The older I get, the better I am getting at picking and choosing. Except at reacting…I’m still working on that one. I started my day at PT’s with breakfast. I can’t tell  you the last time I was there for breakfast? Between her two month flu and my SAD, it’s been a heck of a year. I made it today though, late….but I was there.

I think we even decided on the Christmas project…provided that we can find enough supplies to create them. This is our inspiration piece….

We went out to a charity garage sale today to see what we could find. I went yesterday with the kids so I knew what to expect. I walked away from this piece two days in a row….

It is the same color and style as my coffee table, only my coffee table is round. I wanted to buy it because it was such a close match but I didn’t love it so I passed.

Yesterday when the kids and I were going through the bargain barn I came across this….

I almost always painted my lids but this could have been one of mine? I even taught classes on this project about eight years ago. Mod Podge,mulberry paper, and embellishments. I always filled mine with bath salts. This upcycled Snapple bottle was mine or inspired by one of mine and this was the first time I came across one of my creations at a sale like this.

My little brother is coming into town in a few weeks and he sent me this picture last night. Holy eighties hair Batman!

I will never be the 108lbs that I was in this picture….but if I lost 25lbs it would put me in the 128lb range which is where I should be for my age and height. This being said…I am conducting a little experiment. I have no aspirations to be vegan or live that lifestyle but my experiment comes close. I won’t say no meat so I will say maybe one day of meat. I would be lying if I said no cheese ever again but I am going to go as long as I can without dairy….minus real butter…I am keeping that.

I am going back to where I was last year….paying attention to how I feel after eating certain foods. I made tacos the other night and it sat in my stomach like a rock. Was it the meat? The cheese? The taco shell? I don’t know but it was awful. I made a risotto with cream, parmesan cheese and toasted sage last week…it was so amazing. While eating it….I could feel my stomach bloating. Was it the cream?The cheese? Both? I don’t know. I haven’t had meat since Thursday and cream since eating that risotto at lunch on Friday. I don’t feel as bloated but it’s too soon to say for sure.

I could never be a vegetarian, I like a good steak too much….and remember those lamb lollipops? Yeah I am totally eating those again and let’s not forget meatballs…I am half Italian….they are in my blood. All of those things can be my once a week meat, or once every two weeks, depending on the time of year.

When I went to the doctor on Wednesday she mentioned the Keto diet? I am not a doctor but this seemed wrong to me. The fact that she even brought up diet pills to me sounded like a danger sign. I am this far in so I will go and get my blood work done, probably Tuesday since I have to fast. I don’t have to take the girl to school and I can swing by my coffee place on the way to work. I am really curious about my vitamin D levels. I have been taking the over the counter stuff but this Winter has been brutal. If I don’t think what she has to say is right, I have plenty of people at work who can read the report. She is young so I am giving her the benefit of the doubt….I will let you know…. The only reason I searched out a doctor is because my OB-GYN  was adamant about it last year….and she scares me a little. Her points were valid but I would rather find a doctor on my own terms. The one who sounded the best on paper and most like me? She moved to the next town over and her office is on the same schedule as  mine. We get half day Wednesdays so we don’t have to miss work because of doctors appointments. Oh well…this fancy new building is closer to the old house but it’s right down the street from work so hopefully I  won’t be late for work on Tuesday.

I still have to make our oatmeal muffins for the week. Last week I made apple cinnamon, this week I am going to try the orange cranberry and I will make the blueberry almond again.     The girl really likes these as well so she gets a little possessive when I share them at work. She’s not too sure about the cranberry but knows she likes the blueberry…kids….Zia

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Soundtrack to Change

My grandma used to always say “let me study on that?” I never asked her how she did that. How do you think things through? I chop, dice, cook,bake,and experiment my way through my thought process. Sometimes I even sing loudly and badly while I make my big mess in the kitchen. It’s almost always Bon Jovi Crush.

Now would be a great time to insert a video but my computer is not cooperating so I will have make do and you can watch at the end if you need a Jon fix. Musically it has been a struggle tonight….the video won’t post where I want it to…..Neither of my two copies of Crossroads worked….even my New Jersey CD was skipping. It put a damper on my sing a long. Most of my Blackmore’s Night Ghost of a Rose worked but even that skipped….so Crush is getting an encore.

What’s weighing on my mind? All good things…changes, but good ones….possibilities…. My 2014 tax nightmare is coming to an end which means a door is finally closing..thank goodness! When one door closes another one opens…it’s the first door so I am not getting too excited but the possibilities are there. It’s out of my comfort zone so maybe? I have to see it before I say too much. This weekend for sure. I will take pictures, I promise.

The mess I made as I tossed around the possibilities…..steamed artichokes…toasted sage and creamy garlic risotto, spaghetti squash tossed in olive oil with toasted sage and parmesan cheese, three different types of gluten free cheddar crackers with fresh dill. The first was with a friends gluten free mix, the second with almond flour, and the winner was a combination of the two.

Sometimes my short days are the longest and today was one of those days…..Zia

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All Worked Up

Last minute girl again….why do I do it? I know why I do it….stupid 2014. The very last day to file your taxes is tomorrow and I just finished mine. I know I’m getting a refund and yet I put it off. I know it’s because of all of the trouble being hacked on my 2014 taxes has caused. Something so easy is now put off until the last minute. Truth? It’s not hard, it doesn’t take up that much time….it’s an emotional trigger nonetheless.

Saturday I had to put my big girl panties on and face another fear. I was always uncomfortable driving distances but it was never a fear. Staying in a fifteen mile radius for so long turned something uncomfortable into a fear. There was an Egyptian purification ritual lecture that I was interested in but it was a little drive. People drive this type of drive everyday and I give them credit. I like being fifteen minutes away from where I work. Now…I could have taken the freeway and it would have been about an hour and ten minutes or so…..I opted for the scenic route and it was about an hour and twenty five minute or so.

I followed our main strip for the longest time. Past the lake, where I had a moment of deja vu, and around and through the circle until I turned onto the next state route. Google maps had to do a lot of recalculating. It was Friday night when I discovered this way and decided to go and when I went to my phone the next morning that way wasn’t an option. Very strange. I found it without a hitch and got there in time.

It was a nice place, an interesting place. I will stay updated on what programs they have coming up in the future. I would definitely go back. Maybe I will be less tense the next time?

I learned a lot from the lecture. I don’t think it’s something I would incorporate into my daily life but for a special occasion or for dream work….maybe? There is a lot involved and when something like a hug “soils” you ….I’m out….I’m a hugger. I am very glad I went, plus I got to spend some time with Mountain Woman. My hour and a half drive was nothing compared to her three hour drive. She is always traveling here and there and she is a wealth of knowledge because of it.

Friday night was book club and I had my first breakdown of the weekend. It’s not a secret that I refuse to buy clothes because I don’t accept that this is the size I will stay. It’s been the never ending Winter and that hasn’t helped…..You know it’s bad when you overhear elderly patients talking about the Winter that won’t end. My jeans go on….they are just tight around my middle aged middle and I feel like a sausage when I wear them. Comfort right now is yoga pants. I love my yoga pants but I am tired of wearing them and the three weekend shirts in the rotation. I hated the way I felt Friday and Saturday over this issue. Yet….I still can’t bring myself to buy anything new. What’s the definition of insanity again? Oh…right…it’s me with this mindset.

I quit the corn at work. My desk snack of non gmo hand popped corn was not helping the situation and this is week two without it. I am better with the breakfast everyday and my snacking at work has been less, I guess we will see.  I did a little bit of laundry at KB’s and we made her peeps breakfast for the week while I was there. It seems to have went much faster in her kitchen versus mine. I had to make the same mess in mine and make dinner. It was a long clean up, which wasn’t so bad since I was listening to Front Range Radio. It’s been hit or miss the last couple of weeks so I was glad I had the opportunity to listen last night.

So that has been my week…getting all worked up over nothing. Well….it’s something to me…..yeah I’m working on it….Zia

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Playing With Food

It’s been a crazy couple of days around here….how about you? My verbal communication skills have plummeted the last day or two.  Is this part of the whole Mercury Retrograde happening right now? If it is…..thank goodness it’s almost over.

Tonight I went out to dinner with KB and had the most amazing lamb lollipops. This was the best dinner I have had in a long time!

It was nice to catch up. I feel like I have a lot of friends to catch up with….this whole SAD season is longer than usual. It’s so sad…really….(pun intended) I plan all of my outings in a way that my real mission is to get home as quickly as possible. I have never been like this….ever. In my defense, it is April 11th and it’s still snowing here in Ohio…ugh!

Today I met the pensive plumber, he seems like a nice guy. He witnessed a pretty big blonde moment and didn’t make me feel like a dork. The boy wanted sriracha chicken and it’s been a while since I made it so I obliged. I always forget how long it takes to make that meal so when I sat down….I was done. The girl jumped in the shower and I was reading the book club book when the boy yelled “hey! what’s going on up there?” So I ran down the basement to see what he was fussing about. Water was coming from the ceiling in part of the basement so I ran upstairs and told the girl to turn off the water. When she did I noticed a puddle of water on the floor between the living room and kitchen. I even thought to myself “why would a pipe be there?”  The girl was really mad that I wouldn’t let her finish her shower but I wasn’t taking any chances. Turns out all is good with the pipes…thank goodness. So that means either the dog chewed up a water bottle or one was leaking and fell over…..I feel like maybe I should have investigated a little more before yelling “the sky is falling!” Maybe? It’s not my house though, but it is my job to take care of it and report any problems. It was the strangest thing….

I have my assembly line ready for book page teacup production. I made a few before today and today I made two more. I have seven more cups waiting for flowers. The first one was a gift to my friend that I met Friday night. I had a just enough sheets of music left to make her this….

Her grandson died and this is sheet music to tears of heaven….I’m pretty sure that is the name of the song? I always knew I would make her something with the materials I had left over from her commissioned piece but I didn’t know what, until I found this tiny teacup. The next teacup is regular size with book pages.

Last night I didn’t write because of the impending water doom. Monday the weather was so depressing that I took a nap as soon as I got home….it’s never ending gloom around here. Sunday was a day of experimenting with Pinterest projects.

homesteading: growing grace farm’s candied ginger

I have tried this recipe before and while it is still super spicy….using a mandoline slicer did make a huge difference.

This recipe was my favorite….it’s like an omelette and a biscuit had a baby….I didn’t take a picture of mine but they are super tasty.

I made the blueberry almond, only I used pecans. The girl and my work peeps really like this one.

I had the mini portobella mushrooms and it worked just fine. This was dinner for two nights….the first night as is, which was super yummy and the second night I added the leftovers (chopped up) to some mini shells tossed in butter and parmesan. I didn’t love it but the girl did…go figure.

The little things I do to keep me going until the sun returns…..Zia


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Much Lighter…..

My last post….was a perfect example of me flying off the handle. I really need to do a better job of not losing it over things I can’t control. On the plus side….I did wait until I was home to lose it. It’s a character flaw that I am working on….

When I went to work on Thursday, I was still all fired up. I was relaying everything that I had said to you on Wednesday to my coworkers as soon as I walked in the door. I was fired up …..they were fired up….and then sometime that morning I calmed down. Probably from exhaustion… own doing….I know. Right before lunch I walked next door to get ice and I passed a familiar face. You won’t even believe it when I tell you……The girl I was upset with…. that married my cousin….her dad was in the waiting room and he had been there all morning. What are the flipping odds of that? Sometimes I swear that the Universe is just messing with me. He knew me but he couldn’t place me, so I have that in my favor. I have no idea if my rant was heard or not. Everything I said was true but still….what the heck?

On a lighter note I finally finished the girls desk. The map I ordered didn’t leave any room for error and on the right side there is 1/8 of an inch difference.

The wood finish is still a little rough and the modge podge will never be a smooth finish so I went to the craft store. Do you remember when old people used to put a plastic table covering over their fabric table cloth? I bought that from the home decor department in JoAnn fabrics and cut it to fit the desk. We are going to give that a try. The girl still has to bring home the computer from her dads before she can test it out completely. It looks much better than it did……this is the before.

I also worked on the lingerie chest this week but I didn’t take pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow?

Last night I met my friend who I made the custom piece for….the one who’s grandson died. We haven’t met up since then, between the weather and the holidays it has been hard. Last night we met up where she works and hung out on the restaurant side. I met her at 5:10, right after work and didn’t get home until after 8:30. I had a really nice time and sampled some really good food. The people watching at this place was something to see. There was a lot of high maintenance sequence going on. There was a young girl a couple of seats over who was very tipsy and trying to keep the attention of a man who was twice her age.  He was very nice and polite and she was definitely not his type….mmm I wonder if my brother would like him? We haven’t established his type yet but it’s something to think about.

I had a nice time last night and I am a firm believer that the Universe puts people in your path when you need them. PT and SB are two that I am grateful for everyday. Speaking of PT….her sister was in town and had a birthday dinner for her at a local restaurant. I showed up late….in time for a glass of wine and cake. I made her this….

I also found an adorable fairy garden sign for her patio. I’m glad I went. I felt weird showing up to a fancy restaurant in yoga pants but I wasn’t sure they would still be there after my class. I took a crochet class tonight. I turned this….

into this hot mess…..

There is a single,double and a chain stitch….not in that order. It will take some practice but eventually I will get it. I have big aspirations…..rugs and other meditation room items. There is so much more out there other than a blanket to crochet. Don’t get me wrong, eventually there will be blankets…

I also forgot to mention…in the blind rage that was Wednesday afternoon….that I had to have a sonogram earlier that afternoon. The girl this time was different…younger….more thorough….bordering on uncomfortable. She was nice enough though. She told me to get dressed and go to the little waiting room. (the room I once feared was the bad news room) I got dressed and opened the door. I scared the heck out of the doctor who was walking by the room and didn’t expect me to open the door. He looked at me and said “cyst.” I patted him on his shoulder and said “you are my favorite person today” and then got the heck out of dodge.

That was the rest of my week….much lighter than my Wednesday rage….Zia

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Not By Blood…..

I am still working off a mad from earlier…… Some part of me held me back from going to my aunt’s for Easter. In retrospect….it was a good thing. My family currently lacks a matriarch and because of it we are all scattered. We are not the united front we once were.

I still colored Easter eggs, only in a natural capacity. The elderberry in a syrup form leaves a purple ring on the counter but when it comes to eggs….they look a little brown. Tumeric did a great job in the yellow department. Cranberries….not so much….

The girl didn’t want to go to my aunt’s and to be honest….after the week I had, I wasn’t up for it either. So I text my aunt that we couldn’t make it.  I felt really bad until today. It is some kind of miracle that I kept my mouth shut but I did. Here is how it played out….please feel free to offer up your opinions….

I made a ricotta pie and my aunt made pizzelles …..she was babysitting. I stopped over today to swap desserts and see the baby. The baby was covered from head to toe in eczema. His mother came while I was there and I mentioned that the girl was struggling a bit (not to this extent) and I was working on a cream for her. I suggested that once the baby was a year and I mastered a cream that I would share it with her. The mother replied in a flippant manner “we have plenty of creams, it is what it is and he will have to deal with it.”  That statement alone was hard to swallow and then….yes it gets worse…she scolded the five month old for using his heel to scratch the back of his calf. Did I mention the five month old part?  Honestly I don’t know what kept me from loosing it? Wait…..yes I do… aunt. Her first grandchild is exclusively for my cousin’s wife’s mother….my aunt only gets the sloppy seconds. I will leave out the trash talk that my cousin’s wife talks about my aunt. I wish I could send her my former mother in law…that would be karma if I was choosing. I am not karma, so only time will tell how this will come back and bite her in her oversized ass. She has influenced this wife of another cousin who by need let’s my aunt babysit….for now.

I was already simmering beyond the boiling point over the eczema when the conversation turned towards cataract surgery.  My statement was directed towards the people who play the system…..on Caresource and paying $3000.00 per eye for laser in lieu of traditional surgery. She had the nerve to look at me and say “I hope you never need Caresource in your life.” I am not sure what part of me held back the response “Bitch do you even know what squalor means????” I wish I had it in me to take advantage of the system but I don’t. I get it that all of her clients are mentally challenged and that is not what I was referring to…. I was referring to the patient with the dreads…..high as a flipping kite…driving the brand new cadillac…..that is the problem.

I can’t help that I am a sensitive person….words have have a physical reaction. I have no words….this was hours ago and I am still upset. How  dare she? She knows nothing about me! I have gone without more that I have received help and I NEVER received food stamps or Caresource. I am so offended….there are no words. Even more than that….I am so upset over the skin on that baby…maybe I am too overprotective…..but not my child. There would never be acceptance over something that was clearly a problem.

I love my family but I have no idea how to accept the ignorance of the women chosen by some of my cousins…..Zia


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La Famiglia

The focus this week has been family. This quote says it all….

I don’t want to jinx anything so I won’t get into the specifics but I promise to fill you in at a later date…regardless of if it works or not. Fingers crossed that it works. It did give the family a chance to work together as a collective and that was something new. I used Reiki and my Reiki bear to send energy to the situation. I have never raised that much energy “solo” before and that was something new for me. From writing the letter to raising the energy….there is a lot of me invested in this last chance effort. I even had some fellow Reiki practitioners send some distance Reiki to the situation. All of my big guns have been played.

Even within my family there are some who are limited by their rigid belief system and I say to them like I now say to anyone who tries to rain on my parade…”get off my unicorn!”

Most of my week has revolved around writing that letter and gathering the family to unite on this mission. Thursday was a recuperation day. I came home from work and made some diffuser bracelets and binge watched Poldark. I had an order for four bracelets so I guess I was still doing something productive as I watched tv? I have two more episodes and I am done with season three.

Wednesday which was the ancestral “work” day, I went a little above and beyond. I came home from work and started making meatballs.  I learned to make meatballs from my grandmother who learned from her mother which in my head was an ancestral activity. I was asked to make wedding soup for a potluck at work so that’s what I made and luckily it fit in the timeline.  I also opened up the “special” sauce that SB and I canned (it’s for special occasions) and rolled some meatballs and cooked them in the sauce. Now I have a huge bowl of sauce and meatballs in the refrigerator. What’s a girl to do? This girl invited some friends over for cavatelli and meatballs tomorrow. Since it’s a full/blue moon we are also going to watch Moonstruck. This is my favorite scene from the movie. If you make it to the end of the scene….it’s the part after he flips the table and stops to run his finger through his hair. It cracks me up every damn time!

So whether it’s the family you are born into or the ones you choose along the way….”feel” the love of la famiglia this week……Zia

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Lackadaisical Sunday

My Sunday was completely and utterly embarrassing. I can’t even…..was the theme of the day. Here is one example….it’s Sunday so I am having a second cup of coffee. I stand there staring through the Keurig listening to the water drain slowly. Mmmm…maybe I should clean that? So I had my second cup of coffee and then spent the next twenty minutes cleaning out the Keurig, first with a vinegar water mixture and then just water. So easily distracted. Then I went back to my bedroom and played some Words with friends.

Words with friends was another problem….SB started me on that and I had goals to meet yesterday. I “had” to leave the house for a couple of chores yesterday and I didn’t accomplish much more than that. I did finally put the drawer pulls back on the newly painted dresser. I have more to paint and that was on the list for the weekend…I never made it that far. There is still some clutter in the corner but here is the finished dresser.

Here is the before and yes I am still a little backwards today.

I have been pretty good lately, I haven’t been to the ReStore or any extra store. I am really trying to not bring in anything new that is not needed. I say that and then I come home with this bowl from TJ Maxx….

It is a usable bowl, it just doesn’t have a place yet. There was something about it that I was drawn to.

The most fun I had this weekend? Was when I was playing with new recipes from this book….

I had to order it from Search Ohio through my library and this is a great book! I made a bowtie pasta tossed in a Shiitake mushroom and Tarragon cream sauce and a wilted dandelion greens with a garlic confit…the girl hated the greens. I also tried a salad recipe on the back of this bag….

I don’t like beans, other than french green beans so this was a huge win for me. I also struggle with mushrooms. I like a properly prepared Portobello but that’s about it when it comes to mushrooms. I have never tried the Shiitake before and it wasn’t so bad. It was definitely an experimental kitchen Saturday night.

I had a pretty good talk with my brother in the sun on Sunday and he was having the same kind of day on the other side of the country. I also worked on a letter to help a cousin with a family problem…I don’t want to jinx it so I will be silent for at least a week. I don’t even know it my tactic will work but I had to try….for future generations….Zia


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Old Habits…..

Things went well Monday and I drove home with a new car. It’s very exciting! I was a little worried when on my way to work Tuesday when I heard a new noise. I didn’t even have the car for twenty four hours and this happened….

The heat shield for the catalytic converter came loose. My office managers husband came out and shimmied his way under my car to wire it back up. I didn’t even ask…I am so blessed with good people in my life. I was back on top of the world after he did that quick temporary fix.

Everything has been so fast this week, I haven’t had a chance to make this car a little bit mine. Part of me really wants to order something like this…..

Then there is the part of me that says no, you can’t. Right now I am incognito, nobody recognizes me in this car. There are thousands of mid size silver cars in the area, I blend right in. If I do something like this, I will stand out more. So as much as I would like to do a fun Outlander window cling…I will restrain myself. I guess there is part of me that will always be in hiding from the Cockroach. Bastard!

I did make a new prototype Sunday. This is my new project for Mother’s Day.

Hopefully the ReStore gets more teacups in because I don’t have very many and I will be giving some of what I have as gifts. It’s cute…don’t you think?

Wednesday we had more snow and the road crews couldn’t keep up. Thank goodness the temperatures rose because in this town you can’t count on a plow truck. It was pretty and the new car handled just fine.

I had my yearly obgyn appointment after work yesterday and then I came straight home. It was half day Wednesday and I had stuff to do! I wanted to clean out my dresser and closet. So I took everything out of my dresser and put it on my bed. I really looked at the dresser…this was silly. I have had the paint since last Summer and have done nothing with it. What was I thinking when I gave the dresser this paint job?

The kids weren’t home….the dresser was empty….one thing led to another. This hot mess was my bed.

Then I decided that I should paint my nightstand too. I have four pieces total to paint and I did two of them yesterday.

The cat really liked the obstacle course and found a cozy spot…

I started picking apart what was on the dresser. I really do love this little swan but I do think it would be cuter with a plant in it instead of the buttons that it holds.

I took all of the buttons out and put them in a jar.Old habits would say okay….new habits say…get rid of the threads and miscellaneous bags.

I don’t need this change container on my dresser anymore and I finally threw away my waitress shoes. I haven’t worked since Thanksgiving…it was way past time. I moved it into the walk through room.

I had to go out in the middle of all of this mess to get some spray paint for the drawer pulls. In my head was a gunmetal color which they didn’t have so I bought a pewter thinking that would be close….it was not. Too silver. Today after I dropped off three bags of clothes at the Goodwill (how is that even possible? I wear two different shirts and yoga pants?), and ran to Michael’s. They didn’t have gunmetal either but they had a nice dark bronze. It’s drying now or I would show you. This is the dresser minus the drawer pulls….not bad for forty year old furniture…

The more I look at it…the more that lamp has to go. I only use it when the kids aren’t home. The four am footsteps are less creepy with the little light on. I wanted to paint more today but that is impossible. Tomorrow is Friday and I have the whole weekend to paint and purge the other corner of my room. Besides….I am really in the mood for risotto and that takes a while to make. Food over paint, at least for today….Zia

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Luck of the Irish?

Today was an interesting day…..when things happen in my life, they happen fast…like light speed fast. The girl is dog sitting this weekend which includes use of a washer and dryer so that is where I was when I got the call. The optician called me talking thirty miles a minute….holy cow can she talk fast. She thinks she found me a car and gave me the details and the guys number. I went home and grabbed the boy because it’s a manly thing, right? Not that I expected him to help, maybe just to learn. We ran out to meet the guy and see the car….. all of this took place in a two hour window.

I am now going to give you a perfect example of divine intervention in my life. The optician’s husband was tearing down a wall and had been working hard all day. She ran to the grocery store to get supplies to make him lunch. She took the back way because of the Saturday traffic and as she was driving down the street a little old man was backing a car out of the garage with a for sale sign in the window. She stops to talk to him and begs him to not sell the car in the next ten minutes and calls me. Divine intervention…..Luck of the Irish….it doesn’t matter what label I give it, I am just happy it happened.

My cousin who usually helps me out with this kind of stuff is out of town. Luckily KB offered up her dad for the mission.

I was ready to make a deal immediately but the optician being the sound of reason insisted that someone who knows something about cars should look at it. KB’s dad showed up, bless his heart in a Chevy jacket. He made a few comments about foreign cars and asked the tough questions that I would never ask. The man selling the car was a sweet little old man and yes….I am way too trusting. The car passed KB’s dads test and then he started to try and negotiate the price. I did stop him and thank him for the thought but the car is reasonably priced and I didn’t want to upset this little man…I wanted this car.

I gave him a deposit and Monday we will finish the purchase. This car is such a good deal! One owner and he’s a snowbird, almost all of the miles are highway, there isn’t a rust spot bigger than a speck, new tires, new breaks, new battery, remote start, and it’s $1,500 cheaper than the amount of the loan I was approved for. It couldn’t be more perfect!!

I never thought I would be able to get another Accord in my price range and this one exceeded all of my expectations.

Somehow the conversation between sweet little Greek guy and the optician led to the question “where do you go to church?” Turns out he belongs to a church downtown, the one that my wine steward friend and I went to for a festival last year. Ever since then I have wanted to learn how to make stuffed grape leaves. I mentioned this to him and he mentioned it to his wife and somehow I ended up volunteering to help roll grape leaves for the festival. Hopefully it’s not during the week when I am working. If I am going to learn how to make them then I might as well learn from the best.

The girl is having quite the adventure this time while watching the dogs. She forgot to bring her brush and didn’t want to overly snoop for one so she used her Disney movie watching skills and improvised. Ever hear of a dinglehopper?

With all of her hair….I can’t even imagine it. Today when I was changing a load of laundry the middle child….I mean dog was laying in the hallway chewing on something. I reached down to grab it and see what it was and it was a pair of the girl’s underwear….her favorite pair. Was….her favorite pair. She was not a happy camper. I told her it wasn’t a big deal, Victoria’s Secret should be having a panty sale soon and I will buy her some more. It’s easily replaced…but I get it.

The girl made another recipe this week from her new rice cookbook, egg fried rice. I was only there in a supervisory position. It came out very well and was tastier than I anticipated.

She is slowly but surely learning to cook in her own way. If she keeps this up, I might just have to buy her a wok. Right now we are improvising with a giant stainless steel bowl.

I hope everyone had a safe St Patrick’s Day. I spent mine on a couch with the girl and three dogs watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2. The older I get…the less I want to be out there in a crowd…..Zia

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