Last Minute Diva

Me…..last minute…..all of the time….why? Why in the world do I do this to myself?

The Thanksgiving cards are addressed and stamped and will be in the mail tomorrow, what crazy OCD part of me needed this done right now!?

The kids came home from their dads tonight and what did I do? I taught my daughter how to take a fancy garlic grater and distress a pair of jeans with it….only in my house. She is going as Daryl from The Walking Dead, last year she went as Rick…..should I be worried? I’m not….is that weird? She explained that she can’t be Maggie because she is tiny and doesn’t wear anything that stands out. She loves Michone (sp?) but she can’t paint her face black….even at 17 she knows that isn’t politically correct. She can’t take a cross bow or sword to school, but at least she has the spirit.

I think that at work the spirit is spreading….or people are tired of me saying “what do you mean you aren’t dressing up?” I think I may have persuaded a few people to participate. The boy found a pretty cool stick/staff for me…..IMG_0268

It was late when I started that because well…I had to wait for the boy to come home and find me one and I had to finish the Thanksgiving cards. I really should have removed the kick stand BEFORE I took this picture but oh well.

Last night I finished my book page wreath and it looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself…IMG_0266

It’s late and I have to get up early and pretend that I know how to make a Mother Nature face….my only limit is my own imagination……Zia

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Just Don’t Stop

When it comes to getting things done after a long day of work, I am usually okay as long as I don’t stop moving. If I sit down…I am done for the day. Even with my nap yesterday I managed to get this done, by some miracle……IMG_0265

It’s the same skirt that I have worn for the last two Halloweens although my photographer and partner in crime isn’t with me…hopefully I will find someone to take a decent picture. I bought more safety pins today so I may add more leaves.

I went to town on a pair of boots that just missed the Goodwill bag….thank goodness! Here is what I did with a pair of old boots, some fake leaves, and a glue gun….IMG_0256

It’s my version of Mother Nature…..if she was visiting Ohio in the fall….when it’s only forty something outside. I am really glad that I bought that black hooded cape eight years ago, it will come in handy.

I accidentally left the glue gun plugged in when I dropped off soup to my aunt and uncle, I guess I was lucky there. All in all I think that this is a pretty economical Halloween costume, all I needed was some fake leaves to alter what I already had.

With the exception of work, this has pretty much been what I have worked on. I am hoping to either address the Thanksgiving cards tonight or finish the book page wreath….hoping anyway.

I also need to come up with some character names….Saturday is November 1st….here goes nothing……Zia

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Noses and Dolphins

Has anybody else out there had crazy sinus issues this year? The whole right side of my head is all stuffed up, there is pressure behind my right eye and my throat is sore from drainage….only on the right side. Maybe I never really got over my upper respiratory infection from a month ago? I still drink my spinach banana smoothie everyday and I have been popping vitamin c like it was candy….gross candy…I hate to take pills, but still……

Usually at least once a week I tell you how much I love my yoga class, well this week dolphin pose kicked my ass. Really, I swear. I could barely do it and my shoulders hurt… go see the massotherapist hurt. Do you remember him? I stopped going after a few weeks of this yoga class. This pose beat me…..for now.dolphin poseI can also kick up to a hand stand, against a wall, not this one though….dolphin pose 2

I used to cry about boat pose, that’s cake compared to this one! I actually have bruises on my elbows.

Okay, so we have established that my head feels really big and my shoulders make me want to cry like a little baby… that the whining is out of the way….

Work was, well I just said no more whining….so that takes work off of the table.

Cooking ahead… 2. I am not sure as of yet how I feel about it. It’s kinda like driving with cruise control, your in the car but you’re not really participating only going through the motions. It’s nice that I don’t have to think about what is for dinner, but I haven’t found a way to appreciate my extra time yet. I had yoga last night and I had to stop at the store tonight, the girl needed Midol and I needed wine! Maybe it will be different when I can come right home.

I have a lot of things that I should have done tonight, I opted for a nap. The kids went to their dads a night early to balance them coming home Thursday night……so I can cook for a Spanish class party. How fair is that? The girl wants to bring her aunt’s chocolate chip dip, which is basically sugar, cream cheese, mini chocolate chips, and more sugar. I only need to buy cream cheese and Teddy Grahams. Her dad works in the food service industry and is the so called “cook”, but she will never ask him. They don’t ever ask him anything like that.

I need to go and see what I have, safety pins or hot glue sticks? That will determine what part of my costume I will start on….briefly…because it’s late and I am a hot mess……Zia


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Trial and Error

Life in my case has pretty much been trial and error, full of experiments and happy accidents. This weekend was a big one for experiments.

The boy and I went to Goodwill Saturday night in search of anything that could be used in a Steampunk costume, I found nothing and was extremely frustrated. I threw in the towel and decided to go with some hard cover books for a buck. I did get to try one project that will be part of the book club Christmas present. I think that they came out okay. The rainbow fun fur took over this photo, the black bookmarks have black with silver sparkles in them.IMG_0247The bookmarks were relatively easy, only now I have books that are begging to be turned into something….one page at a time. I have been working on this wreath for two nights now…IMG_0251

I folded some of the pages ahead of time, while the girl and I were watching Pet Sematary. It has been a weekend of  scary movies in this house, although the only one I actually sat and watched was this one. We went through Amityville the Possession, Children of the Corn,Scooby Doo Zombie Island, Resident Evil (the 5th one I think)and The Shining. Mostly I listened while doing other things, have you ever cooked for the week in one day?

I’m not sure how I feel about it? It is an experiment to see if it will give me more time throughout the week. Everything is fully cooked, it just needs put in the oven to be heated, but 85% of my Saturday was all about cooking.  Tonight we had chicken parmesan and I had eggplant, so all I had to do was boil the pasta, heat the sauce and make a salad. My deal of the week was a four pack of chicken, look at how big they are for only $5.35. IMG_0236 This was after browning and before baking, the other piece I used as a soup starter. If you have never tried laying a piece of uncooked bacon under a piece of chicken and tossing a quarted apple in the crock pot with it….you really should. It really gives the soup a unique flavor and definitely falls in the happy experiment category.

I won’t bore you with everything else that I cooked, but it was a lot for one day. The kids and I put plastic over the windows and put up the Halloween decorations that are usually up October 1st. The dog even got a bath this weekend, isn’t she adorable?IMG_0242

This morning while I was drinking my coffee I was all over Pinterest looking for some idea for a costume. I found this video and it sparked some ideas.

I was very disappointed that I couldn’t find anything to make a Steampunk costume, but sometimes you just have to say “not this year.” This video gave me something to think about, now I am not as talented with the makeup, and there is no way I will wake up early enough to be that elaborate but it gave me a spark. I have some ideas though with more of a fall theme for a much older version of Mother Nature. I will let you know how that experiment goes once I get started. Sometimes you have to dig to find inspiration but if you want it bad enough you can find it……Zia

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Frozen And Not Scared


This morning when I was getting ready for work I was wooed outside by a pink glow, it is no secret that I love a cotton candy sky. It was downhill from this moment but picked back up around 5 pm. Anybody else recognize a cycle here?

Last night after reading this post  I was inspired to write about the lies that I told my children, and then today….not so much. I think that I may save that one for closer to Christmas, if I even remember.

As I stood outside tonight slowly freezing with the girl while we waited in line for a kid friendly haunted hayride I thought a lot about how much the kids make me laugh. The girl kept me laughing the whole time that we were in line so that is more than likely why my mind went that way.IMG_0234I was disappointed in the hayride….ever since they stopped using the chainsaw I stopped jumping and screaming like a little girl. That’s the judge of getting my moneys worth you know, but the girl had fun. It helped that we had fun people with exceptionally behaved little girls behind us.

Last night we had to run to the store because the girl needed a math compass, I was tired and wanted to get this done as quickly as possible.  I jumped on the freshly paved highway and said “what a pretty shiny black lake, I hope it’s firm so we don’t fall through.” It totally went over the girls head and surprisingly the boy knew right away that it was a reference to Hocus Pocus. You think that they aren’t paying any attention and they surprise you….. The girl has watched that movie a hundred times with me….at least……the boy not so much.

When I came home from work I got the play by play of her school day. Somehow the biology class referenced health class from years passed. Every time middle school health class comes up I get to relive her trauma. Maybe it makes me a bad parent because I didn’t march myself into the school to watch the video myself, but I went to Catholic school where this wasn’t an issue because they pretended that pre marital sex didn’t happen. I never had to watch a movie in health class….we didn’t even have health class. I do wonder what is in this video that made a boy pass out and another one throw up. They showed a penis and the girl couldn’t believe that I signed a paper so she could watch it.

The girl was bouncing off the walls tonight, uber hyper, until we walked into Barnes and Noble and instantly she dropped like a sack of rocks. I wasn’t even in there 10 minutes? I have so much to do this weekend, I’m out $10.00 and 2 hours from the hayride…I need to pace myself and not stress out…..breathe…..just breathe.

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Were You Cranky Today?


It has been a very long week of perpetual crankiness, happily tomorrow is Friday. I am hoping that since the solar eclipse has passed and tonight is the new moon and Mercury in retrograde is ending that we can collectively sigh “ahhhhh”.

The boy is driving me crazy tonight, he decides that he wants to have a conversation as soon as he hears the first stroke of the keyboard. Then in turn it makes me feel like a bad mom because I am in “blogging mode”. I don’t say anything important, but it is important to me that I write….good, bad, or indifferent. My grandmother used to say that my grandfather never had anything to say to her until she picked up the phone….maybe the boy takes after him? My grandfather walked on water in my eyes so it is a good aspiration for the boy to have….if he knew he had it.

I do think that this weekend is for some serious purging. I realized that when MK was here last week that I hadn’t even pulled out my Halloween decorations. I will start there and then the paper clutter, and plastic for the windows, and cleaning, and planning, and addressing the Thanksgiving cards. I have so much that I need to do and what I want to do and if I am lucky enough to find a 2nd job stat, this may be last weekend to get a jump start on catching up.

I really wanted to do a Steampunk costume for Halloween, kinda like this….fcd965a0d752b5706cb9e380e7f2e4db

Well this would be best case awesome scenario, so I will hit Goodwill and see what I can come up with, and it’s the bonus 1/2 price day. I only have a week…..where did the time go? Why not throw this onto my unreasonable list to accomplish this weekend? I’m crazy that way…..Zia

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It’s a Dog Eat Dog World Out There

…..and I’m wearing milk bone underwear. Norm from “Cheers”

Has anyone out there filled out an application online lately? Geez!! Did you know that you need a background check to work at Starbucks? I’m not worried about that, if I can pass one for an almost government job, I should be able to be a part time Barista. I also applied for seasonal at Barnes and Noble….although that may not be the best for keeping the extra money. I will want to buy more books. Oil…..must stay focused, it’s for heating oil. ATT was the longest, it took almost an hour and the longer it went on…the less desirable the job looked. If things wouldn’t have gone south at the winery, I would have been almost caught up on the stupid over priced heating oil bill.

Last night I came home from work and took a nap on the couch with the dog, woke up and played. I came up with these to sell at the craft show in November for the Lions Club. IMG_0227

These are lenses from work and a Hallmark ornament catalog. It only cost me $2.00 for the pin backs and my time. Everything else was free. I was thinking that the Lions Club could get 1 or 2 dollars each for them…maybe?

I also did something with this tree topper that was too cool to be a tree topper. I need more light when it is so dark all of the time, especially sparkly lights.IMG_0226IMG_0225

I stuck it in a piece of foam, so I can change the fake floral seasonally, unless I find something that I love that is more permanent. It’s something warm and glowy at the moment.

Speed Racer sent me more texts tonight, my favorite was his response to my comment “how is your girlfriend?” he said “She’s good, ups and downs. Our relationship is solid just not as physical a lot of times which is a bummer, but it is what it is.”  I said “solid is a really good thing to build on”

I mean come on…he is lucky that his girlfriend is staying with him. He’s too young to be that bad! What do I know I was married at 24 and had two kids at his age…27ish. It sure does make me laugh out loud though. He is still texting at this moment, looking for….yeah that’s not gonna happen. I am not your Mrs Robinson!

I am middle aged and have no time for boys of any age…….Zia



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Cycles of Sanity

150614-004-3ED50030If you are a man and have lived with a woman at any point in your life than you know……when to run…when to walk away…when to stay late at the office….basically how to disengage. You on the other hand are lucky enough to not know what it feels like.

There are those “special” days when things that normally roll off of your back suddenly don’t. Those people that you usually roll your eyes at……now need to have their faces verbally ripped off.

One of the departments at work that has it’s share of slackers and likes to pass things off, put a frame on my desk…..that didn’t need to be there. Unfortunately I did not realize this until I was already on the phone with a man that I loathe…who talks in circles and dances around his point. I wanted to reach through the phone, pull his face out, smack it…Cher style and tell him to grow a pair and stop whining. Geez and I’m the nice one!

I try not to be snappish but sometimes I can’t help it. Hormones suck! Plus they make you cranky and emotional, aka crying over nothing and that gets replaced with cramps…yeah. Oh and if you didn’t notice it also makes you whine.


Then when you factor in the cost of harmful bleached cotton that you get all personal with…it’s a sin. There shouldn’t be a crazy price tag attached to these products, they should be passed out for free. “Here honey would you like a heating pad with that?” “Maybe you would prefer some Motrin? ” ” Would you like to lay down and listen to some soothing music?” “Here…let me rub your feet.” That’s the way it should be!!tampons

If you have ever felt like your uterus was being ripped out….. you know what I am talking about. The sad thing is at this stage of my mood….I can’t wait for that because by then….I shouldn’t want to secretly slap all the idiots that cross my path…….Zia


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Pumpkin Palooza


Tonight was the perfect ending to the weekend…. PT and I went to a pumpkin walk and I can’t remember a local event where there was such a huge turnout. There were people everywhere! It was a nice family type event, the girl said she didn’t want to go so I asked Pt and then of course the girl showed an interest. She had to go to her dads anyway, did she think that I wouldn’t go? Kids!

I gave up getting anything accomplished this weekend although I remade my Thanksgiving cards and I love them! I found a Christmas card that only said joy, peace, family and had a brown background and in the part where you put your message I put in a quote. “Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men;but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.” EP Powell Some people may have to put on readers to see it, but it is worth it.

MK came for a visit yesterday and it was a really nice day. We started out by having vegan burgers that are rated one of the top 10 in the country. She aspires to be vegan but struggles with giving up cheese. I aspire to eat better but every once in a while there is nothing better than a nice, juicy, very pink piece of filet.

I gave her a frame with a friendship saying on it and was horrified to realize that in the 20yrs that I have known her, we have never taken a picture together. I have plenty of her with our kids and some with me and the kids but mostly it’s our kids. We took a few yesterday and I didn’t like the way I looked in any of them, but we have them now.

We went to a local artisan event and traipsed through the woods in the rain and we didn’t even mind. We both got a lot of ideas and a Christmas present or two. We also decided that once a year isn’t enough and figured out a half way point. There is no evil bridge between here and there so we will meet up more often now for sure. I haven’t lived in the same town as her since I was 6 months pregnant with the girl and it’s funny how we are still on the same page. It’s a pretty cool thing actually.

The girl and I went to a freedom party last night and there was a nice turnout. It makes me smile that she has such a solid supportive group of friends.  There was a lot of talk about kids and sports and I asked the girl afterwards if she missed playing sports and she said absolutely not. These parents are always running here and there, and my brother and sister in law do it too, it makes me tired just listening to it. I don’t have time now so I can’t even imagine…

Maybe I am being selfish? I focused everything on my kids when they were little but the older that they get I try and take a little more time for me every year. I don’t want to be at a loss when they leave the nest….okay I will be anyway but it won’t be as bad… theory.

It was a fun filled friend weekend and I am in no way ready to go back to work tomorrow……Zia

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Out Of Left Field


I went out to my car to take my daily power nap when I checked my phone.  There was a message that said “Hey is this Zia still?” I responded with “Now that depends…..” It turns out that it was Speed Racer and in case you don’t remember….

speed racerIt was a total fishing expedition……boys! He started out with apologizing for his awkward behavior after our almost encounter…..he should have apologized for eight months of foreplay and not making it out of the gate.  Why do I have so many sports references tonight?

He played the “if I didn’t have a girl card”. I responded with “I am happy for you that you have a girl because this woman is too old for you. Then there was this line…..I couldn’t believe that he said it and it makes me still laugh out loud….what is wrong with these twenty something boys? “I enjoyed the hell out of your boobs…..actually that’s why things ended so quickly last time.” I haven’t talked to this boy in over a year…really? Just because you saw me naked for ten seconds more than two years ago doesn’t mean that you can dive right into this line of texting/sexting.

The hardest part of all of this is that I don’t have my CG with me at work…..I need her when these crazy things happen! I miss you CG. :(

I stopped at the store on my way home and my cheating sister in law was there, I had to walk within inches of her twice. I should have known it was her by her accessory….the cell phone attached to her head. I felt indifferent, I guess that’s progress.

I came home and made the forty garlic chicken that I learned to make yesterday and the girl dubbed it homeless chicken. I don’t even have a response for that…..Zia

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