki teacher for a walk in the woods. It was a nice two hour walk in nature. We covered a lot of topics. I got some exercise and had a great conversation.

I came home and started on a wreath. I told the girl I would take her to see IT because she wanted to go. I really didn’t want to see this movie, you guys know how I feel about all of these remakes. I am still shocked at how much I liked this movie! I liked it better than the original…what? I know! Like I said I couldn’t be more surprised. I would see it again and I will own it when it comes out on DVD. I didn’t think it was scary, intense maybe, but not scary. I jumped at the appropriate times and then I laughed because I jumped. I never jumped in the first movie and I didn’t think it was scary either but I did love Tim Curry as Pennywise. This new kid Bill Skarsgard did an excellent job and since the movies are so different you can’t really compare.

We left the movie and ran down to my favorite coffee shop to meet an old friend from high school. She bought two witch hats from me and this was our first chance to get together. Some people you can sit down and talk to and it’s like no time has passed, she is one of those people. It would be nice if we could get together more often.

Now I am off to finish a wreath for the coffee shop owner that I am making as a thank you for the show on Saturday, after that I will probably just prep for more projects tomorrow….Zia

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Don’t Stop

You know how I am always busy running here and there or making this or that? I never realized until today that it was a distraction tactic. Today I let myself stop and just be. I slept in and then laid in bed for a while letting my mind take me wherever it wanted to take me.

The Cockroach thing still bothers me and it doesn’t matter which way that played out in my head….it wasn’t good. This, I remind myself is why I won’t date or open myself up to another person. Everything that comes after isn’t worth it. That always sucks when I have to say it out loud. I don’t like when things bubble up to the surface and I have to push them back down. When I am busy, I forget they are there and that is much easier. I’m usually too busy to say “wouldn’t that be ice?” or even “maybe?” and when I do stop and think these things it doesn’t feel so nice….so I pretend those feelings aren’t really there at all.

I did put the lids on the mason jars after I put tissues in them. They are in the box and ready for Saturday. Inventory as of today….2 wreaths, 11 mason jar tissue holders, 1 fairy fashion,5 book page pumpkins, and 2 paper flowers. I will finish up another wreath before I go to bed tonight. I still have five days and no work to get in the way so that will help.

The second episode of Outlander season 3 didn’t help my mood much. SB watched it this evening….

Ah, the Reiki share…it was a beautiful thing. I went to this new place which is amazing. It’s very pricey but it is a state of the art spa/ healing facility. Reiki share is only $10.00 that …I can afford.  There were nine of us so the energy level was pretty high. Tonight was the first time that I could feel the Reiki shooting out of the bottom of my feet into the floor. I felt much better afterwards. I think I will go back this week for a sound bath since I am on vacation. There’s also a new yoga place out by SB I want to check out. I think their Yin class is Thursday so that might be the one I try.

This is what I did to that first edition of lavender and old lace….

I’m not 100% sold on that bow but that’s where I am at for now…..Zia

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I Will Remain Calm….

The boy sent me a text at 9:21pm….Cockroach just came through the drive thru where the boy works. The boy even took his order. I knew the minute that the boy said our old neighbor’s crazy ass girlfriend started coming in that it was only a matter of time. This whole thing is a ploy to get to me and of course I let it get to me. Even the girl said “Burger King costs money why was Cockroach there?” He only spends money on drugs and that is a fact so I know this was a ploy. The boy doesn’t think he recognized him….sadly one of the things that the boy inherited from me is a bad poker face. Every emotion I have shows on my face, the poor kid never could lie and get away with it. I fought every irrational urge I had to drive up to where the boy works. I even started a text saying I would come to work and follow him home but that would just make the boy nervous. This isn’t about the boy, this is about me so I am doing my best to keep my freaking out to a minimum. I hate the Cockroach for breathing and I hate myself because I still react to his games.

I had a really good day before all of this. SB and her daughter, myself and the girl went to breakfast at my favorite place and then headed downtown to a mini market of local artisans. The girl and I had our usual breakfast and SB and her daughter split the chicken waffle. It looks yummy but we have not attempted it as of yet. One of these days I will get one to go and we can try and tackle it’s huge messiness at home. We ran into KB and her friend while we there. What a small world.

The mini market was smaller than I thought but it was a nice blend of local small businesses in one place. There were quite a few soap and lotion vendors. I did buy some deodorant from one of them. She adds probiotics to her deodorant which has the same ingredients as mine. Except for the beeswax and shea butter, both of which are needed to put in a stick. My deodorant goes in a jar. SB told the girls on the ride home “did you not hear her? She was totally pumping that girl for diy information.” That’s what I do, if I like it and I can make it then I do my best to make it.

There was one lady who upcycled books and oddly she didn’t make one thing that I did.  There was another lady who made my decoupaged book page pumpkins but it’s okay….I am going to make her upcycled light fixture pumpkins. There was another lady who upcycled bottles and we didn’t have the same products either. I got a few ideas from her as well.

We had fun! When she dropped us off I gave her a some Limoncello that I bottled this morning. She shared it with her husband and they drank it in one sitting. She requested the recipe and I snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to her. She is going to make some for Christmas presents too.

I feel like I accomplished a lot today. Last night I broke the spine of eight books, and today I finished them off and they became four pumpkins. I also finished two book/paper flowers. It’s a good start and I had some fun today…..Zia

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I’m On a Roll…..

Happy Friday! I have the next nine days off of my actual job…yay!! I have miles to go before I am ready for my show next week but that’s work that I choose to do.

Last night I started working on a book page garland but I just wasn’t feeling it. I am 95% done with my mason jar tissue holders. One more layer of paint on the lids and filling them with tissues is all that is left. I think they came out cute. Here are some of them….

I felt like a sing a long while I was making so I put in Once More with Feeling (the Buffy musical). Then I put in Footloose, holy crap am I old! I did make a new project last night. It’s always so exciting for me when a project that I have had in my head for a while turns out beautifully. I took it to work today and it was quite popular. Let me introduce my newest creation with book pages….Fairy Fashions…..

I knew there was a reason that I saved the baby’s breath from the girl’s graduation party. It came in handy last night. I used diamond dust instead of glitter and I think the next one I will use regular glitter and see if looks less blotchy. I’m still excited about it!

I had a nightmare Wednesday night that I was at a craft show and I only had two wreaths. The boy had to come get me to take me home to pick up my wares and he was driving with one tire off the road. When I got back they took my black tablecloth and told me I had to use their white one. It was weird and full of anxiety. Usually when I am stressed I dream that I can’t get into my locker and I have to get to class. I hate that dream.

Speaking of class….I have an appointment Monday morning at the university to take some placement tests. English and reading on Monday and that doesn’t really concern me. It’s the math that is going to blow. They are doing some kind of transition on that one so it’s not available at the moment. Then I am having lunch with my brother at the vault restaurant. Finally, some one on one with this brother. We never talk anymore and my dad is always around now that he is retired. Can’t avoid one without avoiding the other and I miss my brother.

I hope I am able to find the happy medium between “making”, catching up on things, getting ahead on things, and relaxing. I’m not sure if I can pull that off…..Zia

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Two More…..

I just have to get through two more days and then I am off for a glorious week! Granted I will be in full manufacturing mode but I will be working when I feel like it. Last night I didn’t get home until 6:30 and that’s crazy talk for a Tuesday. I have too much to do to be stuck at work so late. The other girls and I in the front are back on a rotation. We are now taking turns on who stays after 5:30. I stayed last night because I had a a hair appointment today. We did get out on time today but next time I get to leave.

When I was at my hair appointment today I told Em “look….I am done telling you how to do your job. You know I have thin, fine hair and that I fight with not one….but two whirls everyday, AND I can’t have short hair. You know my hair flaws and that I don’t like short, with that being said….do what you want.” It is shorter than what I have had lately but it is still at least 1 inch, maybe two below my chin. The color is a five (between a 1 and 10) and holy cow is it dark. I hate the fading so I am okay with dark. It was just ….whoa…at first. I like my hair dark, it’s just never been this dark. My mom’s hair was black and it’s not that dark but it is dark for me. Personally….I think it’s this city water, full of chemicals and chlorine that makes my hair fade faster than it ever has before. I wanted different and now I have it. I tried to take a selfie and let’s face it….I am really bad at that. Plus, it was in the car when I was picking up the girl from school so it didn’t show the level of darkness. It will fade in a few days and just be dark brown but for now it’s a tad exotic…..Zia

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Sweet Scottish Success!

My first Outlander premier party was a success! Whew, it was a lot of work! SB is requesting that I have another event for episode six when Jamie and Claire finally see each other again. I’m in! I hope nobody needs the Outlander cookbook from the library…..I am going to have it for a while.

I made Goat Cheese and Bacon tarts, Mr. Willoughby’s Coral Knob, and Bannocks at Carfax Close. Everything came out tasty. I was surprised at how much I liked bannocks although I caught myself for a second referring to them as bollocks and I thought “wait…no that’s wrong..Spike always said that, this isn’t Buffy.” The coral knob was a cheese ball and its leftovers went fast at work today. I have to bring Outlander Kitchen tomorrow so people can copy the recipe down. All of those things count as a success, right?

If I’m going to do this kissy kissy smoochie smoochie episode party, I better start planning now. Things went well but some things can use a tweak or two. Let’s be honest…this is the episode we are all waiting for anyway. It was a good time and now I have something new to plan. I love a good theme.

The only thing missing from this picture are the Lollybrach bacon lollies and they were pretty awesome. I had a recipe for bacon lollies that I wanted to try so I threw Lollybrach in front of it and hello Outlander themed yummy goodness.  ML brought Scottish shortbread cookies that I could eat all day….

Today at work one of the nurses brought me some old books from a garage sale for my projects. I always appreciate it when someone brings me books  but….some books are not meant to be torn apart. This book in particular I knew before I ever opened it that I would place it on my bookshelf. I was stunned to open the cover and find that it’s a first edition…. It’s not the oldest book on my shelf but it is my only first edition.

It isn’t in the best condition with its broken spine and loose pages but it is 115 years old. I pointed out to the nurse that it was a first edition and she still said to keep it. It’s really not worth anything in it’s tattered condition but it found its forever home on my bookshelf.

That’s pretty much it at the moment. Book club on Friday night and Outlander party on Sunday night, those were my big events. Next week at this time I will be on vacation. I may be in crazy manufacturing mode but I won’t be at work……Zia

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