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The Naming

I didn’t mention it last week but the naming of the plants was one of my major activities. I recently purchased a rabbit foot fern which I named Hopper (Stranger Things) and a more airy fern which I named Beatrix … Continue reading

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Still No Pajamas….

My main goal of the weekend never happened…no pajama pants. I managed to get quite a bit accomplished otherwise. I had some pretty intense dreams last night/this morning… I have been having house dreams for more years than I can … Continue reading

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First Things First

Well…maybe not quite first things first. Maybe I should say, first story first? Last week I was getting ready for work when I heard “talk to Big K about E”…what? Really? Where did that come from?  E is a nice … Continue reading

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Mermaid Feathers??

The dreams have been coming full force as of late and last night was no different. The first part of the dream involved a unique bird that probably doesn’t exist. I was staring, completely mesmerized by it’s tail. The feathers … Continue reading

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