Food Experiment

Maybe I should say lack of food experiment…..three days, no caffeine, no sugar, and no alcohol. What was I thinking? I have a few different reasons. One, it’s supposed to kick start your metabolism. Two, I have been concentrating on how foods make me feel. I feel like this will give me a clean slate and I can get a better idea on how certain foods effect me. Three, to see if I could ‘not’ have a glass of wine at night. That last one is because the girl is always so dramatic about it. I didn’t used to always have a glass of wine at night. When the kids were little I rarely drank at all. I drank a lot the Summer of the Washington apple. I always say that summer was my ‘twenties’, since I never did the bar thing when everyone else did. Anyhoo, I started this yesterday…..

I didn’t really have the right food on hand to start it but I figured since I was going into work at 12:30 for a party at 2:00 that I would be done around six. That’s not how it went down. It was utter chaos when I first got there. All of the banquet rooms were being used including the chaffing pans. My party was in the center of the dining room and I had to wait for everything. It was not an ideal situation. Somehow it all worked out and I managed to get everything into place. Once they were all settled and moving on to opening presents I walked over and looked at the schedule. There was one server scheduled …..are you kidding me? Good thing I stayed because we got our asses handed to us. It’s not busy like that when there are five of us??? Needless to say, I didn’t get home until 9:00. There was another girl who worked an earlier party and she stayed too. Slower than molasses in January that one is….

I had no idea I would be there all day. I struggled with a few things. There was no dipping ciabatta bread in the homemade sauce, there was no ginger ale, and there was no “put me down ten french fries please” followed by me dipping them in ranch dressing. What did I eat? I cut up a tomato and ate that. It was tough but I did it. I even received a little present from the party which never happens. The bride gave me these….

It was a Bath and Body Works pineapple fiji lotion and body spray and a handmade sugar scrub. My nose won’t let me wear the scented lotions anymore so the girl happily took it off of my hands. The sugar scrub I will keep. It was very nice that she did that.

I came home to the girl and her friend….who hadn’t eaten anything. So I made them some turkey sausage sandwiches minus the bun. Once I sat down it was hard to get back up. So I grabbed some walnuts for a snack and went through every one of those Cook’s Illustrated magazines. I ripped out what I found interesting and the rest I will take to work tomorrow.

I had to skip breakfast at PT’s this morning. The temptation would have been too great, I know I would have caved.  I made the girls french toast, cleaned,did some laundry, and then went to the store for supplies.  I made them lemon pepper chicken salads for dinner and it smelled so good so I steamed a head of broccoli and seasoned it with lemon pepper. It wasn’t the same but it worked for my craving. So I ate a salad with a side of broccoli. I mostly kept myself busy cleaning my new lamp. I took every prism off and polished it and put it back. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow….day three. One more day. I think tomorrow may be my hardest day. I munch on my non gmo popcorn all day at work and I’m pretty sure that I am not supposed to eat that in the three days. I am bringing nuts so hopefully that works.

I never had the headache that everyone talks about. Maybe because I only have one cup of coffee everyday? The only time I really struggled was after I had my salad and broccoli tonight, I really, really wanted something sweet. I was able to restrain myself. Two days down, one to go…….Zia

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One Thing Leads To Another…..


Whew what a day! Our invisible blinking beacon that says “crazy” was working today. It was quite the day. Some of the office girls met at Chili’s for Cinco de Mayo after work. It was well earned this week. $5.00 Presidente’s ….sign me up!

I knew then that I was going to come home and watch Practical Magic…midnight margarita’s! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be nice to live in that world?  The Presidente margaritas were the perfect inspiration. We got there right after 5 and we grabbed a table at the bar, they were on an hour wait when we left……talk about timing.

I followed Negative Nancy home….well as far as the cut through street. I know it’s not for sale anymore but I drove by it anyway and holy crap….another thing! You already know the dream about the weird blue house and the wolf dream…..did I mention the guy walking down the street with a dog that has to be a wolf breed? I saw him a few weeks ago and today I saw that same dog in the fenced in part of that house! What are the odds of that? This is the first house that I am drawn to….so it doesn’t matter if it isn’t for sale, I will occasionally stalk it out regardless.

It doesn’t have to mean anything, it just makes me freak out a little. It falls under things that make me say hmmm.

Our top patient encounter of the day was a trip. I know this patients birthday better than some of my friends. It’s the way she addresses herself when she calls….Hi Zia this is Jane 07/11/****. Today she brought her nieces with her. There have been issues with this patient before….scabies,bedbugs, and after all of the itching today, I am going to say lice. Good Goddess….look at the hair of this child who should have been at school…

Don’t get me wrong I sometimes have to push the girl to brush her hair….not like this. They were all over the office, I sure didn’t touch a single thing outside of the front office. Crazy! Hopefully it was just dry skin. It was a wild and wacky kind of day. I am home,comfy and watching Practical Magic….the perfect Friday night…..Zia

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Water and Wolves

I started my day with another wild and wacky trip into the dream world. I was looking at large body of water. It may or may not have been Lake Erie, I had a feeling that it was but I haven’t been there enough for anything to look familiar. The water was crazy violent, waves crashing with intensity across rocks in the water. I was captivated by it and wanted to capture it so I walked closer with my phone in hand. I must have blinked and then there were all kinds of people swimming and hanging out in the water. Geez! I just wanted a picture? Then I am in a living room petting the beagle and there is a white wolf in the corner. I am drawn to wolf breeds and have always wanted a black wolf and here I am with a white one. Color didn’t seem to matter in my dream, it was mine. Now here is where it gets weird-er…Someone calls for help and I can see this guy in a room hit the floor and then it was blurry. When he got up it wasn’t a cape he was wearing it was a costume fashioned out of  pajamas and his face was coming out of it like Gumby. I’ve got nothing on that one.  Water is emotions and mine were rough yesterday, wolf is teacher or could be a totem. If pajama Gumby is supposed to be my hero then everyone should understand why I don’t look for one. I always say I am my own here so maybe I’m pajama Gumby? Scary, any way you look at it.

Today was better at work, of course it was half day Wednesday which always makes for a brighter day. We even left on time. I stopped at a church rummage sale that one of our patients is active in and she always reminds me when it is coming up. This is the same place I bought my winter coat for $5.00. Today I found a vintage camera for my bookshelf (because my grandmother was a photographer) for $5.00 and a bag of Cooks Illustrated magazines for $1.00. I counted, there are 39 of them. The girls at work are going to like going through them as well.

The first one I picked up had a stew tutorial. Do you remember my dream about the weird blue Victorian and the stew not called stew? Well there is this house I found on a cut through street that I use when I go to my waitress job. It’s not Victorian, it’s English something, I can’t remember. I always look at it when I drive by. The bricks and the blue are an odd combination and yet I am drawn to it. This past weekend I drove by it and there was a for sale sign in the yard so I took a picture and sent it to my realtor. Not because I am in a position to buy it but because it had certain elements that I liked. She had a heck of a time finding it because it’s not for sale anymore, they took it off the market. My realtor joked that it was because it was waiting for me which is silly. It would have to wait for me and come down in price by 50%. I am drawn to it….

Yesterday was so out of control that I called my Reiki master and made an access bars appointment for today. She had a rough day yesterday too. It was the last day of Mercury in Retrograde and I think she was right when she said “it’s like retrograde blew up all over the place on the last day.” I do feel much better right now. We talked like we always do and today she asked me if I had ever heard of Indigo children? I had not. She told me to look up Indigo adults and let her know if any of it seemed familiar. Holy cow! There are other people like me out there? Scary. There are a few exceptions. I don’t remember every wanting to commit suicide. Yes I struggled with feelings of hopelessness especially in the Cockroach years. I tried pot twice in my teenage years and that was it for drugs, so that part is out. Then there is authority. I don’t usually have a problem with authority in it’s proper place. I do however, have a problem with authority from unwarranted sources. The one that scares me the most…yes more than ghosts, alternate dimensions, and blowing out light bulbs…okay that last one did freak me out when it happened for a week straight….it’s the one that says ‘they attract unbalanced people who are searching for balance and healing’ ….. Reason 6 million and 2 that I should be alone. I don’t like to be pigeon holed or have a label attached to me but a lot of this hit home.

It was a pretty eventful day today, I am hopeful for a much calmer end to this week…..Zia

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Uh Oh……

Today has been one of those heavy heart days…. Almost every single thing about work bothered me today. I had my yearly review yesterday, I got my raise, and yet I can barely breathe today. It’s a great place to work, tons of perks, great hours and two people who I work closely with that are not that nice to patients. I felt like my spirit was taking a beating today, just by being there. Why can’t I be like everyone else and block that shit out?

Then, around lunch time the girl sends me a text. They pulled her into the office to verify her address. Shit, fuck, damn…’s a three worder. We have been lucky so far and I planned it out so all mail will be forwarded until after she graduates and then this. They must have a ‘do not forward’ thingy on their stuff. The girl stood her ground and stated the old address. What am I supposed to do? She has 21 days until graduation from her school and then after that a week for her home school where she wants desperately to walk the stage among her friends…..and I use that term loosely. This is where she wants to graduate and I have jumped through hoops and bent over backwards doing whatever I can to make it happen. 21 days to go and she will be crushed if she doesn’t receive a diploma from the school she started going to in kindergarten. Do you see why this is a third worder? I guess we are playing it by ear and hoping for the best.

Today is a really hard day to be me…..Zia

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Still Spinning

Whoa what a weekend!  I never stopped, it was crazy busy. I noticed at work Friday that a couple patches of mushrooms sprouted up….fairy summit? Maybe it was party prep?  My theory is way better than plain old mushrooms….

Friday after work, I picked up the girl and headed over to the fancy pants restaurant to meet the family.  The original destination couldn’t accommodate seventeen on short notice so we went across the street. It was nice to get everyone together, it doesn’t happen very often. My aunt bought my dinner and the girls, it was an afterthought so I’m not exactly sure why she did. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful, I was surprised that’s all. I think maybe she felt bad because I ordered two sides in lieu of an entree? That really is what I wanted. No. I take that back. I was looking forward to cavatelli at the other restaurant but that wasn’t an option. I liked what I ordered, I was full and I didn’t have any leftovers, it was all good.

The girl and I met my aunt, cousin, aunt and uncle over at the hotel after dinner for some wine. That was the best conversation because we were a small enough group so we didn’t have to struggle to hear or join in. Guess what? My aunt smells random cigarette smoke too….and she never smoked. So if I’m crazy? It’s a family thing. She thinks hers is my great aunt where I think mine is my great uncle. My second guess is my great grandfather who I never met. Speaking of cigarettes…..I reached for one this morning. I’m not sure where that came from, it hasn’t happened in a really long time, and yet…there it was.

My cousin from the North (the one I met for breakfast on Easter) slept on my couch Friday night. I was a little nervous because …well…. clutter and my never ending battle. It was fine. I did struggle with going to bed at 1 am and getting up at 6:30 AND it rained all day. I desperately longed to be one of those people who were sitting on the couch binge watching a show. That was not in my cards.

We had to be at the baby shower for the twins at 9:30 am. My cousin and I were up at a time where we could share the bathroom with no issues. The girl was up and went back to sleep….I had no idea? I thought she was up there watching Youtube. I told her the night before to wear something nice. Were were literally walking out the door when she came downstairs…..wearing a tshirt,leggings,flip flops and a non brushed ponytail. What?!?! “No one cares what I am wearing?” she says. No…they are secretly judging me. Oh well, it was too late at that point. It started pouring down rain before the shower was over and then my hair was a hot mess too.

I was already tired and the rain made it so much worse. We went to the ReStore to pick up my lamp. My aunt picking up dinner Friday night made the $50.00 that this lamp cost hurt a little less….

I know it borders on gaudy…..I can’t help that I like it so much. It’s a 1969 Loevsky & Loevsky WMC. It’s a little dirty but it works. I haven’t had a single second to start disassembling and cleaning it.

My cousin went back home and I went to work. It was a very boring night which made it extra difficult because I was already tired. I was home a little after eight. I think I crashed around 9:30 on the couch. I woke up long enough to drag myself to bed and slept until 9:30 this morning. I was super tired. I missed breakfast club and made it to a free Yin yoga class at noon by the seat of my pants. I did get some weed pulling done and the front grass cut today. We had a slight monsoon so I didn’t cut the back.

There was a charity wine taste today that I went to with some girls from work. One is on the committee and two others are nurses from the back. I donated a book page wreath for the raffle and put all of my tickets in the bag for an autographed copy of the history of local restaurants. One of the nurses tossed in her ticket and said “if I win you can have it” Well….she won it. I tried to give her the gift card to the restaurant we were at because I really only wanted the book but she wouldn’t take it. So I said we should go for happy hour after work one day and the first $25.00 is on the gift card. I figure that way we are creating another opportunity to hang out. Yes I am still trying to bridge the gap between the front and the back…futile? Maybe? The Pollyanna in me thinks it’s still possible.

Tomorrow is Monday already….the first of May already….May Day, Beltane whatever you wish to call this fortuitous day. Time is flying…..Zia

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Looking Forward

In the midst of my  organizing and purging of “stuff”, I have decided to look  forward a little more. We all know that this house is temporary and it’s hard to plan for a mystery place but I am going to give it my best shot. I am going to pack differently this time as well. For example, books will not be marked books, they will be marked library. Just a subtle suggestion to the Universe as to what I desire. I have a few things that I have picked up here and there that I do like very much, they don’t fit just yet. Those go in a box marked this way….

Things like this fancy birdbath that SB upcycled. It is totally me, I just don’t have a place for it yet. I also packed those antique pieces I found this weekend as well as my fancy glass pitcher.

The Universe has been sending me beaucoup Victorian pieces as of late. I am not in a position to acquire them all but I love the ones that I do have. I need to find a house that fits me too. I have always said that I would rather have old. For no other reason than because I like it better. There was a patient yesterday that came in and at checkout, I complimented her ring. It was an antique, an Austrian diamond that belonged to her aunt. The setting was stunning and it was more interesting than any cookie cutter piece of jewelry that you will find in the stores these days. Her aunt never had any children and when she passed, her uncle (she said he reminded her of Queen Elizabeth’s uncle…the one who gave up the throne) gave her three envelopes. One for her and her two sisters, she received the diamond and one sister received an emerald and one a ruby. Each ring was from a different part of the world. What a great story. This is why the old people like me, I genuinely like their stories.

I called the doctor today and she said keep taking the vitamin D. The girl had a reaction to something so my rash had to be related. If I feel really bad next week I will refuse to continue. Third time is enough to validate it for me.

On a more positive note….I was graced with a perfect cotton candy sky tonight…..Zia

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Itchy, Red, Bumpy Week

I am definitely going to call my doctor tomorrow, I think this crazy vitamin D dose is a little much. Plus, no one said to stay out of the sun. Sunday when I was outside most of the day is when I got my rash and because the girl had a radical allergic reaction to the grass being cut, I thought it was something in the grass. This is my arm….

It only itches when I come in from the sun and is slightly bumpy the rest of the day. This was a side effect that happened six days after dose one. I took dose two Monday night and was exhausted Tuesday after work again….an hour nap kind of exhausted. My body is not handling this pill very well. I kind of feel like a wimp…it’s only a vitamin?

The girl was given a steroid shot and is on a six day steroid pill. I never saw anything like it. Her hands and feet swelled and she even had a rash on her scalp. It’s been a rough week over here. They came home last night right after I got out of the shower. My ex husband washed the boys clothes with some kind of scent booster…..I thought I was going to die. He is at work wearing the clothes right now and I can still smell it in the basement. They laughed about it because they knew. Well guess what? I don’t freakin’ find it funny at all!  Ugh! I can’t help my crazy sense of smell.

I picked these up from a local shirt place today for the baby shower on Saturday. I can’t wait to give it to them….

They did an awesome job! I dropped of a dragonfly image and the Reiki symbols today to my tattoo guy. He will draw it up this week and then we will discuss size and placement. Any suggestions? I am leaning to my back between my shoulder blades. Not as big as the one on my neck but in a place that isn’t always in view. I don’t like them on arms,legs,or feet so that limits my choices. I also thought maybe on my shoulder? I don’t want it somewhere that I will have to struggle to cover it. He’s booked into June so I have time.

There was a hawk ruckus in the trees by the hair salon. I think it was a mom and some babies…they were flying so maybe teenagers. I was so mesmerized by their interactions that I didn’t think to try and capture a photo until they were in the air. One was so high up it looks like a dot. These are with my phone and not the best.

I stopped at the ReStore and fell in love with another piece of furniture. I can’t have this one. Sure I can go take $125.00 out of the bank and buy it but I have nowhere to put it in this house and not sure how long until I find a more permanent place. I can only go to this store on Wednesday and Saturday because of their hours. I am sure that someone will snatch this beauty up before I have time to change my mind. They had it up against a window which made it hard to take a picture.

Someone took excellent care of this dressing table. It hurts a little to walk away from this find. They also have this crazy lamp in the back but it’s not priced yet. It is very interesting…

I really need to work on finding us something more permanent……Zia


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Thrifty Unicorns

Yesterday was half price day at a very large garage sale to benefit a local animal shelter. I went with the manager from my waitress job, she had mentioned once how much she likes garage sales so I asked her to go. 

We were out there for a solid two hours and I was pretty proud of myself for only spending $15.00. Then we walked into that barn…..Yes I bought another french Provincial chair. This time it’s for the girl’s room. It was marked $60.00 and on sale for $30.00. I even said to the guy, “I just bought a chair for $30.00 last week.” He said “will you take it for $25.00?” Well….geez if you’re basically going to give it to me….

I think I might price reupholstering for this one and using that blue paisley I showed you the other day that was free.

Since I’m asking you to remember… you remember that unicorn print I found at Goodwill?

The one from Goodwill is the best quality but that didn’t stop me from snatching these up for $1.00. They are all part of the same tapestry, the newest ones are a little faded and bought from different sides of the sale.

I’m not sure what I will do with the one that is poster sized since I don’t have access to a big cutter. The little one I will mat and frame for sure, I just need to go through my frame stash. What are the odds that I found two more unicorn prints?

I found these in the antique section, one in the Restore on Saturday and one at the sale Sunday.

I liked all of the colors in the glass, between the two of them I only spent $7.50. There were a few other things and all in all including the chair, I spent $40.00.

I came home and talked to the neighbor and she let me borrow her mower. I was stressing over the grass for a few days and am very relieved. I started cutting the front when a neighbor that I never met before came over and said “you look like you’re struggling.” I said “I do? I look like I’m struggling? because I’m really not.” “Look” he said. “I have this new tractor and I don’t have very much grass….” I wasn’t going to turn down help, the grass was getting high, so I said “sure, if you want to help with the back.” Next thing I know it’s fifteen minutes later and my grass is cut. Hey I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, I was lucky to have the help. That’s a really weird saying by the way…

There were a couple of times when I was cutting close to the garage that the mower stalled because of the high grass and I had to reach my gloved hands up under the blades and pull out the excess grass. There must have been something in that grass and I think the dog rolled in it. The girl being the girl was hugging the dag like always and a little bit later she starts getting hives. On her face and on her neck, even on her stomach. I developed a rash on my forearms about three inches wide starting right before my bend at the elbow. I have no idea what it is. The girl was with her dad after school and he took her in because her hives weren’t getting any better and they gave her a steroid shot. She grew up with poison sumac every two feet and poison ivy in abundance so I  can’t even imagine what this could be but we both has reactions to it. Mine really doesn’t itch that much and didn’t spread in the shower. It’s not a logical rash I guess.

I came home from work and did a little purging, a little cleaning, and some organizing. I took my second week”s vitamin D pill and am hoping for a repeat of last weeks deep sleep….Zia

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Nervous Nellie

Nervous Nellie sounds way better than holy anxiety Batman.  I chose to sleep in and start my day a little later today. I only had a few things that I “needed” to do, go to the bank,get gas, take the girl to see her friend and check out the fresh baby, and stop at the ReStore.  We did stop at Aldi’s and get a bouquet for the new mom.

We were on our way to the hospital when I received a text from the manager at my waitress job. The party I was coming in for at 2:30  showed up around noon to set up? What the heck? So now I am worried over how these women will behave now that they have to wait to decorate. I tried really hard not to stress but it didn’t work very well.

Fresh baby was adorable and sleeping soundly. The girl didn’t want anything to do with him. I snatched him right up, held him for a few minutes while I checked his fingers and his toes and then left while the girl visited. I probably would have stayed in there while she visited if it wasn’t for all of the people. The baby daddy and his friends took up a lot of space. Pregnant girl who will now be called baby mama looked very drained and uncomfortable. Sadly I don’t see this lasting very long. Baby daddy is making comments about teaching fresh baby how to jump a fence to escape the law and baby mama says no way, not my kid. They have extra drama right now because one of the baby daddy’s friends carjacked someone and ran into a wooded area after escaping the juvenile justice center. Baby mama hopes he is caught and never gets out of prison. I think he jumped a train and will be caught eventually. The dumb ass has facial tattoos….like that will blend. I am so lucky to have the kids that I have.

I went into work and instantly the drama began. These women had an extra table brought into the room as well as a gift table and the bride and groom table. That was probably the biggest tip off to me…this was a bridal shower thrown by the grooms family. I had an evil mother in law so instantly my anxiety level went up. These women were in my way when I was setting up and didn’t want to leave after their four hours were up. There were men and children at this shower? If all of this didn’t bring back enough flashbacks, the bride reminded my of the cheating skank sister in law…what the heck?

They played many games designed to get to know the bride and groom better. One of the games they were playing they were asking questions like what’s your favorite color or restaurant? I was filling up drinks when the question “what was the brides first job?” People shouted out all kinds of things. My favorite was “waitress…or did you mean a real job?” Personally I don’t care what you think of me. That is a lucky trait because I would have never survived the Cockroach extermination if I was bothered by what people thought of me. However… my mother’s memory…I do take offense. Some of my family members on my father’s side made these kinds of comments about my mother and are noted in my memory forever. I’m more upset at how late I got home.

The grooms step mom was probably my favorite. I’m sure she had to deal with her own share of digs tonight. Her daughter had a couple of kids that made a huge mess and were always in my way. The little boy was about 10 months and he was so stinkin’ cute. He always had a big smile for me and when I wasn’t running around I was trying to keep him entertained. This woman surprised me and tipped me $20.00 on top of what I got off of the party. That’s what I tried to keep in my head when I vacuuming forever.

I finally get home around 9:30 only to find that the girl has washed the towels.

“Why would you wash the towels?

It’s on the list?

I know it’s on the list but at a time when we can go to the laundromat!!!! Put your bra on.


Because now we have to go to the laundromat after the day I had.

They can air dry

That will take forever, let’s go

I had two choices. I could go up the street in a somewhat safer location or I could go a little further where it’s border line hood but the dryers kick ass. I chose the kick ass dryers. When we pulled in there was a young man with lots of tattoos doing many loads of laundry and a car with a woman who was waiting for someone or was getting high in her car.

The girl and I went in. I put the towels in the dryer and put in two quarters which bought me sixteen minutes. While we were sitting there tattoo guys phone rang and he was talking to someone. The next thing we know this girl in a striped short skirt comes in and she never shut the fuck up. I really wanted to to tell her just that….shut the fuck up. They knew each other and yet they didn’t.

Every time I do laundry I’m always throwing away something he said. Sometimes I fill up the garbage with my clothes.

My mom always gets mad at me for throwing my stuff away when I can give it to Amvets. I do the same thing with the kids toys. I grab it and say “you don’t play with that anymore” and I throw it away she said in one breath.

She said something else that I can’t remember

He said I thought you only had two baby daddy’s?

No I got three and the second one threw me down the stairs and beat me like a Lifetime movie. I fucking hate him!

Now I am trying very hard to not look up from my phone and look at the girl but I am thinking “what the fuck??” Thankfully the sixteen minutes was all we needed and we were out of there. Talk about anxiety….I felt very uneasy in there.

On a less stressful note….I finally made my way through my mountain of binders last night. My whole organizing system wasn’t working for me and I was wasting space. I had one three inch binder (I will never buy one of those again) that someone at work took with my left over recipes. I took recipes and ideas from these….and put them in here……

It takes up much less space. I would like to take this moment and personally thank whoever created Pinterest. I can hoard ideas and recipes while not taking up any physical space….it’s genius!!

It’s been a long day and I am whooped…..Zia


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Fresh Baby

Pregnant girl had her baby today and everyone is healthy and doing fine. The girl sent me a text while I was at the store. The girl only knew that the baby was here from a photo on Snapchat. I say “Yay, do you want to go see her? Ask her how long are visiting hours.”  she responds with….”I think she just had it. Like it’s fresh.” It’s true, the baby is only a couple of hours old, I just never heard it phrased that way before. That kid of mine cracks me up.

Today was pretty boring at work. We didn’t have a doctor after 11am so that made for a long day. I did have time to finish putting the trial lenses away and the contact lens room is in tip top shape. Heaven help the person that messes that room up now that it’s under my watch. I saw two blue heron today, one through the windows at work and one on my way home. I am such a bird nerd.

The last couple of days there have been a lot of crows around the building at work. Yesterday I walked across the room to run a credit card and a crow was strutting right outside the door. I looked at the kid who was paying and said “did you see that?” “I did, do they always do that?” He asked. ” Nope, that was a first.”

I came home and grabbed my Animal Speak book and experienced a touch of nostalgia. I can honestly say that my journey first started with the crow. My friend KW copied the pages of crow from her Animal Speak book before I knew what it was. Before I ever walked a Labyrinth, before a lot of things actually. The magic of creation is calling. That is what crow means. Crows were always around me in an abundance until the day I moved south with my ex husband on what ended up being my mother’s last birthday. Leave it to a man to pick a stupid date. When I pulled into her driveway (the old house) the yard was black. I never saw so many crows in one location and as I pulled down the driveway the all lifted their wings and flew away in unison. It took me a long time to forgive myself for being too stupid to see that sign. That was only time that I have ever been smack in the middle of a murder of crows. It was months and months before I saw a crow again. I remember being really upset about that at the time. The crow is back and I am slightly better at picking up the signs. I don’t know what it means just yet…

I went to a new winery with my wine steward friend on Wednesday. The wine was okay, the food wasn’t anything special until 3am. If I go back which I probably will, I just won’t eat anything. The girls at work told me I wasn’t allowed to eat a burger out anymore, it never ends well. This burger was fine when I ate it but the flaming ass at 3am and again at 4am wasn’t worth it. Plus the waitress acted funny…..unless my invisibility skills are improving. I will go back for this view and my water fix, I can make a glass of Ohio wine last forever.

The eagle that lives near there was soaring above, it was too far up to take a picture. I could sit on this deck all day long…

The inside was nice but if I was to go back it would have to be a day nice enough to sit outside.


My office manager gave me a bag of fabric….beautiful fabric. I told the girl since it matched the color we are painting her furniture I will use it in her room. It[‘s time for a grown up room. Yes she can still have her vintage 1977 Star Wars sheets, they will just be hidden under a classier comforter. Luckily she liked the fabric too….in a curtain,throw pillow capacity.

I am feeling slightly behind and a little like I have my head up my ass. This vitamin D2 prescription that I am taking is not giving me more energy. If anything I would say that I am more tired since I took the pill Monday. Maybe next Monday’s pill will be better. Last night I was in bed by 10pm,I am rarely in bed at that time. I have a lot on my plate this weekend, I hope I get most of my list completed…..Zia


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