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Final Days

It’s official….I go back to work tomorrow. My car doesn’t agree and the ignition switch refused to turn today…I guess it’s a Honda thing? I still have to go to work, the Boy can drive me and Big K can … Continue reading

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Seven Years is a Long Time

I am surprised every year when I get the WordPress anniversary badge notification and this year was no different. I have written 1,438 posts in those seven years and those posts have had 25,045 views. WordPress graciously added up those … Continue reading

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New, New, Spring, New

I met up with my Northern cousin and her bestie today. We went on a psychic adventure. While they both had some pretty emotional things come up that include dramatic life changes, my reading was pretty much what Mountain Woman … Continue reading

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It’s Been Three Whole Years….

I was in the middle of my perimenopausal rant yesterday when the little icon popped up and said happy anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been three years already. It amazes me that people continue to read my words, comment, and … Continue reading

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