But Mom……


I said to the girl last weekend “you better get started on that Toothless painting you are making for your friend.” The girl said “but mom it was so easy with the graph in 8th grade, I can whip that out in one night.” Guess who was running around tonight to get presents for her friends tonight? That would be me……

The kids should have everything for tomorrow between the ugly Christmas sweater,the gift cards and presents, and the snacks/drinks for parties…..I don’t remember needing all of this. Then again I was working at 16 so I didn’t ask my mom for things like this. It will be awhile before the girl gets another allowance.

We didn’t eat until eight o’clock tonight and I still managed to get one wreath made. It’s after eleven and I still have to pin garland around the bottom of my jeans to go with my ugly sweater tomorrow. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and payday……Zia

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Feeling Behind

Every time I start to feel like I need to breathe into a paper bag, I come back to this….IMG_0422

I have all the time I need…..I have all the time I need, maybe I need ruby slippers or something to go with this affirmation?

I recovered from frog and went to hot yoga today after work and by the time I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get 2 gift cards (does the school think that all parents are made of money?) for the girl and her gift exchanges on Friday It was almost 7:30.

Did I need hot yoga? I think that yes I did! I only have one month at this studio so I need to learn all that I can. Should I have been at home making book wreaths for Christmas presents? Absolutely! Do you see my dilemma? Christmas Eve is in a week and that is when I need six of them, maybe seven if I get the sheet music off of PT. That is a wreath a night…I am not going to panic!!!IMG_0266

Well maybe just a little……Zia

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Forcing My Hand

My hand along with the rest of me is ready for bed,so when you are reading this and thinking why bother…… it is because I promised myself that I would write every day in one way or another. I really had to force myself tonight.

I took my third Yin Yoga class tonight and learned the frog pose. The teacher said that this pose is the F word of yoga and when she said frog there were definite ughs to be heard. Holy crap it was such a hard pose, if I thought I could get out of it without incident I probably would have…..but I wasn’t sure that I could. I wasn’t even sure that I would be able to walk! It looks innocent enough and if you don’t believe me, feel free to try it…but I warned you.5.1frog

I don’t know how long we held this pose but it felt like forever.

I didn’t get much done tonight just a yoga class and tomato florentine soup followed by lunch prep. If it is true that you are what you eat than I am a radish….I’ve been on a big kick lately. A bunch like this usually would last me a week and now it is two days.radishes-04 I still use my hidden valley ranch packet but I mix it with 1/2 sour cream and 1/2 plain yogurt. All yogurt is too weak and all sour cream is too rich, either way I am sure that I am counteracting all of the radish health benefits with the msg that is in the powdered ranch mix.

I am starting to feel a little stress about time and all of the book page wreaths that I still have to make, I will get there I know but freaking out is what I do! :) …….Zia

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Drinking With Words

Words with friends…..drinking with words…..is that lame? It’s too late if it is! I finished working on my brothers pseudo word game. This is how I spent my night….IMG_0499

Please excuse the glue, the Mod Podge isn’t all the way dry.



I worked on this and started watching The Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I forgot how much I liked this show!Gilmore-Girls-gilmore-girls-2020179-1024-768

I finished a Christmas project but forgot to eat, oh well It’s too late now…..Zia

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Is This Ugly Enough?

The girl and I spent the last two days working on our ugly sweaters, I sewed and she glued….and then I seam ripped and pinned. What do you think?IMG_0491

I don’t know why but as soon as I saw these sweater ornaments I just knew that I needed to make an ugly sweater out of sweaters….it was funny in my head! I have lots of garland left over so I may pin it to the bottom of my jeans….maybe?The girl found her idea on Pinterest and cut every single free handed letter out of felt and the Grinch was from a piece of fleece…IMG_0493

The presents and the tree were pre made but the sweater was from Goodwill, both were. I had to pick a cardigan since I have issues with the over use of the space heaters at work so if I need to breathe and take it off….I can.

We found a couple of other things while we were at the Goodwill, my question here is “who in the world would you get this for?” It’s eyeballs jiggled and everything…..IMG_0483

It was a very creepy coffee cup and I don’t get creeped out easily. The girl need vinyl to take to school for history and she didn’t want to take one of my album bowls so she picked this one….it is disturbing and made her laugh.FullSizeRender(7)

I probably shouldn’t have let her but compared to school approved books with a blow job 101 in it…..I don’t think that it is so bad. I guess we will see how funny her history teacher thinks it is.

BV stopped over yesterday and brought my favorite cookies ever!!!!IMG_0487heaven on a plate!!!

My grrrrr moment of the weekend…. The boy went to help my former mother in law with something that she needed….she is so needy. She has never had any idea what to do with the girl and never has. The girl doesn’t come home in tears any longer….just pissed off…..my mother is rolling in her grave. She had purchased a purse for the girl and showed it to the boy who informed her that the girl doesn’t carry a purse. That conversation led to what kind of girly things does the girl have and ….are you sitting down?…..she proceeded to ask the boy if his sister was gay?! Whoa! Back the bus up bitch! This woman has been the bane of my existence since I married her son and continued after the divorce. As a soul she is young, stupid and selfish and I have always found her weak and annoying. She never knew what to do with me and well ….the girl is my clone….. The girl is old enough to deal with it in her own way….ugh I am just going to stop now, she is not worth my energy. The girl can come home with a bugged eyed alien and as long as she is happy and not supporting the both of them than I don’t care!

Oh let us move on tho the mailman who came down my driveway to thank me personally for the red trash and then asked me “why do you hate men?” my reply “I don’t hate men…I just don’t date!” I thought that was very presumptuous and irritated me on more than one level. When I decide to date it will be because I decide and who are you to come into my space and try and get argumentative with me? I was a little insulted. If I hated you then I wouldn’t have given you cookies you idiot!

I met SB for breakfast on Saturday and filled her in on the mailman situation (she is married to one) and then told her my dating guidelines(double take or grow on),her response “so….you are going to go on four more dates before you die?” I said “yeah…I guess so!” It was nice to get together, we laughed so much!

Thank goodness for my Sunday afternoon yoga class…..Zia



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You Never Know….

Sometimes you know and sometimes you don’t, but as PT says you never know who you are talking to. What a small world! I went out after work with  two opticians, one I had met before and one I didn’t. I have talked to both on the phone for years through work.

The one girl I have mentioned before because she is going to teach me to make those sweater coats that I covet so…..76f4a013209702dda115e16ce5a9a025

She even brought me a present….and the picture doesn’t do it justice….and it’s all upcycled,IMG_0482

The buttons can be buttoned to make it into an infinity scarf but I like it just like it is…..I love shrunken cashmere and wool….it’s so soft.

I have this feeling that this is the beginning of something so I got us all these ornaments. Every year when we put up this ornament it will remind us of the first time we went out.IMG_0479

The place we went is pretty unique and serves more kinds of beer than I even knew existed….I still had wine. The other girl went to school with the Cockroach and others that I know and she gets her hair done where I get mine colored….it’s just a crazy small world. We were the first ones there and by the time M got there we were already bonding. I got there a little after five and we left around eight, time flies when you are making new friends. I had a nice time and we are planning on doing it again next month.

It was a very nice ending to a really rough week…..Zia

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Things Have Changed…..


I haven’t given blood since 2006….I used to do it regularly and then I got that tattoo. I had to wait a year and in that year it fell out of habit. I kept hearing about this blood drive on the radio and even on the local news so I decided that I am going to do it. The first question I was asked when I entered was  “do you have an appointment?” It’s a blood drive…..you need an appointment now? A very cranky lady informed me that if anybody was to come in after me and had an appointment they would go first. Don’t beg for o negative and then treat someone who is trying to give it to you like they are an inconvenience. I was a little irritated….seriously?

The girl who drew my blood was much nicer. They are just like every other business out there that is dealing with the public….put this and that on a computer, pay the person the same and make them work twice as hard. All of the questions are on a computer now….how many questions can there be about sex. There should be the choice that says “I haven’t had sex in longer than 12 months, so stop asking me these questions about sex in the last 12 months!”

It wasn’t the best experience all the way around, no way would I go back to this location to donate again. What kind of world do we live in when the Red Cross doesn’t appreciate you? At least I got a cookie……Zia

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Where Do I Begin?

I guess I will start with when I walked into work this morning…….I showed High Priestess reversed the card from Mr Mailman while reiterating that I am not going to text him. Bad personal hygiene girl who doesn’t know anything about this but knew the Cockroach says “Cockroach broke her”…..excuse me? This is my choice that I don’t date! It’s true occasionally I get lonely but guess what I am human. Do I sound broken to you? Whiny sometimes, bitchy too…..I haven’t felt broken in along time and that was only when I was having a pity party for myself. Grrr I happen to like my life right now and when I find someone who makes me look twice or that I am around all of the time and grows on me….then I will date….when I decide. Thank goodness my filter was working today!83

I only worked a half day today because it was volunteer day. Have you ever volunteered somewhere and thought “do they really need me or are they just being nice and letting me pretend to be useful?” That is kind of how I have felt until today. When I saw all of the cars in the parking lot I thought “boy are they having a killer lunch”, which they were and that put us behind. Then there was no stroganoff recipe…..now as you all know at home I can wing it like there is no tomorrow….but this is for a lot of homeless people. I did okay if I do say so myself, I shouldn’t say I ….it was a collaboration between myself and another girl. I had to make a rue(or is it roux?) twice….that is always tricky and therefor scares me a little. Thank goodness it came out okay because we were working until the last minute, actually longer but only 10 minutes. The girl part of the team said when they were buried before I got there “I sure hope Zia is coming today.”  That made me feel good and helpful! It was a little pressure and a lot of faith on someone who has only helped out 3 times. I didn’t even have a second to take a picture but the one I found that made me glad I did add the parsley. :)IMG_2377

They are so nice there and while I was waiting for them to catch up I had a cup of coffee and observed. Those two work so well together, it was like a polite dance in that tiny kitchen….it’s been a long time since I was part of a team. When I think back it was the times that I felt part of a team that were my best work memories. Where I work now the focus is on the negative and people stepping on each other, I don’t know why they do it….there is no up in this company….it’s just a paycheck. Unfortunately for me I have accounts that I have relationships with, and I wasn’t built to do a half ass job….it feels like a curse most days. Then there are days when you get the highest work compliment that you can get…..too bad it wasn’t from someone who was actually paying me…..but it did make my night! :)

I tried my first hot yoga class tonight. It is not as bad as I thought it would be….I hate to sweat. It turns out that the girl who sits next to me and overuses the space heater so I can never wear cute sweater to work is worse than hot yoga. With all of the heat and the flow….I sweat more sitting at my desk because somebody needs attention….she is so delicate and cold and doesn’t really do much all day…..I liked it better when I was across the room from her and didn’t know she was lazy. I would take this class again, the teacher was nice. This was my sixth class at the upity yoga studio and only three people who were not teachers were nice….it’s really weird…they kind of just sit there looking straight ahead. I did find the classes that I liked and will take until my thirty days are up, It was a good experience and I learned new things and that’s a good thing……ZiaThe-10-Essentials-Ways-To-Adjust-To-Hot-Yoga

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When Will I Learn?

Should I just start with I am so stupid? Do you remember the mailman asking me out in a roundabout way the other day? I thought I would be nice (mistake #1) and give him some of the red trash (chex mix christmas mix) that we made (mistake #2) with a note that basically said thank you for the compliment but I don’t date. (mistake#3) I put it in my mailbox yesterday and today I get a Christmas card with his number asking me to text him because life is short and all men aren’t jerks…..This is why I need a male friend….to stop me from being nice. My favorite part was the winking smiley face….I have never seen one of those drawn like that. It leads me to believe that he is a professional wooer of women! I am so not interested!you-forgot-your-bs

To be honest…his handwriting is so similar to the Cockroach that, well I was all “I am not filling out another police report, I will just mail the card to the detective” I tend to over react sometimes. Oh and his name is one letter off from Cockroaches name.  I wasn’t interested in the first place and now I will be leary to even say hi.

Since the kids were at their dads I came straight home to let the dog out and there was another Yin Yoga class that I wanted to try. I liked her better than the other teacher (I feel horrible for saying that) let’s just say I really felt the poses tonight. We started out with shoelace and while it doesn’t look hard….try holding it for a while.shoelace

The class didn’t start until 8pm and I’m not used to going back out that late during the hibernating season. I’m the girl in her pajamas by 5:30pm……Zia

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Movie Monday

My day is ending much better than it began, well….if you take out work and JC Penneys it was an okay day. I won’t talk about work but after the hellish day that I did have….to go into Penneys to buy the boy some pajama bottoms and to be treated rudely…I was livid. The very nice lady in the shoe department who rang me out was exceptional but that doesn’t excuse the rudeness of the man in the suit department. It took me longer to find a register than it did to pick out the pants. Whatever…I had a gift card…I still have money on that card….I have been very good at sticking to my list so I didn’t look at anything else, being pissed off helped too.


I promised the girl that I would watch How to Train Your Dragon 2. Why is it that I have to basically be forced to sit and watch a movie? I loved the first one so I knew that I would like it….they are just so long. I did get enough paper folded for another wreath so I guess I accomplished something….isn’t that sad? I’ve been emotionally attached to Toothless since the first movie so I am lucky that I was able to get anything done.

The girl stayed home again today but I am pretty sure that she will make it to school tomorrow. She is starting to feel better although she did say she doesn’t like to be home with her dad when she’s sick…”he is always like are you okay? do you need anything? and I just want to be left alone.” Yep I couldn’t deny that one if I tried.

It’s bed time already since I sat and watched a movie and I hope that all of your Monday’s were better than mine…..Zia

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