Early to Bed…..I Wish

It’s been a week of long nights. I have gone to bed as late as 12:45am and the average runs around 11:30. This girl is tired!  I assigned the girl yesterday the task of getting me to bed at 10-10:30. I went to bed at almost 11pm (she really did try)….have I mentioned that I suck at time management? There are just not enough hours in the day.

Last night I was working on the handout for my bath salt workshop on Sunday. I like how it came out, I hope the workshop goes as well.

I used my allotted blogging time to write this up and made it to bed before 11pm which was earlier than the rest of the week but later than I was aiming for.

On my way to work this morning I saw a red fox which is very unusual at least for me. He ran around the shrubbery and seemed to acknowledge me with a look. I would have stopped to try and take a picture but there was a cop sitting there waiting for someone to hit 36mph so he could pull them over. He is often in that spot but not every morning….I have never seen the fluffy red tailed fox before.  As much as I wished I could have stopped to take the picture, I doubt it would have been worth it in the end. Don’t get me wrong…I have nothing but respect for anyone brave enough to put on that uniform every day. I do have a slight problem with the ones that do nothing but sit and wait for you to go one mile above the speed limit. As world problems go….this one seems pretty silly, still…I would have liked to have had a chance to capture the moment forever in a picture.

After work tonight I stopped over RD’s.  She had an excess of lavender and I was helping her out by cutting some to dry. She could make so many projects with all that she still has left.

She doesn’t use any pesticides so I definitely want to save some for recipes. Maybe I will come up with another idea while she still has a hearty harvest.

I stayed at RD’s for a while, we ate a yummy antipasta salad and had a glass of wine.  Once I sit down, I am done. I sat down. I still have quite a bit to do before Sunday so I think I will head off to bed. 11pm is still somewhat early…..for me anyway. Thankfully I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow…..Zia

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Five Years?

I logged on to WordPress tonight and saw my little notification that said ” You registered on WordPress.com five years ago today.”  Holy crap…it’s been five years? Where did the time go?  Thanks to everyone who still stops by and reads my words. 🙂 I never thought anybody really would, I’m glad I was wrong. Happy Blogiversary!

It’s been a little crazy the past few days. I put “the post” on Facebook about doTERRA and the workshops I will be offering. Fingers crossed that this goes well and I can quit my waitress job, well…..I probably would still go in on Thanksgiving or if there was a big party. I have three people so far who are coming to the bath salt workshop, I am hoping to have a few more by the weekend.

The big news around this town is that Stevie Nicks is heading this way and there are a couple of us from work who are planning on going. Two concerts in one year…after 1989 that’s kind of a record for me. 1986-1989 were my concert years and yes I realize I am dating myself. SB is always trying to dress me like Stevie Nicks, maybe I should let her pick out my outfit that night?

Yesterday I went and picked up the shower present I ordered for my cousin’s wife. I don’t even know when the shower is so I wasn’t in any hurry. The husband half of my embroidery place had to have a quadruple bypass and the story from point A to B was crazy. My advice….don’t have a heart attack at a hospital  by the beach. Shame on that doctor who told her that her husband would die on the jet back to the big clinic in Ohio. The mean doctor’s hospital has a 30% survival rate on that surgery, what a jerk!  Thankfully he is okay and back to work. This is what they made for me…

Hopefully I don’t put it in too safe of a place….I hate when I forget where I put something. The baby isn’t due until November so I am guessing the shower will be in late September or October?  I have the most important gift purchased so I feel like I accomplished something.

This year may be the year of the sweater crafts for me. I went to MH’s house today and she flew through this poncho. I have five more to cut and piece on my own and then back to her house for the serger.

First she helped me (she mostly did it) group the sweaters into possible ponchos.

Then she cut them up and placed them in this rectangle. I need to find my rotary cutter and invest in a clear ruler.

She flew through the serging part, no pinning just serging. SB’s birthday gift is my pattern for the others. That means I have until mid August to get the next five cut up. This is the front of her poncho…

There really isn’t a front or back but we agreed this side looked better. Here is the other side….

It was almost 90 degrees today and we were playing with wool. She made this one in about and hour and a half…start to finish. I will need at least two more trips to her house to finish the others. I will not be as fast serging one together. SB and I  always try and make our presents and while technically I didn’t make it, it was my idea and I picked the sweaters? I think she will like it.

My little buddy came over tonight for our Outlander Wednesday and I made spicy chicken salad on croissants. It was pretty tasty, the girl even wants me to make more. I am feeling awfully bloated….could it be the mayo? I don’t even want to list the things I love that include mayonnaise….deviled eggs….BLT’s…..chicken salad. Oh boy!

That has been my week so far. I have a couple of non wool sweater projects that I am thinking about. I would really like to empty the sweater totes in their entirety. Part of me thinks this wool thing might stick so that tote may have to stay. It’s getting harder to find 100% wool these days so it may take me a while to fill the tote back up……Zia

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Fairy Walk

Yesterday I went to the fairy workshop. I found it was less of a workshop and more of a nature walk. (Thankfully I threw a pair of tennis shoes in the car.) Which is good, I really needed that time in nature. It’s been a couple of years since I hung out there. At the old house it was because of the Cockroach thing and at this house there is not a lot of privacy.  I need to make some time to be outdoors, I miss it.

A Fairyologist it turns out gets a certificate from Doreen Virtue through an online class.  It was very interesting and the lady who led it was cute as a button. She has a background in theater which is evident if you ever meet her. Part of me thinks she is really brave and then part of me feels bad for her. She is doing the best she can which is all any of us can do. I have often been referred to as an odd bird but this woman is out there. I like her but I can see how easy it would be for people to ridicule her. Who am I to judge, I believe in fairies and unicorns?  It was an interesting adventure and I’m glad I went.

Last night at my waitress job was another joke, I waited on two tables of two. There were only two of us so I had to hang out until at least seven, I left a little after seven. It was such a waste of time. I went home and the girl and I got busy with sage and holy water.

Thankfully it was uneventful. The girl was a little nervous at first and then I asked her “after it growled at you did you run down the stairs?” “No, I finished getting dressed.” “Then it didn’t scare you that bad.”  I think she is more freaked out that she heard it than the actual growl. We smudged and holy watered the whole house. I used some black salt in some doorways and closets. I also have been putting holy water in my diffusers….I figured it couldn’t hurt. The church doesn’t ask why you are taking it, it’s there free to take if you want it. SB doesn’t agree with that…..

That’s the thing about friends, you can still love them even if you disagree with them. I don’t believe in the church but I don’t dispute the value of holy water…..I’m a recovering Catholic…..I can still believe in a thing or two. I wasn’t trying to exorcise anything, I just wanted it to back off. Occasionally I will feel creeped out but I don’t feel “danger.” I would have to say our house cleansing is working for now…..Zia

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Not Yet…..

If anyone was waiting to see what happened after I cleared the space in the girl’s room…..you will have to wait a little bit longer. It’s not that I am afraid to do it, it’s that I would feel more comfortable if we did it in the daytime. I smudge all the time and I have for more years than I can count, it’s not foreign in this house either. I do tend to neglect the basement and the girl’s room which is the whole second floor. The girl doesn’t like the smell. In this case she is going to have to suck it up. She wants to move now, I think it would be a waste to pay out another security deposit so close to when I want to find something more permanent.

I have been noticing more feathers the last few days. Today I found a dry one next to my car after book club so I saved it….

I know I am never alone and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I receive a sign that confirms it. I have my fairy workshop tomorrow, I wonder what I will find on this adventure? It’s going to be a little chilly in the morning so I am wearing my go to outfit for the year. Seriously…..I told the girl that the neighbors could make it a drinking game “Look, there it is again….bottoms up.” I can’t bring myself to buy new clothes right now. I know this is not the weight I am staying at, even though it has been in a holding pattern for a few years now. My gut says no and I say okay. I bought this with a pair of black capris in late Spring and I know I have worn it at least once a week since then, maybe twice. I would say that I definitely got my $25.00 worth (on the set) and then some.

I think the paint and sip girl is making two choices for the Outlander painting? I think everything is right for the first one except the light…it’s too bright. I don’t know what all goes into planning a drawing for people with little skill to paint? It’s too late tonight to give her feedback from my peeps about the brightness, fingers crossed she doesn’t take it badly.

Book club was tonight and the book was The Minds of Billy Milligan. I read to escape and to learn things not to be emotionally traumatized. The things that happened to that child were an atrocity. The piece of shit step father  Chalmer never even paid for it. I read very little from the book…..I just couldn’t do it. I Google read about most of it. The girl who picked it didn’t even bring questions….it was not our best discussion. It was still a good time though….

SB brought me some felted wool she was getting rid of so I could add it to my collection. I already text the girl who promised to teach me how to make the upcycled ponchos I have wanted to make and I am going to her house after work on Wednesday. I am also going to make some scarves, I think that is what all of the women in the family are getting for Christmas. That means I need at least ten scarves, I have a list of friend too so it is slightly more. I don’t have a serger of my own but if this goes well, maybe I can find a decent one that is used. Let’s just see how Wednesday goes first…….

I got a good jump on a few projects last night so here’s hoping that I can keep up the momentum……Zia

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Fear is My Demon

I am going to start with this because well…it’s Buffy….chock full of life lessons. Thanks Joss Whedon, you’re a genius!

I have had a little issue the last few days. I will preface this with the fact that I didn’t have this issue until my friends freaked out. You all know about my 4am ghost. Nothing scary, he is just here. Occasionally a door will slam or I will hear something that’s not there. I just ignore it for the most part. The girl was in her room a few weeks ago and her empty corner growled at her. She has only slept in her room a few times since then and it hasn’t happened since. When I was at brunch after the psychic fair on Sunday the girl mentioned it to the group who freaked a little. So I googled…..

You know how well it works for you when you Google your symptoms instead of going to the doctor? It’s much worse when you Google something paranormal. All of a sudden my ghost is now a demon and I am freaking out. Never once did I feel afraid or unsafe. Maybe a little creeped out a time or two but nothing I couldn’t handle. I can’t even tell you how freaked out I was after the Google incident. I am lucky to know enough people that I feel are qualified to ask for advice. I calmed down some after talking to two of them on Monday.

Today I went into my little witch store to get some supplies and discuss things. There was a psychic who was just visiting and looking at some cards when I sat down to talk to the owner. She totally took over the conversation. Remember when I was a little jealous about not getting a reading? I got more than a reading today for sure.

She said more than once “nobody will punish you for your power in this life.” In one of my more recent lives I was German and I was burned because of who I was and that is why I am afraid to remember. I was born in Germany in this life as a US citizen and my nationality doesn’t matter. I was a healer in the past and knew my way around herbs. My spirit guide is the love of my existence and he is by my side always. Any danger has to get through him first so don’t be afraid. I am assuming she is referring to the metaphysical? When she was taking about him and describing him, oh….and talking about the middle ages all I could think of was this story…..https://onceuponthewingsofadragonfly.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/obsessing/   I wrote that after a bars session. I never have experienced anything like that before or since. True? I don’t know, who is to say? I can only tell you that this is what it reminded me of today.

She also said “stop looking in books, everything you need is already inside of you” She also said that in this German past life I believed in all the myths and tales…..I still do. It doesn’t even matter if anything she said today  was factual….she was like a little supernatural cheerleader to me and I am nowhere near as freaked out as I was. I do believe she is right on the point that I would feel it, if it was bad. 

I still picked up a few supplies. I went to the Catholic church up the street to get some holy water.  The smell as soon as I opened the door brought back memories of the first eighteen years of my life.  I still don’t believe in organized religion but I am happy that I was able to get holy water. I was expecting a fountain but instead found this….

The girl is the one who heard the growl so I am waiting until she gets home and we will sage her room and then holy water it together. There are a few more steps but you get the idea. I have had to figure most things out by myself and it isn’t always pretty, if I can make it easier for her then I will. She heard it and she is going to have to learn how to protect herself. I made sure I brought a nice size container for the holy water, I would say it was a 16oz size so I could put some in my diffuser with some Frankincense and Myrrh right now.

Last night my little buddy came over and we worked on our bullet journals. I made a couple of new pages including a fun unicorn page. I  have grown up unicorn stickers on the way in the mail as we speak.

Last night my little buddy brought dinner, chicken with zucchini and a salad…..it was so good, plus I didn’t have to cook. Tonight is Outlander night and she is coming back over which is why I am blogging now. I am making taco salads for dinner tonight. The girl isn’t home so maybe we will get two episodes in?

I hope at least some of today’s post made sense? I am right back to realizing that I am afraid of myself and not knowing how to release said fear…….Zia

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Fairy Future

The psychic fair was yesterday and I went with KB and her mom and RD. I chose to have a fairy reading which is different than an actual psychic reading. I’m not gonna lie….there was a part of me that was jealous when I was hearing the feedback. One day later and I am happy with my choice, but I doubted myself for a while there yesterday.

RD being the skeptic went both days and saw different people each day and both of her readings were almost word for word. She believes now. KB had a wonderful reading. I think she found some peace after hearing the words her husband was relaying. If you remember from earlier this year, KB’s husband died unexpectedly in his early forties.  KB said she never said a word, the woman just kept turning cards and speaking the truth until her husband came through . She was crying and then I was crying with her, but like I said this was a good thing.

My reading was on fairy energy and she used fairy cards. One of the cards that stuck out to me was the family harmony card. The way it fell in the spread caused her to ask “is there anyone who would make fun or ridicule you for this upcoming fairy project?” She was referring to my family and friends and I said “yeah, all of them.” Most of them anyway. I still don’t know it this project is new or has to do with my Charlie story? I’m used to being teased about the fairies, Cockroach was the worst. One of the tattoos he got after I had him removed was of fairies being stabbed. Real mature….

The lady that did my reading is the one who is hosting the fairy workshop next weekend in the park. I have been signed up for a while and I hope the weather stays nice because I am looking forward to it.

I know you guys think I’m a little crazy or quirky but I am who I am. Every time I try and tone it down a little so everyone else is comfortable then I am the one who loses. This little scene in Ally McBeal describes it perfectly and gets me teary eyed every single time. It was I saw a unicorn part ll Ally McBeal on Youtube and it’s been taken down …..figures. It’s a seen where she tells Billy all of the things that she has been telling herself because society says it’s so and then she remembers.  I am very disappointed that it was taken down.

The place where the psychic fair was yesterday added a little fairy space that is simply adorable and someday I am going to copy some of it. Next house….

I finally moved the girls desk into the walk through room with mine. She doesn’t want me to paint it but she doesn’t like how the inlays look or how the desk isn’t smooth. My plan is to decoupage a sepia toned map to the inlays and reseal the top. Any thoughts on that?

Speaking of redoing things, here is KB’s new bedroom. It needs art but other than that it came out really cute.

That’s it for me. Once again I am up well past my bedtime…..Zia

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Life is about broadening your horizons and experiencing new things….right? Last night my wine steward friend and I went to a local Greek festival. With the exception of my Greek God knowledge from seventh grade, everything I know about the Greek culture comes from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I don’t even know if it is accurate, one of the ladies last night didn’t have nice things to say about the movie so your guess is as good as mine.

I liked the folk music, although it made me want to yell “oom pa” and I don’t even know what that means? There was a little girl in the food line behind us who was dressed like a fairy she was my favorite part of the night. She was not shy at all and later she was on the dance floor dancing like she owned it.

I took a picture of the food description because I knew I would never remember.

When I ordered the dolemathes, I opted for one with meat and two without. The one with the meat was so much tastier.  I brought the same home for the girl to eat and she wasn’t impressed. She heard festival and thought I would be bringing her home fried dough….wrong kind of festival.  For desert we were strongly recommended to get this shredder wheat looking cookie.

It was tasty but filling, I couldn’t finish mine. We went because on of my wine steward’s accounts had promised her Greek wine and beer and she has never tried them. I am not much for the beer but I tried the wine. I agree with his statement that it is in acquired taste. Flowery. That is the word I would use to describe the wine.

My friend tried both brands of beer. When she was on the second one I glanced over at the label and sure enough….it was a unicorn. They are everywhere.

It was a fairly small festival and after eating and listening to a bit of music there wasn’t much for two non-Greek girls to do. Since we were downtown…..we stopped at a wine bar.

This wine was much better. There was an old time band playing in the square and since we sat outside we could hear it for the most part. Any other rare time that I venture downtown to one of these bars, I feel a million years old. Last night…I was feeling on the young side. The band in the square brought out many in the sixty and up range. I would say they were the majority last night. We had one glass and then we headed home. It was a nice night.

Today my aunt went with me to the ReStore to pick up my chair. People were killing me in the store. One woman even came up to me and said ” I know they only keep things for seven days, I was hoping you wouldn’t come back in time so I could snatch it up?” First of all …..who says something like that? Secondly I know someone who works there and that would never happen. Some people….

It is safely at home waiting for me to make it mine. A little paint, maybe a cushion? I was thinking of using it as a portable meditation chair? Maybe if it is was against the wall? It’s on wheels and that could end badly.

The girl’s best friend had her graduation party today. The starting time and my work schedule conflicted so I was going to ask the boy to take her. Then I checked Google maps. I think maybe some people from Google should drive some of those routes. I always read the directions before I do anything. Oak…where? Heck to the know ….as the kids would say…it was taking me through the hood. The boy wouldn’t even know until he was there. So I took the girl to her bff’s house a few hours before the party and then I went to pick her up after work. I went my own way to pick her  up which meant constant “recalculating” and then I listened up one I entered the park system of death in the dark….that wasn’t my favorite part of the day. It wasn’t quite as bad leaving the park.

On my way to my waitress job I got pulled over. No, it was not because of my lead foot, thankfully. I failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign in a section with five stops signs. There were no other cars….I roll through stop signs all of the time. When I was taking my driving classes the woman almost gave me whiplash when she slammed on her brakes on the passenger side. “you didn’t come to a complete stop!” I guess I still need to work on that one thirty years later. He was nice and let me go but not before he lectured me about not having my gun on me. He sounded just like my cousins. Part of it made sense and I fell out of the habit ever since I went to the teeny purse. I have been looking for a while now for  a new purse….they are so hard to find. Maybe I am just to picky?

Work was actually a little busy tonight, only because of the party. Some of these people were even at the concert last night. They were in for some kind of reunion. I could have killed myself and taken the whole thing by myself….and that was offered to me. I said “no” because it wouldn’t be fair for only one person to make money so we split it down the middle.

It’s been a busy weekend so far. I will leave you with the image I took after I woke up from my nap on Friday. It was a beautiful day to nap outside……Zia

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Pink and Fluffy

Today was for the most part uneventful. Work was work and then I met my Holy Fire Reiki teacher for coffee at my favorite coffee house. We had a nice talk and caught up on quite a bit. I can’t remember how but the unicorn/spirit animal thing came up. Normally it makes me feel a little crazy….she insists that I am not.

It’s nice to know that when I have questions about Reiki….or other unexplainable events, I have someone who will always answer my questions. We made some plans to send some Reiki to the poor dwindling bee population when she comes back from vacation. I am up for any opportunity to practice, and I do worry about the bees.

I came home and picked up the girl and we ran to the mall. She wanted me to buy Sailor Moon socks for her friend in lieu of money for her graduation party. So off to Hot Topic we went. What does the girl find for me right away…..this shirt, and it was the only one left….and it happened to be my size.

See what I mean? Unicorns are popping up everywhere. There is also fabric I purchased at Joann’s at 50% off in this picture as well. I’m not sure what I am going to do with it but I have an idea or two.

Later tonight the sky turned into a beautiful cotton candy sunset. The picture from the front was interrupted but wires, the ones in the back were a little better. They were all take within seconds of each other. It’s funny how much the colors vary by location in the sky….


That was my day, a lot of work, a little bit of fun, some new finds, and a pretty sky. It’s the little things that make me smile…..Zia

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I’m So Excited!!!!!

I found someone today who will do a sip and paint class with as little as four people at my house…..and she is an Outlander fan! One of my friends liked her page and I thought “why not?” so I sent her a message. It’s only $25.00 per person, supplies included. I can’t wait to start recruiting my peeps who are fans! This is what I envision….

I don’t paint, nor do I make it idiot proof for people like me. So who knows what the painting will look like? She said she would sent me a photo by Friday. Photo or not…..I am all over this!

I also signed up with doTerra today….it’s official, I am a wellness advocate. I’m not worried about making my investment back, that shouldn’t be too difficult….I am hoping to make enough money to quit my waitress job, that’s my goal.

Today was a pretty good day. This is how I started my day….

Coincidence? I think not…….Zia

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This, That, and the Other….

As extra days go….this one was productive. My brother and sister in law did not have their annual shin dig because she had to work.  The girl was here in the morning and then she went to her dad’s so it was just me and the animals. Both of them are currently hiding under my bed.  Amateur fireworks have been going off for the last hour and a half and neither of them like it.

I spent my whole day in the kitchen….by choice. I had planned on doing some canning and maybe starting the new book I bought, Midnight Texas. Have you seen the preview for that new show? That’s my kind of television! Shows that hold my interest are few and far between but this one looks promising. Sadly I did not get to start the book. Last night on my way home I stopped to pick up a few supplies for what I planned on canning today. The had a flat of fresh figs for $9.99 and I got the last one. I also saw a rainbow on my way there.

Speaking of rainbows….the girl found this mug for me yesterday.

I think it would be impossible to drink out of this mug and not smile. I was going to bring it to work but that would be silly. It’s rare that I finish my only cup of coffee and at work I drink water all day. It’s such a fun cup and I know I’m a dork so it’s okay if you are thinking that thought.

This was the end result of my days work…..

It doesn’t look like much but it really did take me all day. I made bourbon cherry pie filling, blackberry & pinot noir jam, fig & pear jam, fig, rosemary & red wine jam, apricot & fig jam with anise, peach chardonnay jelly, and lavender lemon jelly. I had always wanted to try and can some things with figs and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Last night I had the girl take another picture of my new tattoo. The picture that I posted makes it look like it takes up my whole back. I have had quite a few people say “oh it’s not as big as I thought.” It’s in the itchy stage right now and it’s driving me crazy.

I did a little research on my new cool chair that I bought Saturday at the ReStore. Somewhere in this world it has a matching desk…..

I can’t wait to get it home and clean it up!

Today was just what I needed. Dicing and chopping and stirring things always seem to make me feel calmer….Zia

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