Oddly Creeped Out

I will start with the most recent (and more interesting) interactions first. Tonight was the homecoming parade and my daughter worked on the sophomore float, so I went. I pulled in the driveway after work, she hopped in and I took her to the meeting place, dropped her off and went to the high school and waited.

While I was waiting I listened to my 2nd book on tape “The Signature of All Things”, I didn’t think that much of Eat, Pray,Love…..so don’t ask me why I picked this book with it’s utterly boring moss. When my brother’s oldest friend that grew up across the street from me walked in front of my car….then turned around and walked back…..and walked back again and said “are you going to say hi or what?” Damn it, he saw me! I don’t want to speak to him or his new girlfriend….who lives across the street from his wife and family…..ugh! I played nice but physically it made me sick to my stomach and oddly creeped out. I texted the wife and mother of his children that I had felt like I had cheated on her by being civil to him. I pick her in the divorce, I know what he is like.

I feel really bad for the wife and in trying to make her feel better I pointed out that she was married to a man that as a boy had a doll…..that he ripped the hair from her head when he had a fit of anger….she is lucky and will be better off for escaping him and to picture that creepy little boy when he goes around smiling because he found some poor divorce’ to sleep with him….ugh…ick….and yuck!  The sad thing is, that I like the poor woman that he is dating/sleeping with/cheating on his family with.  She used to be a neighbor with a very wealthy husband who was also a piece of crap. These poor women leave Japan to marry American assholes, did she know? I will never ask her, that’s for sure.

The float came out pretty awesome and I actually got a great picture of the girl and one of her friends. My first picture was of bad personal hygiene girl’s husband who by some miracle is a local firefighter(how he passed the physical I will never know, he is a shell of the person he used to be), so I sent it to her. Now it’s my fault that she didn’t go….because she didn’t want to go by herself? Get over it, if she really wanted to go, she would have went! I know first thing tomorrow it will be “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that you were going” My daughter is actually IN high school, geez….I really am irritated today!

Yesterday was a really bad work day, really bad….I thought I might actually run from the building screaming. I have never worked somewhere where the customers are treated like the enemy….no wonder they are always complaining. I keep shedding parts of my life and I am pretty sure that this part is next…..or maybe I am just hoping. On the way home though, I was lucky enough to have a Kermit moment….IMG_0059

Yes it is bad that I was driving and trying to take this picture….

The next one I was parked for….IMG_0063


I love a good rainbow…..really and truly.

I hope all of you aren’t experiencing the extra crazy week that I am……Zia



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The Newest Change

Today ended up being a relatively calm day considering how short handed we were. Bat shit crazy was one of the people who called off and what a difference it was….calm and quiet even when the phones were crazy. Who said one person doesn’t make a difference?

Yoga was canceled, my teacher’s little boys are sick……I really need to find the motivation to practice at home. It makes a difference when I miss a class and I need to practice everyday anyway. One of those things that I need to work on.

Since I didn’t have yoga I made some more tomato juice, playing around with the flavor. I cooked dinner in the middle of my newest concoction. The girl likes plain white rice and won’t eat potatoes and the boy apparently doesn’t like white rice….which if I did know that…I forgot, I don’t make rice very often. The girl had another float committee meeting and since there was no yoga, she was able to go. I brought her home at a little after 8 and she ate about a tablespoon of rice. She didn’t eat any chicken or vegetable and I had to make the boy grilled cheese. NO MORE! I’m tired of having to buy “bleach” (their words, not mine) bread for them and whole grain stuff for me. I try and make things that they like and they don’t eat it anyway…..so from now on I am going to cook what I want to eat. They need to learn how to cook for themselves so if they don’t like what I make, they can make whatever they want and clean up their own mess. GrrrrrJust-Cook-Logo

I am very lucky to have the great kids that I have, and now they will be able to feed themselves. Maybe I am overreacting but they have to learn sometime….right?  ….Zia

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Kitchen Madness!

Well, it’s my own fault……why do I do these things to myself?

I am still on this crazy Christmas prep kick. I peeled the skin off of 6lbs of lemons to start my limoncello today. It will be ready to transport to my brothers in two weeks and I made extra that I can store in a big bottle and transport into small bottles when I find them, for non family members.  I made a double batch of Kahlua from PT’s recipe. If you ever need to know, there are 3 1/4 cups in a fifth of vodka.IMG_0056

I don’t share as much of this…..ice cubes……heavy cream….luscious goodness!

Yesterday I mentioned the 1/2 bushel of tomatoes…..it’s never ending. I canned 6 pints of tomato juice and 4 pints of crushed tomatoes, and there isn’t even a dent in it. I did however put a dent in my book on tape only 2  1/2 discs to go…..it’s only now getting interesting!IMG_0053

I will be canning all week, except for Monday (yoga) and Wednesday (parade). That really was my day today. The girl decided that we should only watch one episode of The Walking Dead a night instead of all of them at once, thank goodness!

It was extra hard to get out of bed this morning, but breakfast at PT’s really is my only social time….so I made myself get up.  T was in town so I am really glad that I made the effort. I am finally starting to feel better, I can’t believe that tomorrow is Monday already…….Zia

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Sick and Tired

What a day! I am very lucky that my doctors office offers a sick clinic on Saturday mornings, I did not get to see my doctor just one of the partners. My doctor would have prescribed regular amoxicillin that you can get for free at Giant Eagle, this guy gave me amoxicillin with clavulanate that cost me $25.00. I was too sick to care and I do feed drastically better after one dose. It was yesterday when I knew that my cold had turned, the taste is different. I had originally thought sinus infection until I woke up this morning with a cough and upper respiratory infection it is. I should have been home resting all day……not this girl.

I had a hair color appointment at 10:30 so I was able to some of my running around done after my doctors appointment.  Post office (more Christmas presents), Walmart (vacuum bags), Giant Eagle (prescription), and Chick Fil A ( September calendar freebie)……that last one caused some problems. The boy wanted a haircut and was aware of the wait he was going to have and the girl was still sleeping….the freebie was a breakfast sandwich that I gave the boy and a free large drink that I put in the fridge for the girl….I heard about her breakfast deprivation all day. It didn’t help that boy went on and on about how the biscuit just melted in his mouth….kids!

Then my hair color debacle began. I opted for red highlights and as always she was overbooked and behind. The first red didn’t take so she reapplied with a higher something or other and I had to drive with the foil on my head because the girl had a homecoming float committee meeting. It was a miracle that nobody saw me and that I didn’t blind another driver. IMG_0035

I came back and still nothing so I told her that I am just taking it as a sign and just throw some caramel highlights in there. I actually like the way it came out, I have one red stripe in my bangs and the rest is rust. I was there minus the 1/2 driving to take the girl……4 hours. I swear if she wasn’t so nice and so economical I would be gone…that was just crazy!IMG_0048

In this picture after running around all day is too curly……I have yet to master the Sebastian web styling goop and it looks red in this picture….but it really isn’t. The girl was right it is hard for me to have messy hair, even if it is on purpose.

The sophomore float looks pretty awesome, Welcome to the Jungle is their theme. The one girl has some serious artistic talent that I hope she pursues someday. The parade is Wednesday and it will be one of those days when we are not eating until after 7:30, I better come up with something to put in the crockpot.

I need to rest up this weekend and what do I do? I stop at the local farm and buy a 1/2 bushel of plum tomatoes. Tomorrow I will be making chili, canning tomato juice, and making and canning small jars of sauce….I now know I am crazy! The girl has other ideas for my time since The Walking Dead season 4 comes to Netflix tomorrow…..it’s going to be a long day. On the plus side Once Upon a Time is new tomorrow…..I get to watch t.v. again! normal_Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_Snow_Queen_manip

I found another audio book to listen to, it’s different……913MaEC1LvL

If I was reading it, there would be a lot of skipping over the botany parts….they are pretty excessive. I can’t say that I am attached to the main character, but I am curious. There was a whole section on this girl discovering masturbation and how she “goes to the binding closet” to perform it. That is binding as in book binding and it just cracks me up when she mentions going to the binding closet. The nice thing about books on cd is that while I listened to 15 chapters or so I was able to organize my closet. The OCD in me is happy that there are sections…short sleeve, t shirt, 3/4 length sleeve,long sleeve,plaid and dress shirts,sweaters,Halloween,Christmas,sport themes. I got rid of a few pairs of shoes and now my shelf is all labeled and organized. I think that if I had the time and did not have kids…..my house would be scary spotless and organized, instead of scary cluttered  and chaotic.

It is almost 11 and I have laundry in the washer and dryer and I need to go cut up the two batches of rice crispy treats that I made tonight, while cleaning off the once again buried kitchen table. Drowning in clutter……Zia

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I Need Soup Stat!

I cannot believe that I am sick again?!! I drink two cups of fresh spinach and a banana 5 out of 7 days every week, and I don’t over use hand sanitizer…..I don’t understand. :(

I am relieved to finally be home. The girl had homecoming float committee tonight so I basically pulled into the driveway, picked her up, and went right back out again. I dropped her off, turned around and parked in the grass to wait.

It was hard for others who wanted me to come in the house or over to another mother’s house, (and the one mom was so sweet and wanted to bring me hot tea) to understand that if I get comfortable I’m done for the day. So I just laid back and waited as my head seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

I stopped on the way home and picked up Subway for the kids and to the dollar store to get poster board. Now I am waiting for my soup to heat up. I have whined all day long and I didn’t want to leave you out.

It was really hard to get through work today but they are moving us around and I am no longer going to be sitting directly next to bat shit crazy…..I am very happy about that!

My chicken soup is calling to me…..followed by a hot shower and night time cold medicine……Zia

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Harried Frenzy!

Have women always been so particular about their hair? When I woke up this morning I knew that I was chopping it tonight, but that didn’t stop me from stressing about it.

Here are a few of the things that were running through my head while I was doing my hair this morning.

Think….when mom cut off her hair, I felt like she cut off her youth….she was 44……what was wrong with my 24 yr old self?

Remember that bad haircut you had when you pregnant with the girl? It was short.

Remember that great inverted bob that you loved….it was short.

You know that you are going to have to get highlights……

Of course I am having a good hair day, it knows it is getting chopped tonight.

I need to change….I need to change, so why not cut my hair?

What if it comes out horrible? I am so nervous!


Ladies, please tell me that these are normal thoughts before a big hair cut? I was arguing with myself pretty well for a while there, even I was worried for a second.

I couldn’t follow the exact picture because well obviously I am not blonde and I have to cover a bad tattoo. It was supposed to be this at only an inch tall…moons3

Overlap the three moons and you end up with something that is ugly and looks more like thishurley-h-lines-circle-1


It’s also about 2 1/2 inches tall. :(  For now I am stuck with it and my hair length must be adjusted accordingly. When the girl comes back from her fathers I will post a picture.

I do like it but….there was an awful lot of stress that came with it……Zia

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Moody Monday

mondaysThankfully it wasn’t my mood! Let’s just say work was extra challenging today. My favorite part of the work day……that Big Brother moment. If you work somewhere that has a company email set up, it’s pretty obvious that they are being monitored. This is not news to me, I have always been aware that this was happening.

I had to let some people know about something that was going on this Thursday so I sent an email to those who did not know….not to everybody. Big Brother (sister in this case) not only replied to this email that was not addressed to her but also pointed out that I forgot someone. I don’t know why this struck me as funny, but I am still chuckling hours and hours later.

My stomach was iffy today and thank goodness I keep emergency Imodium in my desk drawer. I was a little worried about my yoga class, but my stomach behaved and I survived. We worked on new poses tonight, I might be a little slow in the morning……I will be a little slow tomorrow!

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and found a new magazine, only it’s not new because they are celebrating their 1st anniversary. How did I miss this for a whole year…..Cover1410_Flat_0

I have spent some serious time on this subject between paying attention to how things or people make me feel, to making a conscious effort to seek out happy things. To be honest….I haven’t had a single second to even read it. I am taking it with me to work tomorrow, I can split my lunch with 1/2 reading and 1/2 nap. Those 15 minutes of silence really do make a difference in  my day.

Happy Fall Equinox and if you live in Ohio snuggle up, it’s going to be a chilly night…….Zia

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Not Enough Time!

There are just not enough hours in a day to get caught up! I had some good momentum going yesterday cleaning and organizing my bedroom. I had two  grocery store size bags of garbage, one paper bag of burnable paper (receipts, etc), two bags for Goodwill, two donations for the play house,one bag for costumes and one tote of fabric. That’s a lot and it is all delivered and I gave my china to PT, so there is one less thing to look at every day.

I am just tired of selling things for pennies on Ebay, I would rather see it go to a good home and have people eat and be merry using my china that never had a chance to be used. I went over last night for dinner and a movie….well two movies. I picked Hocus Pocus and PT picked In and Out, both were good picks. We discussed the holidays as well….when you’re single everybody gives you the pity invite, it will be so nice to be able to say “no thank you, I already have plans”. I better start looking for PT’s daughter’s cranberry sauce now…..there is a story there….someday I will share it.

The girl was a little pissy that I was at Pt’s all night….who is the parent? She got over it relatively quickly. She also decided after much reasoning on my part that she will save the Princess Peach idea for her senior year…..on less thing that I have to worry about….whew!

I didn’t get nearly enough accomplished today, my sister in law had  Juice Plus thingy tonight and that took a big chunk out of my day. It’s 11:30 and my last batch of pickle sticks are in the canner……I am so draggin’ ass tomorrow!

I still had laundry to do when I came home…..and it was raining…..I will not ever miss having to go outside to get to the basement to do laundry…..I need a solid plan!

I cleaned a lot out this weekend, I still have miles to go and I am certain that I do not wish to stay here…..Zia

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Double Standard

At first glance….you may think that this will be a sexist post, it is actually a “how the heck do I rationalize with a mini me post?” I’m so screwed!


I am very lucky that I have such great kids and I can’t stress this enough. My daughter could be boy crazy and I could stay up late worrying about what she is doing. She could be into drugs or cutting herself….there are many things that she could be doing that thankfully she is not. HOWEVER, the girl has decided that for the homecoming dance that she wants to go as Princess Peach. Now…if she truly wants to than I will do my best to make it as authentic as possible….. but how do I talk her out of it? If I can’t…. PT….I will need you B and sewing vault!

I ran this issue by a few people at work who knew who this character is, and in retrospect that could be why I received the answers that I did. The kid at work who reminds of the boy said ” I never once had any interest to go to a dance in high school, but I never met anybody who wanted to dress up as Princess Peach, I’m only 24….” I changed that subject real quick!

Next was “you gotta love the girl for being brave enough to do that” Not helpful at all.  “That’s an iconic character, how awesome!”  “I have a $2,000.00 credit limit at a bridal store that I will never use…you can pay me back, lets go!” “Wow apple….tree…how does that feel?” Those are the various responses that I received.

In a big way she is mocking the ritual of a high school dance and the pressure to go, even when you don’t have a date or any interest in going. Her friends just want her to go so they will agree to anything to get her there, but if you are going to make a stand and wear something like that….you have to be prepared to face the reactions. Most kids are not no nice, or she will be queen to a minion of geeks….this can end either way.

How can I fault her when I am constantly changing things and downsizing, etc. I stand up for what I believe in….so why am I faulting her? Fear. I can’t gauge peoples reactions or protect her from them and I can’t keep her in a bubble. I don’t want her to get hurt and on the flip side there are many parents out there that would trade situations with me in a nano second…..no thanks I will stick with Princess Peach.

I survived another week at work and boy it was a rough one! How could it not be when I turned down a risky job with potential to be government? Sometimes you have to be very specific when it comes to the Universe…..it’s not just me, I have two kids to think about.

I am loving my I-phone 5c that I got earlier this week, my favorite new app is the BBC news. I also love being able to listen to my I tunes…I have I tunes….I never had that before….I am so easily amused.

I have an appointment on Tuesday for a haircut and how do you think that this cut would look with brown hair….no highlights? Oh and a tad longer.6.-The-Messy-Bob

I am changing everything else so why shouldn’t I go out of my comfort zone with my hair? I like highlights but I feel like I am there forever when I get them, and if I did…..well let’s just say I kinda miss the purple. When did I get so old?

Highlight of the week!…… Earlier this Spring PT and I went to some outlets and I bought this shirt that I loved from Chico’s on clearance for like $22.00. It bordered on snug but I really liked it, I wore it the other day and it was a little loose on me!!! It was the first time that I noticed a real change in my upper body. Have I mentioned lately how I have the best yoga teacher ever! Thank you S!!!

Happy Friday and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!…..Zia

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It Had To Be Done

This will sound really terrible to some of you, but I couldn’t do it anymore……I was so very lucky to find someone who will do a much better job than we were. dirt 005

She’s pretty right? Do you see all of that hair? Plus she really needs to run. When I let her run we got along really well, and then she started crossing main roads. She was going to get killed or kill somebody so I put her on a run and not a day went by that she didn’t make me pay for it with her behavior.

I was lucky enough to find (well…found for me) somewhere where she will be the only dog, there is 6 1/2 acres of fenced in land for her to run, and a house 5 times as big(maybe more) than my house. She will have the chance to travel across the country with her new mom and dad…..she will have the best life.

I have been looking for two months now so I knew that this day was coming eventually and I was surprised at how upset I was. I didn’t see that coming. I am hoping to finally sleep through the night…..she slept under my bed and always patrolled a few times, while waking me up each time. I can say good bye to the pee pad and all of that hair…did I mention that? No more of the struggle…I put the baby gate on my bedroom door……she would knock it down or jump it everyday. The money I will save on my daughters underwear and shorts and pants…..no more crotchless clothes.

I really hope that the change won’t be too traumatizing for her, and I worry about how the beagle will feel about it. Only time will tell I guess, I still can’t believe that I cried over a dog that I could barely stand.

When the time comes for me to walk away from this house, it will be hard to find somewhere that will allow us to have one dog…..two would be almost impossible. It was hard (still surprised) but it will be better in the long run for all of us.

Right after the girl and I sent B on her way, I met EO and my supervisor for dinner. That did help take my mind off of things and it was nice to hang out with EO again. She is moving next week and has been so busy plus I was working at the winery, so we haven’t had the opportunity to do anything.

It has been a really long and emotional day all the way around, hopefully tomorrow will be calmer….Zia

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